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So guys and gals we finally have our Off-Topic section and just like any off topic thread. Lets dicuss ANIME and MANGA. +webtoons +cosplay +VN +LN basically anything otaku related.

Anyone else than me actually reading D-Frag! ? I swear i have so much fun with it, a new chapter just came out today after so long +_+!

Well then, can you tell who is this? :heart:


@fairyhell Rei Ayanami with a purple hair /shot

Currently following Arslan Senki, Denmachi, and Shokugeki no Souma (anime).
As for manga, I follow a lot of them, but my favourite is One Piece. Luffy just kicked Doflamingo’s butt in recent chapters. :blush:

@Purplebushido irl friends said the manga is better than the anime, but i havent got myself to actually read it.

im more on reading webtoons nowadays than mangas

@Karjalainen It does show a bunch more of stuff than the anime and the anime covered so little…it’s a bit sad :< im still hoping they’ll release a 2nd season sometime.

This one is from the same author, it’s pretty nice as well, if you happen to be bored you could give either a try, you’ll enjoy them :D!

lol, I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.
But it’s Rikka Takanashi. From Chuunibyo demo koi ga shitai.
A pretty fun / touching anime . I was laughing the whole time watching it until the few last episode of season 1 made me cry like a baby.
I’m suggesting it to anyone haven’t watch it yet. :3

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@fairyhell Oh i could give it a go, is it long? I’ve been wanting to watch a nice anime but i haven’t been able to find one i’m comfortable with yet…just waiting for the weekly kuroko no basket and gintama releases .-.

Only 2 seasons with 12 episodes each + 1 OVA.

@fairyhell no its not,



You got me.
I love delusion fights :3

@Purplebushido this season has Yamada and the 7 witches 12 eps, they put 90 chapters of the 1st arc in 12 episodes. Yamada7W was the latest manga i binge read 130+ chapters in 1 day.

I have to watch tons of anime this summer because of my friend, ugh qq

So you too shipping this ship?

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@Kvoex i too have alot of anime to watch but i dont bother i only watch what really interest me. this season titles only shokugeki souma and oregairu s2 are the only ones that interest me though.

next season im expecting on gate jietai and god eater

Oh boy this thread is gonna be here till the end of time haha :laughing:


@fairyhell Hmmm im not really that much into boy’s love xD is it one of those animes?

can’t believe Hibike Euphonium was not mentioned yet, imo it’s among the top 3 this season.

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Nah it’s not.

That guy actually was testing his spell he got from witches. One of those spell is switching body. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you like Trinity 7 or Date A Live, this one is similar except with a lot comedy.