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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


Keep in mind that most of those tick something like 15-20 times though. So even a small increase in factor is actually a lot.



Any chance you could direct me to what sadhu skills to prioritize since the rework? I have done a little testing on my own but a second opinion Vashita Siddhi seems weak even with aqua benedicta but with its high % im not sure if it will be better in late game with stronger gear.


Always max prana + possession ofc, their dmg is far better than the rest.
1 in all the rest ofc, but frankly anything more barely matters.

ABE/Vashita/Prakriti are evenly nearly tied as the worst cleric dps skills period and their difference is not that large.
ABE hits twice with its attribute, but its debuff isn’t affected by prana’s +soul dmg.
Prakriti has only 6 hits x 100% at lvl 15 without an enhance, but triggers prana’s +soul dmg on every one of them.
Vashita is just a single hit explosion every 40s.

Personally I would prefer prakriti or abe as they have lower cd’s.
But even maxing OoB for +14% evasion seems more worthwhile…


hi i have a question can i act as a support with this build? or do i need to trade Inquisitor for PD? because while i love the mov spd from PD i dont like the way of leveling up with PD, if i can act as a sup with inquisitor what my equips shold be? focus on str and spr? full spr?


2 little things concerning Miko:
-Kagura’s skill description says it increases magic damage by 50%, not magic circle damage.
-Omikuji is a party buff, it is not self-only.

Still a disappointing class. I’m rethinking using it now after trying it.


Should be more than fine, Oracle+priest is very strong and allows you act as a healer and still buff party dmg to boot.

Gear wise Spr is important since it scales your healing. But Str & crit rate also good options and maybe some con.
Full spr is probably overkill, you only really need an amount that will fully heal your teammates. Test it out a bit first I’d say.


  • Because it affects all magic dmg, not just magic circles.
  • Forgot that part, thanks.

And yeah, hope miko gets buffed soon.


@Wurmheart and everybody

what do you think about this build?

Now that I have unlocked Zealot wings I’m forced to play with it :smiley:


I’d try to put 1 in smite since judgement allows it to be pretty good.
You should max foretell, it’s an aoe invul for your party and thus never a bad investment.
Clairvoyance and resetting are so niche I wouldn’t recommend them, pull 1 out of twist of fate and arcane energy to max foretell then?

Rest looks fine to me.


i think I’ll straight take out 5 from Arcane Energy: 20 sec duration is too much and I remain without SP for some sec. 15 would be enough to pair up with Fanatic Illusion.

Now I just have to find a good rotation because I have too many buffs/debuffs.

Does Judgement double the dmg of Smite?


Judgement just triggers its demon/mutant dmg bonus, which is +150% despite the game showing a +200% yellow pop up for it.


Is blind faith even worth using anymore wouldn’t the crit rate on beady eye just be better? Its gets to a large %.

@dragonfeian @Wurmheart


It’s a decent value point, so i would still get 1 point in blind faith as long as you can handle the SP use.


Never take it below 1, not with how categories are separated for now.

In the cleric side at least, the blind faith debuff is an multiplier in its own category. Which makes it far more effective than it sounds.

To give a better picture, we need to talk a bit about broad categories of which bonuses are additive or multiplicative though.
I’d say it’s probably close to this formula relatively speaking:

[ M/P atk increases ] x [ crit “atk” boosts ] x def penalty x [ Elemental modifiers ] x [ all +x% dmg modifiers ] x [ crit dmg modifiers ] + [ ( Additional property damage x elemental modifier ) - resistance penalty (capped at -50%) ] + [ bonus damage ]

atk modifiers are rare ofc, but we do have kabba’s attribute at least. Most importantly these should reduce the def penalty unlike any other.

Crit atk feels weird, because zalc / sterea do not decrease the def penalty but also get less dmg with higher def penalties. And it’s technically a crit dmg boost, that’s currently calculated at the moment crit atk would be counted… And they are multiplicative to blind faith’s attribute suggesting they’re not the same.

Elemental modifiers are solely the elemental property bonuses and demerits for us clerics atm.

Dmg modifiers is where almost everything gets tossed into nowadays. Already confirmed Prophecy, Divine Stigma, God Finger Flick, Death Sentence, Prison Cutter Card, Chapperition Card, Velnia Monkey Card, Fanaticism, Lycanthropy and conviction.

Crit dmg category is for us literally only Blind Faith: Holy Impact.

Additional property dmg effects are all effects that add elemental dmg but which do not create a extra hit. They are reduced by the respective stat on monsters now, but that is capped at -50%.
Aukuras, Sanctuary, arde dagger and rng gear ofc.
Technically Transmit prana as well but it ignores the resistances change from re:build for some reason.

Bonus dmg is blessing and similar stuff.

Still need to do a bit of testing here and there, but hello tree of additive dmg bonuses.


Yea i forgot about the Attribute but still something has to give zealots got a lot of solid skills. I think i would go with:

At the end of the day zealots current position in tos just seems to be inquisitor support so i would want the 45% for beady eye after the attribute time is up. I had one point left over that i put in emphatic trust because skill factor and debuff duration increases vs just damage on immolation and fanatic.

Blind faith 10 would probably be better with bad gear giving ~6k damage but once you have a strong weapon moving the points to Emphatic or Fanatic would likely be better gain.

But thats just my opinion. Also sorry for butting in on this just been working on the Oracle-Zealot-Inquisitor build as well and its a lot easier to make a build better having people to bounce things off of.


What cleric build would you recommend to a newbie? im lvl 349 and my gear is crap


Hi, guys! I’m a returning Savior for the nth time. I’ll probably quit sooner than later as none of my friends are willing to come back, but for now, I’m sorta enjoying stuff. And might occassionally come back again even if I quit. LOL.

Let me rant a bit about Heal first. I really need to get this off my chest.

Heal Rant

I find Heal has become really shitty, espcially for me who has to deal with higher/unstable pings without using Mudfish/VPN. So not only is it weaker and harder to use, but lag or unstable ping completely messes it up.

A short story of Not Going Well Due To Lag™ (and having my heal on Q key).
Old version: Ooops, Heal didn’t register. Gotta press Q again. Walk leisurely on 5 of 15 tiles to get full HP.
New version: Q. Q. Oops didn’t register. Q. Q. That’s the first heal that recovered 30% of your HP. Oh ■■■■, I was getting hit while trying to Q coz first Q stops me then second Q also stops me, so still low HP. Gotta move, move, move! I’ll heal while I avoid their attacks. Q. press up to move to continue moving. Oops. You healed party member named MrAlreadyFullHealth. You dead now. Soul Crystal? Soul Crystal?? SOUL CRYSTAL???

I can only say “Fact Q” to express my rage. I saw the translated kTOS post about “please rollback heal”. I get their intention, and they’re not wrong. But this implementation is very wrong and very annoying. You know how bad it is when people in here and reddit are asking “how do I heal”. “Strong concept of healing others” my armpit. I can’t even heal myself without stopping for more than a second just to heal 25% of my HP or 33% if Guardian Saint is active.

My Alchemist can heal herself better without an annoying interface. Bonus points: she also heals others. I wish they give me a hotkey to heal myself, and another hotkey to heal the lowest HP party member. For a non-healing build, that’d be good enough for me considering I’m "no longer a healer: like the good ol’ Heal Tile Days™.

Then there’s Guardian Saint. Every other base class has a buff skill with 300s duration. Except Guardian Saint.

Now that that’s off my chest, I have a question:

What class goes well with Rubric spam-cycle?

I went with Exo/Oracle/Miko. I like the Exo/Oracle part gameplay-wise so I want to keep them. I still have 3000 class points stacked up from the event + I also have the Lv4 Class Change Voucher from the Returning Savior event. I’ll just change back to Miko if they make it worthwhile (or after I’m done levelling).

I finally did grind in the last few days instead of just staying in town waiting for DG and questing (though I’m doing it for the story and waaaaay over leveled; Lv300 against Lv200 quests).

I’m grinding in Timerys. At some point, I started completely forgoing Aqua Benedicta, Hamaya/Entity combo except on Elite Mobs coz blessing shards. Katadikazo on Elite and occasional mob clean up. Koinonia is very bad even in DG coz someone will ALWAYS break it 5 seconds after casting it (unless it’s a 3-person run which has a tendency to stick to each other more). The leveling cycle ended as “collect enemy -> Rubric” with buffs/healing in between.

Currently, I want to change the Miko that’ll allow me to better leveling/solo CM5/DG. I am not sure about other contents like Saalus since I’ve never done them.

I’ve “tried” to test varios classes but other than getting a feel of how they play, I never really got to play them since I returned 3~4 days before the class change point event ended.

Krivis: is Zaibas circle still small? and is it still limited to X number of hits (IIRC, it “runs out of ammo” on mobs)

Inquisitor: I don’t like button mashing so Ripper is no go. If I don’t want to AA Breaking wheel is it still good? Can one cast BW+GodSmash clean up a mob?

Zealot: Is immolation good? I have concerns on HP costs/recovery (I’m already complaining above). What about other skills?

Druid: Has demiwolf form, but that’s Lv350 IIRC. I am not sure I like magic circle ticks anymore unless they hit

Plague Doctor*: How good is Incineration at mob cleaning? Can I go Death Sentence -> Incinerate? Can Death Sentence Spread via Pandemic as well? If Incineration was spread but the enemy had no other debuff, does Incinerate still do damage? Honestly, the rest sounds really good compared to other options. HF will probably solve my Heal problem, has Haste™, Perma-debuff resist, knockdown resist for solo bossing.

I checked the price of Agny, and I think I can afford one if increases Inci dmg by a lot (also have a Alche/Onmyou/Pyro though not planning to play it.)


About breast ripper, do you really need button mashing? I tried to just held the key pressed and the duration is the same. Or am I Just bad at button mashing?


Pretty much every recommended dmg class I got listed up top, even chaplain works suprisingly well due to build capella.
Oracle also works well ofc.

Paladin is just the odd duckling out imo.

Yep, and yes but each “hit” will now affect all enemies inside Zaibas.

Breaking wheel only works well with physical dmg skills, and if you’re inquisitor you really ought to use both wheel and/or ripper on it.
And no, you really need ripper for inquis playstyle.

In terms of hits immolation is quite nice, but its dmg is quite low. I usually just use it to trigger Empathic Trust.
Fanatic Illusion is very strong though, and empathic trust is alright due to its holy element.

Yep. Druid’s chorta and thorn deal damage via debuffs, so it’s not as immobile as it used to be.

Very good, but it has a relatively small AoE. And yes DS will count towards debuffs.

Hm, didn’t actually test pd + exo yet so I’m not sure. But most likely not.


The recipe drops from the 120 dungeon, so it’s relatively easy to get and should be cheap on the market. Could always try farming it yourself ofc.


Apparently not, if anything it’s far easier just keep the button down and get 10 hits consistently.
Was it always like that? I never really tried anything other than button mashing before.


Just hold the button down it is the same duration regardless and sometimes the netcode will drop your inputs in large groups.


@Wurmheart or anybody who knows.

Does Sanctuary adds dmg to an existing dot (Incinerate, Fanatic, etc.)?