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Ooooo nice sounds good then starts bookmarking animes to watch later

Everything I have to mention this week is rated R, so SKIP

Thoughts on UBW anyone?

I personally loved it :astonished:

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This season I’ve been watching.
Oregairu, Shokuegi, Nisekoi, Dungeon ni Deai, Gintama, Diamond no Ace, Kuroko no basket, Baby Steps,Plastic Memories, Ore Monogatari,
And well no more JoJo D:

@Karjalainen yeah, but i promised this friend to watch 'em qq

@fairyhell in the manga Miyamura has a official BL pairing is Kurosaki.

but if you insist

For a moment there I thought it was Shimei Ryomou from Ikkitousen (in a cuter, younger version) D:

I swear that character design was so abused…

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Dayum. I really need to catch up with One Piece…

So guys. PRISM NANA will come out soon, what are you thinking about?

And the thread ended up becoming the “people with patches” thread. +_+


@Lobcat This season is full of ‘borderline’ yuri / yaoi. xD

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think Outbreak Company with extra violence = Gate JSDF


@fairyhell I know, but I can only hope for this borderline to become real, at least with hibike

@fairyhell The yuri ship in Hibike is real! Lol.

Tanks and dragons? Sign me up! Also reminds me of Those Who Hunt Elves (Erufu wo Karu Mono-tachi).

But the anime I’m most looking forward to is the next season of Lupin III! But to tell you all the truth, I’m ALWAYS looking forward to Lupin III - since y’know, they release something new every year >x3

@taikki77 oh, are they oing to release it? fcking finally, but i wanted a full season, not an OVA qq

i am here for DARKER THAN BLACK

Is that loli going into an actual warzone with nothing but an axe and a gothic dress?

I’ve gotta see this :open_mouth: