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First Strike the Anime Free Youtube

The makers of First Strike released the very first Anime on October the 10th and here it is!

Enjoy 7-8 minutes’s Anime each week


+1 for off-topic stuff on General Dscussion section, really.

Don’t drink and post. You’ll endanger many.


Incredible :crying_cat_face:

I post a “general” comment cos thats what this is? a general comment section or so I thought? and I’m being +1 by sarcasm?
I am new btw…best reply comment could of been something a little more relaxed and open minded, helpful and welcoming…but no… :facepunch:
:cat2: afk for today…

People are tired of waiting for “soon”.

Don’t judge them … they’re low on drugs… i mean gametime.


I necroed it xD…

Why… xD… ahh right.

pff this is a weird necro.
I bet you necroed it for trails profile pic xD

No … i would … never…

shy guy pose


The anime is good! Yeah!

lmao being adorably obvious won’t get u out of this curfuffle.


… i should get my kid brother to stand in for me. he’s cute enough to deter attention …


points at your avatar

Don’t throw with rocks, if you’re in a glasshouse xD…

shoot your right :worried:

But i have no reason to say anything…

People complain about my first longtime wallpaper from ages ago.
I’m in love with that firefox wallpaper. It’s calming to watch.

Like … 12 years or more, since it’s creation. And after i found it… firefox version 2? or 3?

-.- I hate it when people sexualize the art i love since childhood.

no worries. Your among friends c:
Enjoy your art~