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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


Oh I see. 4/5 owls is still a lot of owls.
Do you think it’s worth taking Kabbalist over priest in a Diev/Oracle/xxxx build for the fact that Gevura can benefit owls along with Death Sentence?


Nope, 30s downtime will screw over owls.
Wish it was viable though, having a small dmg boost and nachash/clone would be rather nice.


Does Miko’s clap work on Aukuras or henge stone? Because if Miko can’t clap for owls, then maybe a CM build with a permanent aukuras might be…something, I guess.


Didn’t test them personally, but was told repeatedly that it did not work on Aukuras.
No idea about hengestone.

And Aukurass is worthless atm, the debuff reduction is a mere -10% and additional property damage gets screwed over by the resistance rework and essentially runs into a capped -50% effectiveness at high level. (with the current exception of Transmit Prana, which may be an oversight)


Tried Clap on Hengestone, pretty sure it didn’t work.
(level 1 clap, but the duration still seemed to be the same.)


So after reading some comments about Chaplain I changed my main build to a Chap/Inq/Druid but I really feel like I’m lacking damage, my weapon is a +10 Masinios mace (Transcend 3) and my build is as follows:


Please read the first few posts of this thread first, I’ve already gone into detail as to what skill spread is ideal in my opinion and why.


I am currebtly a Druid/Oracle/PD which stat should I put My Stars Point in? Int or Spr?

I was also wondering how is Priest/Oracle/Pd damage wise. Can it grind alone? Or does it strugge too much?


Is there any builds you can think of that’ll get paladin and exsorsit to work together? I’ve been messing around with it and it has a good feel, using smite, conviction and demolish to clean up after using rubric. I also dig the whole 2 handed hammer and book thing (warcraft 3 pally <3), but ultimately can’t find any actual synergy here. conviction doesn’t really help anything on exorsist =/, and i can’t really think of a third class that’ll get the most out of either of them together. maybe oracle for divine might and death sentance?

I dunno, I’d love to hear your thoughts. =)


I’d say Spr for the healing, crit matk and modafinil+carnivory scaling.
It’s also a bit more versatile if you ever want to change classes.

But it won’t matter to much.

Priest/Oracle/PD should be fine, but also not that fast in killing speed.
Go PD>Oracle>Priest for easiest leveling though, since pd has dmg and oracle’s debuff make incin easier to cast.

Might wanna grab an agni necklace to speed things up ofc.

Closest is Inquisitor, since pala buffs god smash and judgement improves most exo skills.
Try Sanctuary + Wheel/Aqua benedicta? that may be better than I expect but haven’t checked that combo myself.

Don’t really think there’s much synergy with pala+exo sadly.

kk done testing, webm’s via external sites do work for what I want.


Sanctuary does work with aqua benedicta and wheel, but you won’t be hitting your wheel while channeling sanc so it’s not a very strong combo tbh.

If you want to do a sanctuary build you need some dots or lingering AoE’s that last for a while.

So… with that in mind, you could try Paladin/Exorcist/Miko. Miko’s Hamaya/Entity combo with exorcist causes rapid-striking pillars to manifest for a good while, that deal continuous holy damage. You can use Aqua Benedicta and sanctuary while your pillars are active and then once your channel is over, you’ll probably be able to cast Rubric again.

PD/Exorcist is still my favorite build for sanctuary paladin though.


Thanks, I’ll give that a shot when i get 3 classes. for now i think i’m going to use the daily class changes to try druid, inqusitor, and zealot just to see if i like any of those on there own.

can you benifit from your own sanctuary? i found it clumsy to use so i haven’t messed with it much.


You can! I tried it yesterday with Paladin - Druid - Kabbalist. :3


If I really really wanted to give Monk a shot, what would be the best way to build one? I’ve tried monk>chap>priest so far, looking for ideas, mostly I’d like to solo CM5 or higher

I’m thinking of replacing priest with PD since healing factor lv 10-15 should be able to keep me alive, it gives a movspeed boost and some fire and forget dmg

@Wurmheart is last rite so bad that it’s better to skip it? how does it work exactly?


Best case scenarios are imo:

  • Monk / Zealot / Oracle, for a ton of dmg boosts and decent aoe’s. Needs good gear to offset zealot’s fanaticsm though as your healing windows are smaller.

  • Monk / Druid / Inquisitor, since druid adds aoe’s that don’t take up much time, dmg boosts and healing. Whereas inquisitor benefits from finger flick at least and helps increase damage. (+ wheel and palm/hand combo should work well in theory.)

But that’s about it imo.
Paladin relies on conviction / sanctuary to be worth it, which don’t work for monk…
Chap & Exo prefer their own skills/aa over monks hand/palm spam, so you always lose out imo.
Diev is junk atm.
PD could work but lacks dmg bonuses so it’s just an AoE dmg + Survivability option.
Krivis is just neutral.

I’d say replace chap, or monk for that build first :stuck_out_tongue:

Last Rites is a total noob trap.
it is actually a fairly good skill, but it is heavily outperformed by the other chap options. Especially since they are multiplicative to each other to a far greater degree.

Aspy’s 14 extra skill levels add 42% skill factor, add in the enhance (x1.6) and you get am up to +67.2% matk holy dmg per hit. With 10k+ matk that will easily do farm more damage than last rites even if lr ignores defenses and resistances.

  • Build capella is a +100% holy boost 30s with a 65s cd and an enhance. That’s still an average of +74% holy dmg for aspergillum. That equates to +156% holy matk if you have a maxed aspergillum.

  • attack speed multiplies all your aa dmg essentially, but I can’t give an estimate for it. Still even if it only gave a 25% atk speed increase over both 100% patk, aspergillum and build capella that’s still insane.

  • Visible Talent also works best the more dmg you deal per hit, which again is in favor of aspergy/capella/binatio.

  • Whereas a 500 spr Last rites with full enhance is slightly over 2.5k dmg per hit. Which since it is additional property attack is not affected by Build Capella.
    And to make it worse, if there’s a 500 spr priest on your team they can easily give a 1.6k sacrament.

Also ignoring Last Rites can heavily lower the amount of spr your build needs to do well. Maybe even adds some int.
It’s also a self buff only atm, so it doesn’t your team more either.

Forgot to include:
Last Rites simply adds x dmg to every aa attack as as second hit.
That second hit scales off all bonus and additional property damage (these do get cut in half however atm) effects you have.
But last rites dmg formula itself is literally stated amount of dmg x elemental penalty or bonus.


At low levels of gear I think that rites is decent, but once you start maximizing your weapon attack and magic attack, it falls short.

If you have priest and you can fit in Sacrament, it does the job just fine so you can avoid dumping points in Rites. Even without priest, point-for-point you are better off avoiding rites and putting points in Asper/Binatio/Capella.


Anyone know how Krivis-Pardoner-Oracle will work?

Divine Stigma adds 50% extra damage to enemies, and Death Sentence at max attribute is like 80% extra damage taken.

Then using Discerning Evil (or whatever it’s called), you can essentially keep that debuff running.

Meanwhile you have Indulgentia and Heal to keep a pt up.


It’s alright, but it is almost solely focused on debuffing bosses since Discerning Evil only affects 1 enemy per cast.

And Death Sentence is relatively easy to keep up vs most regular enemies anyway due to its reset attribute.
it’s fairly low on dmg itself though, as you’ll pretty much only kill enemies with Smite, Divine Stigma and Zaibas.
You also need to take the additive nature of dmg buffs into account, as +50+30+88 = +168% dmg and not more. Possible less comparitively if your team is already using a good chunk of dmg buffs.

Indulgentia, like resto and chorta, can keep a party alive but it has a higher gear (for the party) and spr (for the caster) requirements than say a priest healer.


Still trying to figure out pally/exo.

I’ve been using the free class changes to try out different classes, but I’m only 269 with 42 on my second class, so it’s really only enough to test 2 classes at a time within barely relevant content with no specialized gear or maxed/special attributes. i’m also probably falling into newb traps on class/skill combos, but it’s probably worth putting down what i’ve figured out for feedback. so far i’ve tried inquisitor, druid, and zealot.

inquisitor works fine but i don’t really care for it. ran it with pally and didn’t get to mess with judgement, which would largely be the point here so i might try it again when i have 3 classes, but overall wasn’t feeling it. Not really into the whole torture theme, and while conviction+godsmash was cool it didn’t really seem to out damage rubric by itself. Ripper lined up enemies which could be cool for rubric, and i think malleus maleficarum might boost the damage on things (probably should have used it more), but there was nothing i really loved here.

Druid is something i’m excited to try again, but had a little trouble with it. I ran it with zealot (not the best test for my purposes) and found the two clumsy and sp hungry together, but came up with a few ideas. Chortasmata worked better than i thought it would offensively and would probably pair with sanctuary nicely, and i really need to see how lycanthropy works with Human form. Can’t find any videos or anything on human form, so i don’t know if i can use other class skills with it. That might be a deal breaker right there. Sterea Trofh and seed bomb are two other skills that could be useful but i couldn’t really figure out how to use them. I might need to try it with just exo to see how druid actually amplifies the damage on it.

By far my favorite today was pally zealot. If i have to drop exo it’ll most likely be for this class. Everything just worked together on this, and it did teach me how to use sanctuary a little. Fanaticism, empathetic trust, and conviction boosts damage pretty much across the board on all skills with lots of neat combos. A good one was to use fanaticism before immolation and/or Fanatic Illusion, then using sanctuary to deal and take less damage. It was also just as great to replace sanctuary with conviction spam and smite spam. Empathetic trust also would work thrown into any of those, but i was generally killing too fast to get it all off at once. If empathetic trust works with rubric the way i hope it does (proc per tick of rubric) that could be real nasty, but even just the boost from fanaticism could be enough. My only real concerns so far with doing pally exo zealot is the sp sink might be too much to make it viable, while having too many damage sources and not enough utility. Then again pally, inquisitor, zealot seems to be a pretty popular build so maybe it’s enough.

Next on the list is oracle and PD then probably pairing some of these with exo just to see how they mesh. Thoughts?


Typically Inquisitor can deal a large chunk of damage at higher levels due to how much defense god smash and breastripper ignore. But let’s move on.

Druid’s demi-lycan is just a mere statstick tbh, you’ll mostly use it for the +20% physical dmg, +30% magical dmg and +60% crit rate. Plus passive hp regen (but to slow) and partial kd immunity. Rest is just looks.

Sterea Trofh is essentially a Newb trap, or riddled with bugs, as it seems to scale off your weapon and only really shines when you have really good gear.
But essentially, it’s just a crit dmg boost. You use it when you’re using most of your skills for more dmg, that’s it.

Seed Bomb just gives an explosive buff up to 5 allies, which detonates when attack or after 5s. Aka it only really works when you have minions, objects or other players nearby. Also a small range, so get up close with it.

Empathic Trust procs on any skill hit, immolation is also very good for using it up asap.
But rubric also works yeah.
Exo - Pala - Zealot seems fine tbh, though zealot won’t have that much synergy with the other two.
I recommend also trying out Pala - Zealot - Oracle for its absurd dmg and arcane energy to vastly reduce sp costs.

PD is pretty neutral in that works with basically anything tbh.
Not much to say there.

Exo + Druid is hindered by the plant conversion atm, but will get a fix for that in one of the next updates after which it’ll be fine.

Inquis + Exo has some synergy, and find it a bit weird to combine in terms of play-style but it’s fine.