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lol. These days, I think all forums needs to have a [spoiler] tag feature =p


It is obvious that Psychokinos were made so we could play as Shin Sekai Yori characters. LOL


i hate this img wen it pop up while im pressing next button~~
if you know wat i mean :kissing_smiling_eyes:


just finished watching overlord… lol yanderes everywhere XD
sigh… another next week =3="


I’m actually waiting for the season of Overlord to be completed before I watch it ^^; Why I did that, is because I read the LN, and it really becomes enjoyable when you read the whole volume at a time due to all the back-story making it rich.


oh, true XD… but i can just wait so i prefer weekly… thers other anime to watch too while waiting… but non the less reading LN is nice too :+1:


I remember reading a post where some person criticize SkyTheWood translating slow, and I complete facepalm myself. SkyTheWood translate a full lenghty chapter of the CN publish version of the JP novel a week, which would take the average JP translator easily more than 3 weeks to accomplish. Then again, it’s the internet, full of entitlement trolls >_>



I don’t see accel world references (if this is an accel world reference?) but that character looks like the MC in accel world!


It’s pretty good! GATE is my favorite anime of this season thus far ^^



Charlote EP9 in a nutshell


I feel like Gakkou Gurashi is the top one this season, personally better than charlotte or GATE in shock side… Can’t wait for next episode. Combine survival apocalypse zombie with moe and some fack psychological stuff… And so sad feelings, it broke me :C. It is getting more fack up as we go and more despair, kinda like madoka in a way


Charlotee and GATE arent for the shock the audience type

Charlotte is Jun Maeda style writing, moe-bittersweet stories (Angel Beats/Clannad)

while GATE is suppose to be a BLOOD AND GORE like attack on titan/terraformars in its manga form, but the anime was toned done into a Outbreak Company gone wrong.

Gakkou Gurashi follows the same route as MadokaMagica, a dark story hidden in cutesy theme.


Yea but i prefer Gakkou Gurashi theme more than the others XD


the most shocking anime this season is Prison School, every single minute of that animu will leave you question your sanity.

the pain, horror and violence.


Nichijou anyone? Ok.


Watching now:
-Arslan senki
-World trigger
-Rokka no yuusha
-Shimoneta to Iu Gainen
-Gate: Jieitai Kanochi
-Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold
-Ushio to Tora
-Naruto Shippuuden


Gakkou Gurashi has too much moe in it for it to be able to rank higher than the other noticeables this season. It does something that’s not done often, but it doesn’t balance it properly for it to be done right. An example of this is Kotoura-san An Anime that had everyone glued to it during the first half of the series, but because they couldn’t balance the comedy with the drama/suspense properly, it fell short.