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Anime Manga Discussion!


Girlfriend is forcing me to watch Hunter X Hunter, i’m actually getting into it. Although my favourite anime will always be FMA.


This soap scene from prison school just made me lol XD


UOUU this is lindo de mais


Your girlfriend is amazing, and is opening your eyes to greatness.


GodEater’s animation is top notch with the badass scenes as expected from ufotable, the only thing I didn’t like so far is the sudden power up of the main protag. I mean last episode he didn’t know how to shoot and after a few days he’s already transforming his god arc like a boss. not to mention he was in jail the whole time… >.<


The anime will only have 13 episodes. That’s why the character development is being rushed.


Yeah I get but they could at least have shown the protag being thought about those things… it’s just one of those details that leave a sour taste in my mouth… >.<


This season so far I’ve check out God Eater, Charlotte, Ushio to Tora, Overlord, Gangsta, Chaos Dragons, Gate, and Rokka no Yuusha

Favourite’s are probably Ushio to Tora and Charlotte. I feel like I’d really like rokka no yuusha as well, but I need to watch more.

On the manga side of things, I’ve been reading Hero Academia, Berserk, Black Clover, and TG: RE. Kinda wanna catch up to D.Gray Man now that it’s off hiatus.



watch Watamote without pausing!



it’s not rape, it’s LOVE <3


I already watched the series when it first aired, so I know it’s impossible to do XD Especially in all the stuff that happens, there’s at least one of it that you can relate to.


lmao, I can sense Yandere forming with her distorted sense of love.


cant wait for GATE’s next episode @_@\ probaly 12 more hours of waiting…


Most of the modern anime nowadays bored me except for a few such as Nichijou. Am waiting for the One Punch Man in which I think could go up against Superman.

inb4 Goku vs Superman


am I the only one who thinks this show is just completely average right now? besides the pilot where all the stuff happened to get you to watch and the EXTREMELY short dragon skirmish, nothing has really stood out for me. :camel:


XD well im not sure… i liked the manga version so i just want to watch how they make the anime… right now i rate it 7.5/10… though it may change on how they animate it… XD


Oh god, to be honest. The anime was pretty bad. When I heard this got adapted and never knew never why people were actually interested in this series, it got my interested. It was very hard for me to watch every episode…


coz i havent read the manga, but people cringe everywhere regardless if one did not read it


ah… nice animation on battle of italica from GATE… id say the violence is ballanced. @_@/
next week again… Valkyries!!! =3=" ill be probably busy with the game… wink*2x XD haha