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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


That’s so good, I didnt have a clue what to do but now I want to be Exorcist/Oracle/Priest but the link to the build isn’t working ;(


Depends on the team (esp their defenses and defensive skills) and how high you all want to go tbh.
Better just ask them up front if they want a priest healer or an average cleric healer. (Chorta/Resto/Indulgentia are all rather on par, it’s only priest and kabba that stick out)

Priest may be able to push it several waves higher in comparison and has safety-nets to boot so it’ll always be a bit more desirable for CM.
But Kabba is in a weird position where it has a ton of healing but also a pesky 30s downtime so it’s not quite as capable.

Though most prob don’t want to go to high on cm anyway.


Kabba is only +20% max matk, so that’s half as good.
The +5 movespeed is alright.
The block thing is redundant tbh, you should be using a 1h mace or rod to begin with as a kabba (as 2h hammer doesn’t get the +20% max matk) and shields are the ideal offhand for clerics.
Guess what shields do? they allow you to block as well.

So no, not really.
You can use kabba, but you need your other 2 classes to make up for its lack of dmg/lack of decent dmg boosters.
It does offer pretty good healing though, which allows it to be a more interesting alternative to priest at times.


Went over all the links to improve skill spreads a bit, but it all loads for me. can be a bit slow so give it some time? or do you get a specific error?

as for skill spread for eop i tend to go:
Priest : 5 revive, 5 mass heal, 5 res, 15 aspersion, 10 blessing, 5 turn undead.
Oracle: 10 Death Sentence, 10 Divine Might, 5 foretell, 5 twist of fate, 14 arcane energy, 1 prophecy.
Exo: 15 rubric, 10 koinonia, 15 Engkrateia, 1 Aqua Benedicta, 4 Katadisomething.


Is there any list of compare post/pre re:build of the skill scale with int/spr?


Thoughts on priest/pd/diev? Seems like it would offer great healing, buff utility, and decent dmg.

I dont feel that pandemic needs to be that high as monstrance, and the diev debuffs are already aoe, so can spend points to max bds. As well as decent situational owl dmg with such high spirit.



I play now Oracle/Zealot/Inquisitor.

Main class is inquisitor.
Play with controller so i got limited space.

Zealot don feel as strong as before but as a support cls for Inquisitor its great.(Fanatism/Beardyeyes/Blind faiths crit dmg)

DS+fanatism+ripper on wheel deal insane aoe dps.

Oracle clearly outshine pala and foretell is just nice for close situations with fanatism on.

Just lvl 6 heal isnt enough to be a healer ^^"


See the first few posts, its one of the better diev focused builds atm and I listed it as an example already.

But you need fade for any diev build to avoid kb.
TU is also rather nice with such high spr.
And Max Carve owl, that 2s durations matters quite a bit.


Thanks a lot for your answer!
Got another short question, i read in another post from you that Asio mace is the best weapon for almost everything. is it worth it even for a almost pure caster? doesn’t the doll only procc from melee hits? (Looks like it from the tooltip)


Yep, tooltip said that forever but it works on all hits instead.

You do need a good amount of hits to get it to proc ofc, and it shouldn’t proc from summons so only dievdirby really loses out.
For all other cleric builds its either the best dmg option or one of the best.


Heya, newish player here, but been playing for the past few days and gotten up to about 280. I was wondering about some input on the build I was leaning towards.

Here is the link to it:

The idea I had for it was to use hammer burst skills, apply dots, then use the in between type to heal/sanctuary as needed. I’ve been using the wheel/ripper for big AoE and both work great.

I’d like some general suggestions on the build or if another class would go better for it, but I do have some specific skill point questions.

Is it worth to get more points into Demolition in the Paladin tree? At the cost of restoration?

In the plague doctor tree I’m mostly curious about the balance in points between healing factor, Modafinil, and Black Death Stream.

Anyways, awesome guide, I wana try out some more builds later but wanting to get high on this character first!


This is my idea of build. What do you think guys? If I must change something, I will use reset skill potion at 29th January


Hello there,
I like both Druid and Dievdirbys classes but I’m not fond of the priest. So I was wondering if there is an other class that can get well with both of them without underperforming the build.
Thanks in advance !


I dont think you will need Iron maiden for Pve its more a pvp skill like Pears too would put the points in judgement instead.

Modafinil is another skill that is more for pvp but its nice in pve too its you choice.
I liked a higher Pandemic/Healingfactor lvl and put less points in inc and bds.^^

Before rebuild you could get the bonus matk from malleus on every hit of demolition i dont know if this works anymore.
(It dont work on PD skilssadly)

Its up to you if you want more atk skills trade some restoration lvls for Demolition.


Always max heal when it’s your only self recovery mechanic. (healing factor cannot recover you to full health on its own after all.)

And I’d recommend maxing modafinil over bds since move speed is awesome. But that’s personal preference.

Demolition isn’t that bad, but neither is restoration. I’d say stick with resto as inquisitor picks up the slack dmg wise anyway.

BDS doesn’t really have that much dmg per skill level atm, so 1-5 is fine IMO.
Healing factor is insanely good, to the point that even skill level 1 can carry you through a lot damage. And frankly above 5 is overkill, but also really darn neat to be that immortal.
Modafinil I’d always max since move speed just speeds everything up, but it’s not a must have perse.


Don’t use your reset skill potion, just reset your subclasses via the 30 days x3 free resets event. (if you want to reset druid replace it with pardoner and then replace pardoner with druid and tada free skill reset.)
And check out my example builds, those already list my preferred skill spreads for druid/pd and oracle.


Not without losing most of your owl dmg.

Carve Owl’s 50 health just makes it far to easy for mobs to kill it within 15s, even kabbalist has issues keeping them alive.
And the only other class that can heal them is priest, so there’s no real choice there…

But at least priest can keep owls alive during most content… though I would have liked to see more diev build diversity tbh.


I could use some help with what to do to complete my Cleric. I’m mostly a solo-player and play ToS for it’s fun exploration. :slight_smile:

I’ve done a bunch of class-swapping on this character the past few days and just can’t seem to find my new niche.

For starters, I used to be a Taoist. Cleric2 Krivis3 Druid2 Taoist3 to be exact. There… well, there really isn’t anything quite like this build any longer for Cleric’s.

First, I tried Cleric > Plague Doctor > Druid > (changed this around a bunch) Oracle/Exorcist/Chaplain

  • I didn’t hate it but I didn’t like it either. Too much downtime between DoTs.

Next, I landed on Cleric > Exorcist > Chaplain > Priest as I really like Rubric.

  • This almost worked but I feel like I was wasting space with Priest.

After that I tried all sorts of mixtures with Exorcist, Druid, and Plague Doctor. Cycled through a good bit of class combinations but no where near all of them.

Classes I just don’t much like:

  • Dievdirbys
  • Miko
  • Kabbalist
  • Pardoner
  • Sahu

Now that backstory is over, I quite like how Zealot and Exorcist have a bit of synergy between them but I can’t seem to figure out what class would work best for me with them. To be exact, I like how Emphatic Trust and Blind Faith can be used to help set up Rubric, Katadikazo, and Gregorate. If mobs happen to survive all that, I have Fanaticism and Fanatic Illusion to deal a bunch more fast damage.

This is what I have so far:

I tried it today with Plague Doctor but was pretty much only finding myself using Modafinil. Seems kind of a waste.

I think I would most like to increase my AA damage for when I use Fanaticism and Fanatic Illusion. Would Inquisitor or Chaplain fill that roll best? Or perhaps would Krivis be good for Melstis and Zaibas?

I don’t need to have top-DPS or anything of that sort. Just want to be able to effectively clear through mobs while I run around unlocking maps.

If I could :hearts: your thread more times, I would!


Thank you for the reply, appreciate your help!


That was my old krivis build as well, granted a lot of that had to do with me wanting to test flying and all other druid transform options but it was still a fun build.

New builds don’t seem as flexible to build them as you want tbh. Even if a lot of them are viable and have better dmg it feels like wasted potential.

Only chaplain adds meaningfull AA dmg at the moment, inquisitor is focused on skill dmg with god smash, breastripper and breaking wheel.

I find Krivis + Zealot quite enjoyable though, but you do need an electra necklace for krivis to carry its weight.
And I’m avoiding using melstis since I don’t want the sp drain and no healing to last that long nowadays…

Inquisitor also works fine though, but it can be a bit overkill given how many skills to spam you already have.

Maybe try Oracle for its dmg boosts + arcane energy to refill sp costs instead?


I have a question regarding some builds.
From what I understood, the base cleric is good enough as a healer, but if your party is kind of undergeared then there will be a need for a Priest(or kabba).
So my question is: when I will end up doing high level content (if there is any?), will a build like Oracle/Druid/PD be enough or should I opt for something more like a Oracle/Priest/Exo?

Despite that, as a solo player which of the 2 build would give me more ease in grinding?

sorry if those question are redundant but I just want to be sure


There is high level content yeah, and it’s not a redundant question at all. But it is difficult to answer.

Paladin, Pardoner and Druid have the least healing but we’ve also had videos of them being enough to solo heal velcoffer now. Which is arguably rather difficult, or should be.

Kabbalist is a bit weirder that technically it can have the most healing, but has a 30s downtime which does enable a bad burst / bad gear to still die despite that.

But Priest will always have the highest demand for raids & dungeons, simply because it has the failsafes and literally over twice as much healing as the 3 weaker options.

The second hard part is that I don’t know much about what our average gear looks like, and arguably ktos tends to grind more than other ToS customers do so what can work there might not cut it here.

Lastly, there’s still borutas. The soon to be top tier raid, or whatever you’d want to call it.
And I don’t quite know enough about it, aside that it has a ton of health and is a large group raid that enables several teams. As such healing will likely be less of an issue with multiple clerics around.

But different guilds are also hostile to each in other in that content, which may mean that it just won’t be run at all.

Forgot ignas’s dungeon. oh well.


@Wurmheart: Thx you for help :grinning:


As i said before, i was wondering whether my healing are enough with only PD and Druid, beside isn’t Chortasmata a double edged sword? I mean, it does heal, but wouldn’t it’s plant conversion be quite annoying? (at least for now til we get the attribuite)

So i was wondering if there was a way to take PD and Priest together without losing too much damage, for example is it worth going Priest/Pd/Exo over Priest/Oracle/Exo? (i really enjoy PD and his movement speed)
Or should I just stick with Pd/oracle/Druid and stop wondering about healing?

Ps: i nearly forgot, but which stat should I invest my stat points? Int or Spr?