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Cool One Punch Man OST :facepunch:


wait for the movie

also read the manga
I am a Hero
its a good zombie manga …kinda slow at the start though …bear with it




cry manly tears

After wathcing the new utawamerumono … i cried, no plot there.
Then i rewatched the old … and cried cause so much feels and plot … and fighting.
Then it dawned onto me… i wont even get any plot anymore from that series.
She grinne dinto THIN AIR!


Stupid HAKU!

… got watch something funny … gotta sleep …






20 charaaaaaars


Now i finally understand it…

THAT episode xD.

You totaly got it right.



Ahh so many good animes!

Koukaku no Pandora! Cyborgs! And cuteness!
But they seem to be stolen concept art from gits xD!


Grimgar = SAO/LogHorizon/Overlord in Hard Mode+.


+1 Like to whoever can figure out what anime this is from (And my likes are rare, like a Black Charizard):

Announce something! ToS in the dark

Oh… oh the blood prisoner people one. Deadman Wonderland.



lol good scene, didn’t expect her to turn psycho when I saw it =P


I always like the SAO types but I think this one takes it for me. I get the feeling more of SAO meets Dungeon with this one though and I absolutely am in love with their color palette and art style lol Not to mention I feel the story is told well thus far. I mean, no endless exposition or explaining for the audience, and just enough total information to leave the audience asking questions of things to come.

Not to mention they start out as total scrubs. Which is pretty legit lol


well they had their memories erased in the beginning and only lapses of those memory remain.

if their memory had remained and if they are mmo gamers they could have easily identified their situation and planned accordingly. the anime becomes NoGameNoLife X Overlord situation.

from the minor spoilers i have read, Grimgar will be a dark and dramatic ‘stuck in a rpg’ story.


Thank god. Because that is where SAO lost me as a viewer. SAO started out amazing with the first season… and then it solved the most important dilemma and removed the pressure and turned into a “well, you’re strong, go back and solve THIS” kind of thing. They even went so far as to completely ignore character bonds in later iterations. SAO vs all the later SAO iterations was, to me, not unlike the first Mortal Kombat movie vs the crap that came after it too =P

Overlord was great, in that One Punch kind of way, and a rarity in that it is very hard to find an anime with an OP main where it is acceptable to be completely busted OP. It’s not laziness, a free get out of any problem card the author gives a hero to progress, but is a central plot point. Patiently waiting for the next season =P

But yeah I haven’t read the manga for Grimgar and will hold myself back =P I actually didn’t assume this time that they all were mmo gamers unlike SAO where it’s a given. For this one I kind of got the impression that some may not have even played games at all or tried this game as their first. Characters like the Priest kind of stand out as a previous hardcore gamer that subconsciously knows what it takes for a party to work (leader, support class, thinker, “game”, etc) but other characters like the badass as the other party leader kind of stand out as someone who wouldn’t be a gamer but would have irl aptitude for their placement in this new world.

Either way I’m impressed.

The only thing I was let down with this lineup was the fact that I thought Koutetsujou no Kabaneri was a part of it and then I realized I had to wait a few more months for it to hit in spring. Fml.



SAO, Overlord, Log Horizon, and Grimgar, all the recent stuck in rpg anime. All those titles came directly from the Novels. Although only SAO subsequently launch a offshoot manga that doesnt follow the novel. btw .hack// was the first stuck in rpg theme anime, the only problem is mmorpg and otaku culture havent really took off then.

SAO is good and I consider successful despite being a sh!tty show. Why? because SAO offers what any inner teenage gamer had ever wanted. To live and breath and die in a mmo, to look cool in a sleek black trench coat, to dual wield swords and chapter 16.5. Because of that teenager gamer bait setup it garnered that popularity to make billion of yen.

Overlord/Prison School/One Punch Man/Ore Monogatari = Madhouse = no season 2 unless there’s a miracle.

Log Horizon S2 got DEENed…RIP season 3. the producers should have stick to the original studio.

#Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

episode 1 probably sealed its place as AOTS

unless your into

#A E S T H E T H I C S


Log horizon have 3-4 title manga of that. Also if the manga that you mentioned is “Progressive”, there’s a novel for that too.
Also there’s a lot more titles consist of people going to another world (not anime-yet though …well there’s one on april(spring) though. (Re:Zero …if you ever heard that before)


im talking about this , it made some alterations from the novel.

Resident Evil anime?