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Apparently the LN, AntiMagic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon”, is getting an anime as well o.O



Waiting for the finale of Kekkai Sensen be like


Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu gets an anime adaptations!


How to put spoiler tags?




Tch, the studio seems to have troubles fiding a schedule for Kekkai… I bet the episode is at least 4x mn long xD


Hopefully it’s worth the wait, if they end the show with some dumb BS I’m going to be so pissed, we’ve been waiting for so loong!


cant wait for GATE’s next week episode =3=
kinda little disapointed with the 4th episode… hopefully they’ll make a nice 5th episode >_>


tamen de gushi right? i havent updated on it =3=


spoiler of GATE Ep,5 Battle of Ithaca - from the vietnam war movie Apocalypse Now ‘ride of the valkyrie’ scene


im hoping it will be 2-3 arc episode =3=" i dont want them to rush it just like they did on ep 4. hmm are they making gate 24 ep ? hope they make it 24 ep T^T


as much as many manga readers hate Gate anime according to supposesd those that read the LN are following the plot of the LN


they hate the animed version? @_@ shame… =3="
i liked both (havent red the LN)… i think the anime version is stiff… maybe because the key animator made the characters that way …


nah the manga fans are ranting its too moe fanaservice… when the actual manga has gore and violence galore. I mean eversince Gate was annouced to be A1 pictures everyone should know it from the start that A1 gonna turn everything into shoenen money grab.


yeah… defenately gore @_@" why did they think its moe? in the 1st place the story is set on medieval battle vs modern warfare =3=" probably cause of Rorry XD hmm well i think its mix of both but realy… its just bloodbath and overkills… gore! (@A@")


A1 isnt really the studio for your gore and violence. from their list of titles;

SAO, Idolmaster, Persona, AldnoahZero, to name a few.

That should have been been a warning for all Gate fans already from the begging that the Gate anime wont have its gore/violence/rape that the manga had.


yeah i know… =3="
but its not like i dont like the anime version… anime is anime… manga is manga.

but something is lacking on the anime version (not moe nor gore)… hmm probably the gag in it? @_@ i know the manga version has more gag. i dont know know on the LN version though. hmmm


I heard Shimoneta plot is evolving pretty well ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Time to catch up with it.



Charlotte is without a doubt one of the best this season IMO.
God Eater put up several badass scenes, but we’ve yet to see the each character backstories which is pretty important for the story development. God Eater animation is no joke either.
Rokka no Yuusha is getting more interesting as well because all heroes have finally gathered.