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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


yep, it’s for all ongoing effects during its channel.

Most skills don’t snapshot atm either, only what summons do with spr and maybe transmit prana?


good! Then maybe Zeal > PD > Pala can be a thing.
I have to try it and see.


I’m running a Druid/PD/Exorcist build and I find that after my bursty Exo skills are on CD, most my other damage are coming from dots like chortamasta, bds, and incineration. I’m using velnia cards and I was wondering if I should invest in Bitergina cards for my dots to proc and stack more poison damage while keeping poison up?


I would also like to know if this setup scales well into late game because im level 320 with Druid>PD>Exorcist and find im not even close to the damage coming from my assassin > Outlaw > Enchanter friend. Exorcist gives good damage then its on CD and im left with good AoE from Druid and PD while in demi wolf form for magic dmg increase but that damage is low in comparison with the only upside being I can heal. I have most attributes lvl 35 and this is my build


Maybe 1 biteregina max tbh, both black death stream and chortasmata’s rash will also count as poison making it incredibly easy to keep that dmg bonus up.

I’m not really that familiar with the other classes, and scout especially since it’s relatively new. But enchanter should be rather op at low levels due to over-enhance for a free +5 enhance to boost all of their base dmg.

But as far as cleric goes Exorcist is easily one of the best dps options. And only druid/exo has a temporary downside in that chortasmata lowers crit res till we can disable the conversion in a later update.
PD is quite good as well, but it’s a bit more support/utility heavy.

You might enjoy other base classes more if you want a higher focus on dps, but I got no idea who’s best for that atm.


I want to try to stay with cleric because of its level now. I have a baby and less time to play so I’m not going to be leveling a new class from scratch very fast. Would either of the exorcist options you have listed above be a better choice than my current setup? Feels like right now I have 10 + skills that have great AoE but basically using pd combo or Druid combo just equals clicking Rubic. Perhaps I should just focus on buffing rubic damage and buffing allies with say a exo > priest > oracle or exo > priest > chap. Does priest buffs even scale well?


You might still be able to use the base class change event, assuming you didn’t already.

And yeah druid+PD, and frankly a lot of classes run into having far to many skills for the hotbars.

You could try Exo+Oracle+Priest sure, but it’s more of a hybrid dmg dealer + full support combo.

Exo/Chap is more of a selfish dps option tbh, but it can also work quite well.

Priest’s aspersion scales pretty well with spr, Blessing not as much though but it’s still an increase in your teams damage so that’s something at least.


Thanks for your time. I’m going to look more into these two options. I used my class change to swordsman and back (found them boring, every skill is a different way to slash) so I’d buy the class changes away from Druid and PD with RL money but it is what it is


Hello and thank you so much for this guide! Just want to ask if you have an alternate link/image of the Paladin/Oracle/Kabba build? Somehow it’s not properly loading for me at all (it just goes to the default starting page for making a build) when I can view the other builds that are linked just fine.



Thank you so much!! <3


For a solo Chap/Inq build whic is better: Druid or Priest?
I’m currently using Druid and the build is working just great, but I was thinking that the buffs from priest(Sacrament and Blessing) may overshadow the Half-Lycan form and the utility of the druid spells.
What are your thoughts on it?


Druid is probably a bit stronger still.
Dmg bonus + crit rate + sterea trofh’s crit dmg buff and the sheer dmg of chortasmata are quite darn good.

But priest can get close for an aa build due to blessing, sacrament it is only important for its additional proc tbh. It would need far more spr ofc to get full use out of it, and won’t be as reliant on its weapon alone.
and it will need to try and keep up additional lines constantly, so always pardoner buff + sacrament + enchant fire at the very least.


I just recently swapped to inquisitor > Druid > zealot from inquisitor> Druid > PD for more damage and honestly I wasn’t using PD skills much. I’m wondering if you can enlighten me to any zealot combos you know about as it’s my first time playing zealot. Any info really regarding this setup would be nice. I also intend to swap Druid to oracle when I get better gear, speciacally crit rate. Just right now with bad gear Lycan gives such a big bonus


Iirc from Nekorins stream, Priests Sacrament doesn’t stack with Chaplains Last Rites (at least it’s not giving an additional Line while Last Rites is in effect and vice versa), so unless you don’t learn either of them Priest is all about Blessing & survival skills.


Can the Paladin/Oracle/Kabbalist build be Exorcist/Oracle/Kabbalist for a magic focused version with the same skill points? Or is rubrics CD to long to be enough.


Buy a ton of sp potions, work towards a strong rng 2h blunt or asio mace.
Grab 3x purple proc with 3x velnia monkey or prison cutter or just stick with Glass Mole instead.
Aim towards rng armor with desirable stats.

For inq+zealot imo stat priority is something akin to Str>Con or Spr>crit rate>SP recovery.
Spr would be solely to heal up via heal tbh, but it’s still important for soloing.

I generally use fanaticism + fanatic illusion + immolation together, and use immo+ET and non-zealot skills for a combo when fana+FI are on cd.
Spam beady as often as possible ofc.
For Inquis I prefer waiting with wheel til god smash recovers, and use ripper separately. But there’s plenty of ways to go about it with these 2 skillsets.

In terms of druid just spam chorta + thorn, rest is not that time efficient.

@Umineko: Sacrament/last rites overwriting still exist, and I’ve already stated how Last Rites is a dps loss for chaplain in every situation.
So going priest one should take sacrament + blessing, as priest has plenty of skill points left, so you get the best of both worlds.

For that specific combo build? no, that relies on the conviction x death sentence synergy.

Though Exo/Kabba/Oracle should be a decent enough, but still inferior, variant of the exo/priest/oracle all-round build. I’d skill it like this:
You should have slightly more personal damage, and r7+merk+nachash helps diversify your dmg skills but not by a large margin. Priest’s blessing is quite good for a group.

That build is also a bit weird stat wise, Tree of Sepiroth doesn’t benefit from spr but it also has a 30s downtime so having spr to scale heal for emergency heals is still a good option.
But spr for basically 1 skill scaling is quite mediocre… At least Oracle+Kabba give a decent chunk of spr.


Whats priest for beyond blessing? Or is this more of a support build with exo for some damage? Trying to figure out what to do with my exorcist as sadhu has let me down T_T.

Also when gearing would this focus SPR or INT


Healing and keeping the team alive with Mass heal, revive, res etc.
Aspersion to reduce phys dmg taken.
And Blessing for dmg ofc.

Yes, but the vast majority of cleric builds are.
Priest, and to some extent kabba, are primarily taken for the healing they offer. So they always end up being capable party healers with sufficient investments.

And Oracle is both support heavy and a good option for dmg classes, so it’s a win/win.

As for stats:
Kabba doesn’t need as much spr, as like I said only heal benefits from it, but I’d highly recommend around 400-500 spr so your heals can act as emergency saves.
Rest can go into int/con as you like. But given their tiny benefits, it’s not that important.


Would Priest > inquisitor > zealot work to support a party but deal good personal damage? Most likely built with plate armour, 2H blunt and mix of Say STR and enough spirit to get a decent value heal. Figuring it’s like 60/40 dps/heals