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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


I’ve been playing this build and while it’s really comfortable and satisfying to play, it kind of runs into some problems where people expect you to be a healer and yet the build isn’t particularly good at healing.

I think you do need to take Restoration just so you can keep your party topped off on health, since you’re kind of a support with this build and yet focus on increasing DPS for the party. This puts you in an awkward spot of taking up a DPS slot in a team while neither being a dedicated dps or a particularly good healer.


I need some help with my build,

Currently I’m on the fence between

Paladin - Zel - Inquis
Paladin - Zel - Oracle

I’m not sure will the 2nd one have enough damage.


Paladin - Zealot - Inquisitor gives us a lot of STR but you will end up having little SPR so you will not be able to cure much.
Pala/Zel/Oracle has less STR but gives us decent healing,moreover Oracle has better synergies with Zel thanks to his Arcane Energy refilling your SP.

In regard of damage I trust Death sentence + Prophecy + zealot buffs are more than enough so I would say you should go with the second build


Both are quite fine, but inquis has more high dmg skills that enable it to deal good dmg at almost any time.

Oracle’s Death Sentence and Prophecy will make up for its lack of dmg skills, but you’d likely still want to prioritize several of them to be used in the 15s while fanaticism+fanatic illusion are recharged and not in effect. (Empathic trush + immolation + demolition usually)


Str is a very minor dmg increase, and I even explained as much in the opening posts.
But you’re right in that Oracle has a minor advantage to healing due to its spr factor, though both builds will need to stack spr/healing stats in order to act as a average group healer.


I’m still currently level 130 on my cleric (I’m slow) and can’t try out synergies yet
Is Zealot/Inquisitor the better cleric class for levelling up ?


There are several quite good options tbh.

First rank:
Zealot for its aoe’s and mobility.
Druid for chorta/thorns + being able to use the panto transformation via transform to get a movespeed boost.
Inquisitor for its aoe’s ofc.
Exorcist ofc. forgot it :smiley:

2nd rank:
PD shines here for its movespeed bonus, but it needs debuffs for its dmg to be useable asap. Otherwise you’ll need to wait for bds aka class lvl 16.
Paladin if you already took zealot, inquisitor or krivis as 1st rank.

3rd rank:
Doesn’t really matter tbh, it only starts to get all its skills at 360 and by then you should be nearly done leveling anyway.


Alright thanks! I’ll probably go Zealot into PD for now. Btw where do I get torture tools for inquisitor? Can’t find anything on it anywhere


Cleric master will sell all the items for any cleric subclass, and she’s in klapeida above the warp statue.

Specific class items can also be bought at their respective class master, in this case inquisitor master can be found in Manahas to the left of the warp statue.


Thank you for the helpful information.

Since I’m mostly new and finally happy to hear a build I like seems ok.

I’m going to go Zealot then Paladin and round it of with Oracle.
I’ll aim for SPR

I hope that is an OK order. I checked this post to see which were the skills I must learn. :slight_smile:


My thoughts on the cleric tree

Cleric is my specialty and I do not understand much of the other trees, so I’ll just talk about it.

Priest 10/10
He looked great and plays very well his role of Healer / Buff

Krivis 3/10
If the intention is to balance then they missed a lot. If compare with Exorcist he is much weaker. “Divine Stigma” is very strong, maybe even Over Power, but if someone chooses this class it will only be by Stigma + Meltis. I think they should reformulate everything, create one more damage skill, improve Zaibas and Aukuras and change until they have DPS next to the Exorcist.
(Zaibas = 3192% cd = 20s X Rubric = 6480% cd = 15s (large area))

Druid 8/10
It is very good for the function you propose.
I just did not understand why they took away the attributes of “Transform”.

Sadhu 5/10
If similar to Krivis, class DPS but the damage is less than the Exorcist. Anyone pushes you back into the body.
What is the point of Sadhu being able to leave the body? Of course they would say that it is to attack from a distance in safety, for this reason the class is all wrong, the best skills have to be used closely.
In my opinion this class should be able to use ALL skills through the astral body, and to balance the astral body would also receive damage. The agro of the monsters should go to the astral body as well.

Diev did not test, sorry

Oracle 10/10
Combines very well with Priest, Debuffs / Protections

Monk 5/10
Double Punch was good, but weak even with Chaplain. A dependency of Chaplain was created, which for me is bad.
Energy Blast is strong, but takes too long to load and has no attribute to avoid Knock Back.
Golden Bell Shield, I preferred 1000x the old one, a 5s protection for yourself. Missed a survival skill, the Exorcist has Engkrateia, Assassin has immunity while attacking …
The other skills got 4 loads, an exaggeration, it would be better 1 charge with high damage and debuffs as it was before.

Pardoner 9/10
Spell Shop buffs are far too weak but this has valued Priest buffs.
Maybe they should have changed the indulgence skill to heal better.

Paladin 10/10
A good DPS / Healer / Tanker

Class without identity. Class confused. It should be reformulated to match classes other than Monk / Exo / Inq. Some Buffs should go to Party, so it would make more sense as a class of attack Buffs.

Plague Doctor 10/10
It looks great, matches up with DPS and Support builds.

Kabbalist 6/10
Ein Soft is still reasonable, although it is only for 1 person.
Sepiroth is good cure, but very high CD
What is lacking in my opinion is to improve Gevura, he is very weak because in practice the hits with 200% are usually of multi hit skills with low damage and end in the blink of an eye. It should give a Debuff based on the calculated number that instead of “hits” gives an increased damage by “time” a few seconds, something like Death Sentence.

Inquisitor 10/10
No comment needed

Exorcist 10/10
No comment needed

Zealot 7/10
This was my main class before, I ended up leaving.
Has Very Strong Buffs: Fanaticism
Very strong debuff: Immolation: Melt Armor
Good damage skills
No survival options
To summarize: Very high damage and very low survival. I suggest lowering the power of Fanaticism and Melt Armor and increasing survival. Fanaticism does not need to void 100% of the cure and immolation does not need to consume too much HP

Miko 6/10
Same problem is ALWAYS. Kagura needs to hold the button and keep animation, which makes it impossible to do other things.

General considerations

In support builds we have quite a few good options
In DPS builds too much is unbalanced, the proof is that a lot of people are choosing Exo-Inq-Zealot (the 3 classes that were of Rank 8 erst) and despising the classes that were of low rank formerly (Sadhu, Monk, Krivis) .

I hope there are many changes still to balance the game, thanks to who has read everything here.


So I have been playing Chaplain with Inquisitor and Druid, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with what you can do with this combo. In CM’s I surprised my party by literally one-shotting the stage 4 boss with Visible Talent.

Chaplain’s visible talent stacks on Inquisitor’s wheel regardless of whether or not you’re hitting any enemies. After this, you can rotate druid and Inquisitor skills and avoid AA in order to carry over your damage to the next cooldown of visible talent. 3 or 4 stacks of wheel + VT and you can outright kill a CM boss.

I chose druid as my final class, but you can choose monk or priest as well, since these provide bonuses to auto attacks in their own ways. Druid also has other methods of clearing enemies when you’re not autoattacking and synergy between seed bomb and pears. Priest is probably best though in terms of being able to fill a healer role in parties but it sure is boring.

I hate to say it with all the monk hate loaded into this thread, but monk in this 3rd slot actually feels really, really good. If I choose monk I’m also able to make use of capella due to energy blast, though normally this build doesn’t have enough free points to take capella since I prefer to level up last rights to at least 10.


I have a question while looking over the listed builds for Dievdirbys.

Is there a specific reason why Turn Undead is maxed instead of Aspersion in Diev/PD/Priest build?
I’ve checked some other builds and all of them seem to prioritize Aspersion more, and the description doesn’t really help me understand either.

I’m still quite new to the class so I’m sorry if this should have been obvious. Thank you.


I find that on my diev builds I tend to use fade more to avoid knock backs during statue creation.
And owls/other statues tank quite well if you have priest already.

Plus diev builds tend to lack damage skills, so a high level TU can speed up fights vs demons/mutants by a huge margin for such a build.
But you can also just stick to high aspersion.


I’ve been wanting to do a diev, but it seems quite limiting to have to pair them with other high SPR classes. Do you think Miko/Diev/Exorcist has enough SPR scaling to be worth it?


doesn’t matter, no priest = can’t keep owls alive which defeats the whole point.
If anything I would recommend a lower spr factor class for the 3rd option since miko/oracle/kabba all make for a very slow diev build.


So miko/diev/priest is really the only mikodieve build that works? Yikes, that’s pretty restrictive. I was really hoping to be able to get the diev miko exo synergies out of the way and done with in one build.

I guess the best option for my Exo/miko’s 3rd class is then either chaplain, Sadhu, PD or kabbalist.


I’m having a real hard time deciding what I want my 3rd class to be. Right now I’m an Inquisitor/Plague Doctor/Oracle. I’m pretty set on keeping Inq/PD. I like the damage buffs that oracle has but its tough healing party members.

-The choices I have in mind are Paladin for the healing aura and defense + conviction debuff, or
-Druid for the healing from chortamasta and damage buffs with lycan and sterea trofh or
-Priest for straight mass heal + res.

I’ve tried all the above but I’m not sure which one is performing better damage wise. I want to be able to offer utility in a party but also want to be able to do enough damage to solo things like CM at a nice pace. I need help deciding, unless anyone can suggest a better option.


Nah, Miko is one of the worst options for diev/priest since it lacks dmg.
Oracle is better at the everything Miko offers since Death Sentence affects owls.
Druid is quite good as it offer carnivory for another spr summon, plenty of aoe dmg and lycanthropy for something that excels vs bosses and situations where spr builds typically suck.
Or just grab a different dmg circle like exo/inquisitor, which also work.

Also posted similar info already in the diev build section :stuck_out_tongue:


For soloing I quite like druid, it’s ton of hits and chorta help out via velnia card dmg boosts considerably. Also works well with any on hit effects like asio mace.

Paladin is a close second, which gets you far more god smash dmg/smite dmg, but less on everything else. Also offers far more defense for parties but also has a heavier gear requirement if you want to make full use of Sanctuary. (for bds/incin/wheel)

Priest has considerably less dmg, but if you ever want to act as full healer for raids priest is your best odds of doing so.


Ok but if you need miko in order to keep owls up infinitely, and priest to heal them, then what other option do you have for a clap build beyond diev/miko/priest? Kabbalist? Is druid grass able to heal the owls too?


You simply give up on permanent owls instead :tired:

You can keep 4 owls up with just lvl 15 carve owl + laima now anyway, so keep recasting em.
Miko only bumps it up to 5 and gets that 2.8s atk cycle instead of 3s.

Grass cannot heal owls, only revive, mass heal and tree of sephiroth can.