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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


So why do you say that chaplain prefers its own auto attacks over monk aa’s? What about druid demi-wolf aas? I’ve been using a Druid/Chap/Inquisitor build that takes max last rites and none in capella and it seems to be performing very well. Should I reset and remove last rights to take Capella? I find it doesn’t really fit in.



So I’ve narrowed my build choices between Druid/Exo/PD vs. Druid/Inq/PD. I feel like Exo has more synergy with the other 2 classes just because all the dmg skills are magic. Playing Inq with the other classes make it seem more of a hybrid build. I’m also not sure about investing points into Exo’s Koinonia when I can’t use it outside of a party. Is it unwise to max Aqua Benedicta over placing points into Koinonia?

Anyways, I’m not sure which of the two classes performs better in either solo or party content in the long run.



Will Krivis > PD > Sadhu be somehow good?

I’m still playing with Zeal > Inq > PD but without Fanatism the damage compartment of Zeal is quite luckluster :confused:



Demi-Lycan aa’s are 100% physical and with the same attack speed, they only add 5% chance to bleed. It’s benefits for aa lie solely in buffs and being able to use chorta/thorn for ongoing dmg alongside it.

Monk’s aa is a mere 100% physical (with x2 fake hit) and an enhance + atk speed attribute. It’s not your main source of dmg, it’s filler and quite a bad one at that.
Having both atk speed from DP and Binatio is also overkill, and most importantly Double Punch should still have a latency cap that limits its atk speed below that of an normal aa.
Monks will also need to prioritize palm strike + hand knife if they wish to properly deal damage, which do not take aa buffs into account and take a good chunk of time away from AA’s.

Chaplain’s aa is 100% physical + 132% holy magic (+enhance for holy part) and with several buffs increasing it even further.

Like I said above, Last Rites is a noob trap.
It sounds good, and it is good, but it is heavily outpaced by other chap skills. So yes, I’d say reset.
But keep in mind that last rites is better at lower levels or with worse equipment, so maybe use that to your advantage and level up first if needed.


Inquisitor does have the benefit of having both strong physical and magical dmg skills to take advantage of say demon’s low pdef and mutants low mdef.

But exo will be fine for druid, we just need that next patch with the attribute to make it work well.

Let’s just say that Koinonia, despite being rare to put to good use, can deal more dmg than rubric and most importantly doesn’t prevent use of other skills.
Whereas Aqua Benedicta has very poor damage that puts it more into the range of do I even wish to invest 1 point atm? And it doesn’t hit flying still I think. So much still to test and write down :stuck_out_tongue:

I would suggest to just grab 1 Aqua Benedicta, and then max Koinonia tbh.


Useable to somewhat mediocre performance and viable, I’d rather call it average than good tbh.
Krivis isn’t so bad, but it’s lack of skills does mean it puts a bit more strain on other classes.
PD is quite strong with incinerate but that’s about it.
Sadhu is anything but strong, and I can’t really recommend it.

If you think zealot is low dmg, you won’t enjoy sadhu very much either as that’s in a much worse position.



best to try sth else for now and wait for news on the planned changes affecting Krivis and Sadhu:



I read that Sadhu is meh, but I don’t like druid and have no idea what to do to maintain PD in the build. Exo doesn’t seems to have any synergies and rubric gameplay is a bit boring. That’s why I thought about Sadhu even if I know it’s SADhu again.

Maybe Zeal just for the buffs? let’s say something like this:

I think I can like PD > Krivis but I lack a good, mobile third class.

@Umineko yeah, I saw that topic as well. But I still need to find a solution now to use that Velco 2h mace :confused:



Zealot can work, but it’s sp heavy.
Paladin will be a good option when conviction gets fixed, but for now it won’t apply on bds.
Druid is kinda fun for pd imo, plenty of debuffs.
Oracle ofc, don’t need to go in depth on that.

Skill point wise:

  • Never use aukuras, use zalciai instead. It’s a larger dmg boost if you have some crit rate.
  • Max Melstis for zealot buffs.
  • Put 1 in healing factor at least for when fana is off cd or for party members.
  • Maybe 1 in cure for removing debuffs.

And don’t get your hopes up to high with IMC’s planned buffs, they occasionally result in nerfs or just fail.



Zealot being super SP hungry is one of the very reason I’m not that much into it. It can probably works as Krivis > Oracle > Zeal but it’s still pretty much ■■■■■■ up.

Between Druid and Exo which one do you think is more mobile?



Druid, you get a -50% dash cost from lycan, Chorta will debuff enemies for 19s meaning you only need to hit them once per 20s, Thorn even cc’s enemies.

Exo locks you in when casting rubric or katadikazo, and it’s not that bad but it does slow you down a bit.

@dragonfeian: Check my 2nd and 3rd posts in this thread, it’s all there.

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Ty for the info. I’m doing it scientifically: right now I tried SADhu a little bit and it’s not bad.
Now I resetted in Exo and try it as well. Then same thing with Druid!

Do you mind sharing me a suggestion on how to divide Exo and Druid skill points? I absolutely don’t know them both :frowning:



after trying monk I just gave up, I like the class but the damage is just not there :\

I also tried Exo>Inqui and I quite like the combination, surely the dmg is hybrid so I’ll have an hard time deciding what to use in gems/hair accessory but for someone like me who doesn’t have high end equipment it works wonder in CM5 so that I don’t have to wait for my big cooldown everytime

now for the last circle there are a few options that I was thinking:

  • Paladin because it provides (some) healing and pdef/mdef via barrier (pdef only when alone), the amazing conviction that boost smite/god smash and once fixed will boost also all of the dmg from Exo plus some extra points that I might put into Sanctuary or stone skin, does the addictional dmg from sanctuary apply to the wheel? I wonder if all this combined would be enough to survive above CM5.
    oh it also gives +5 aoe to 2h blunt weapon which is nice
  • PD: just like OP mentioned in his suggested builds, the movespeed + fire wheel + self healing are enticing
  • Priest: to have the added benefits of being somewhat an healer in the party (maybe bringing restoration scrolls)

having 2 strong DPS classes also allow to completely ignore the bad/mediocre skills like demolition or aqua benedicta but I have some doubts about Inquisitor regarding pears/malleus, is the damage vs boss good enough? I was planning to max the wheel/judment but I’ve seen that you prefer those 2 instead

Regardless I’m glad that I finally found a core of 2 classes that I like! it’s really a duo that is not hard to use and doesn’t require to upkeep short duration buffs every time, which I hate

edit: After thinking for a while I’m more oriented towards Inqui/exo/oracle since death sentence offers more than conviction (which is yet to be fixed and I don’t know if it works with holy dmg :\ ) and oracle as a whole has more to offer than paladin (resto/barrier can be scrolled and I have a pardoner for that). I’ve tried PD but I’m not really sold on it, still need to experiment before the class points event ends



Ok but what about lycanthropy’s natural improvements to physical damage, which will ultimately be making your auto attacks do more damage overall compared to attacking normally? Same for the 50% for having maxed out the monk’s double punch attribute.

I don’t really get why you say that chap’s basic aa’s are ‘better’ than empowered autos from druid or monk, since they have the potential to be more than just a 100% skill factor.



People keep mentioning PD/inquis fire wheel but it doesn’t work anymore. I still see people in-game trying to use this.



It works, you have to debuff the wheel>incinerate, I tried only conviction and it works

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yes, the wheel gets incinerated and creates sparks, but those sparks don’t damage enemies near the wheel nor add any extra hits. It’s purely a visual spectacle and I think people are being tricked by the rapid ticks of damage caused by the wheel + BDS and incineration on enemies already afflicted with incinerate.

you can pull the same trick using Pardoner’s Discerning Evil on the wheel and it produces the same sort of effect.

Speaking of discerning evil, I’ve been testing out Kabbalist/Pardoner synergy and discerning evil + nakhash is actually a really fierce combo. Discerning evil is effectively a 1500% skill factor magic DoT at max rank and nakhash spreads it easily. Pardoner also relieves some healing stress from Kabbalist with Indulgentia, which really isn’t all that bad of a heal.

I am thinking of rounding out this build with either Inquisitor or Paladin. Inquisitor allows you to utilize discerning evil + judgement combo for bosses and also gives you the wheel to use Decatose on for surprisingly high group damage (Decatose is like God Smash’s little brother). Paladin has sanctuary for nakhash/discerning evil and even more healing over time with restoration. Gevura also combos well with inquisitor’s big hits or paladin’s conviction.



I can’t believe there are still so many things I’d like to try out even though I get to change daily…
Anyone knows if Chaplains Aspergillium AA can spread Discerning Evil?



don’t think so, the only things that can spread discerning evil are magic aoe circles that deal holy damage. What I want to know is if Miko and Chaplain’s Hamaya split counts.



Hello guys. I recently tried to make a PD, I was not playing this class before Re:Build and right now I’m a bit confused with Pandemic.

“Spread all the debuffs of enemies within range to other nearby enemies.”

As the tooltip says it, this skill should spread debuffs, but in fact I’m unable to spread debuffs with it, only Black Death Steam wich is not mentioned as a debuff. Incinerate is not mentioned as a debuff and cant be spread, unless you have the attribute that gives 50% chance to spread it. The “debuff” category seems to be completely random because BDS is not a debuff considering the tooltip, but can be spread, while Divine Stigma and Death Sentance can’t. Actually, can you spread something else than BDS except Incineration with the attribute ?

Why does it says “ALL the debuffS” ?

I didn’t test Zalciai or Chrost right now but I feel like there is a big problem of synergy with other classes, or am I doing something wrong ?

PS : Sorry I didn’t read all the post :<.



yeah that’s really just IMC being vague and wrong about their tooltips like usual.

Pandemic can spread a few debuffs but not all of them. Notable debuffs it can spread are Black Death Steam, Conviction, Judgement. Less notable ones are Zalchaia, Monstrance, curse. I’m sure there are others but there are many it straight up doesn’t spread, even if it should.



Thank you :confused:, it seems Bokor in Wizard tree was a wonderful idea. And all these Cleric jobs with offensive magic skills that deal less than 100% without attribute :roll_eyes: