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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


I’m new to the game and I’m starting out as a Zealot with maxed Fanaticism/Fanatic Illusion but I was wondering
if I should change class to Paladin into Zealot? Idk what I’d pick for my 3rd class though ;-; need halp. I was eyeing Inquisitor for my 3rd but looking at other classes I was wondering what Inquisitor has over maybe Druid or Exorcist


Paladin is not a bad pick for pairing with Zealot but not a great one either. Zealot has a lot of synergy with any class that can provide benefits to critical damage, and it also can’t play well with self-healing because of Fanaticism.

Krivis is a really good class to pair with Zealot. Melstis can be used to increase the duration of your buffs on yourself, including Fanatic Illusion and Fanaticism. Divine Stigma improves your DEX and Zalchaiai increases your critical damge even further.

Inquisitor is a powerful option if you just want more physical damage and some big strong skills to use. It pairs well with pretty much any other physical cleric.

Druid gives you even more crit rate increase but has a lot of skills to cast and some wonky hybrid damage. You can however transform into a medium animal in order to get yourself even more crit rate and damage, and wolf or demi wolf form while your other transform isn’t available. This thread says the transforms aren’t useful but I’ve been incorporating it into my build with decent results.

Maybe try Zealot/Krivis/Inquisitor if you’d like. Seems like a very solid build.


I would love some feedback on my Krivis - Druid - Oracle build

My questions are:

  • Should I go Aukuras 15/Zaibas 5 or Aukuras 5/Zaibas 15? Without the AoE Attribute on Zaibas, still worth it?

  • How good (or bad) is Seed Bomb? Right now my druid doesn’t have Transform/Shapeshift/Seed Bomb. Instead she has Carnivory (I think) and I really enjoy the new attribute, but… Should I pick Seed Bomb instead?

I was hoping to get away from PD/Exorcist. I would love to try some hybrid build (probably dropping Krivis to take Paladin/Monk [without DP]/Zealot/Inquisitor or even Pardoner) but I need to reinstall my ToS first. :’)


Seed bomb is strong only if you have some synergy for it. Either taking Carnivory (this is playstyle defining) or by going Inquisitor and using pears of agony. This is a very strong combo and unlike Carnivory it doesn’t require you to kill monsters first, but yeah it only works with some builds.

Personally, I don’t like to take Zaibas at all in Krivis builds. Aukuras does benefit teammates and might be worth more overall than the weak filler that Zaibas offers, especially when you consider how many fast magic hits a druid can put out.


Thanks for the insight. Seems like Druid might not be for me though. I’m kind of interested in Krivis but it seems like I’d only be getting it for Divine Stigma and Zalcaiai? Idk if I want to get a class for just 2 skills but if the payout is worth it then I might. If it’s not too much I’d like some tips on Krivis

I was asking around in game earlier and the recommendations I got for a Zealot > Inqui > ?? (I’m sure about getting Inqui) was Plague Doctor, Paladin, Krivis, and that one statue class. Is there any reason I’d take Plague Doctor/Paladin over Krivis? I usually play with a friend of mine so it’s just the 2 of us but I’d solo like 30% of the time if that helps


Krivis is really an enabler for other builds rather than being a powerful class on its own right, yeah. It’s not general purpose like Oracle either, it really seems designed to appeal to crit oriented hybrid classes such as Zealot.

I’d say Zealot really gets the most benefit out of Krivis than any other class. Krivis has the ability to increase duration on all of Zealot’s important buffs, and has more critical damage and raw stats to add to Zealot.

As for Plague Doctor/Paladin, it has a niche but fun build based around the skill Sanctuary, and the fact that Pandemic can be used to spread Conviction, which is a rather nice debuff. Basically you can spread Conviction, put your long-lasting dots on the enemies, and then channel Conviction with high defensive gear to support your party and add no small amount of holy damage to their attacks, plus your own dots while they’re ticking. AKA ‘spray and pray’

I have a character specifically wearing the highest Magic resist armor I could find specifically for this build. It also comes with the defensive support bonuses of both paladin and plague doctor, is quite comfortable to play (not too many buttons to press so you can focus on support). and has a nice mix of damage, damage mitigation for you and your party, and healing over time.

if you do this build though, you won’t be using Paladin’s physical attacks much at all, besides Conviction, so it can be played with a rod and shield. Or you can run a 2H mace, but you’ll have to take points out of Restoration in order to put them into Sanctuary while still having your maxed out Barrier and Conviction.


Thinking about making Chap - Druid - Inquisitor but have a few questions.

  • Is Demi-Wolf auto attack effected by chaplain buffs? I remember that before Re:Build Diano didn’t work with it, and I just want to make sure Chap buffs do.

  • At first I thought about going Oracle over Druid, but changed my mind because I was worried about the number of damage skills I would have outside of auto attacking. Just really want to make sure I wouldn’t need any more damage skills.


Every time I make a build involving druid, I find it floods my skill bar with misc. skills. Trying to make a PD/Druid/Zealot I was comfortable with was very difficult because of this.

Oracle really has a lot less to focus on. You just have to keep your buffs up and hit Death Sentence on enemies and occasionally channel something.


Miko doesn’t really have any synergy of note aside of Dievdirby, so if you want to use it anyway just toss it wherever.

As for Chaplain + Exo, it’s oddly enough quite good since deploy Cappella does get an enhance.
But at the same time it locks you down to a 30s immobile area and doesn’t benefit party members much.
And I don’t I get much time to AA regardless though, but visible talent is nice vs bosses.

Oracle + exo is much simpler, and still as effective but more group friendly so I do really like that. But both are solid options tbh.


IMC are dunces, that’s why.
Credit to whoever posted this info elswhere, I forgot who it was.

Essentially Zemyna, Laima and Ausrine have the same range.
And Ausrine is coded so that as long the ausrine buff remains it will extend laima/zemyna into mobile versions.

But if you place them all at the same spot it’s a coin toss as to what debuff ends first when you leave the area.
To get proper use of it you need to space them apart and always put Ausrine closer to the side you want to exit out off.

Ergo, Laima + Zemyna to the left and Ausrine to the right = get mobile buffs if you leave at the right.

I haven’t tested it too much in regards to the atk cycle reduction, however, so I can’t speak on that.

I did notice that sp regen didn’t always show up properly, but it was making a difference when I had the buffs vs when I hadn’t.
Will try to test Zemyna/sp regen later when I have more time.

I find that Miko is entirely outpaced by Oracle atm, even for diev builds.

The rng buff is statistically insignificant while also only a self buff which has me puzzled. IMC simply didn’t bother to make miko worthwhile.

Kagura has more of an issue that its design is being outperformed by the rise of new simple +x% dmg debuffs like divine stigma and Death Sentence. It can’t compete with those unless it gets a rework…


I haven’t even looked much at the other scrolls, only arcane energy, barrier and resto seemed worthwhile to me.
Should be listed on the site though.

@linux.skywalker: Both are fine, but I prefer pd for the movespeed.

@paulstevens566: Most those options are all quite viable, I’d say wait for the daily reset to give you 3k reset points and then just try whatever you want.

@Halgenthaler: Aukuras is worthless atm, I’d just ignore it tbh.
And zaibas hits at least 5 enemies at default now per hit, so it’s quite good but it absolutely needs an electra necklace to get a decent sfr.

Seed bomb is ok, best to use it if you have several allies/minions around you at all times.
And even then its a matter of preference between carni, thorn and seedbomb.

And monk is rather rubbish atm so I’d stay away from it, or test it briefly for yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


  • I haven’t tested demi + last rites, but all the others work for demi lycan. The only exception I heard off was double punch.

  • Inquis + Chap has plenty of dmg skills for oracle imo. But druid is also fun.

I got no idea how the new crit dmg buffs are even calculated, see:


So I just recreated my sanctuary plague doctor and can confirm that Sanctuary does NOT benefit from Deploy Capella, so that potential synergy is out.

With that in mind, I’m not sure what to make of my last class for this combo. Maybe druid, but if I do that I’m going to end up with 3 druids…maybe priest, since the theme of this build is to try to add unholy amounts (heh) of holy damage to teammates attacks.


@Wurmheart: Thx for the advice


Also, I think the Hamaya + Entity combo that Miko and Exorcist has is a little underrated. It’s honestly a pretty nice little combo that you can do inbetween casts as an Exorcist, and Miko’s sweeping should work on Aqua Benedicta. I think Miko has some synergy with Exo for this reason. It’s an option if you just want another simple holy damage class to compliment Exorcist.


How does Kabba’s Gevura interact with Death Sentence? Does the damage increase in a geometric way or is it simply additive?(I doubt it is geometric, but I am asking just to be sure)
Is it worth investing 2 circle in Oracle and Kabba just to get this damage buff? (I am quite sure that there are better option)


Gevurah, Prophecy attribute, Death Sentence, Divine Stigma, Lycanthropy, Velnia Monkey Cards and Chapperition cards are all additive dmg increases at the moment.

Still need to test a few others dmg buffs, but It looks like it all got streamlined into the same category now.

And no kabba isn’t really worth it atm, Oracle is though.


IMO Kabba’s niche is for when you want a mixture of offense, healing and boosting with a magic circle that hits everything, flying mobs included.

There’s actually quite a few synergies I’ve bumped into where I thought “kabbalist would really fill this build out nicely” but ended up taking something else. Going to try Exo/Kabba/Miko maybe and see how that performs. Though I might end up going Exo/Miko/Diev instead


As someone who never really played Druid (nor played with anyone cuz at the time no one was leveling :'c) I don’t really understand how shapeshift works.
I heard that the buff given varies depending on the size(?) but what does it give exactly? Can I use shapeshift with Demi-Lycan or do I have to use only one of the two?
From what I read, with Re:Build, shapeshift is not worth taking anymore, could someone explain me why? (I am kind of attracted to the Idea of shapeshifting so if it still somewhat viable I’ll take it)

Ps: I really appreciate the time you guys give to answer newbie’s questions <3


That got removed, it’s now just +10% hp recovery, +10% evasion and +10% crit rate for any transformation or even lycanthropy forms.

You cannot use both Lycanthropy and transform/shapeshift at the same time.
So you cannot use demilycan for its 20% patk, 30% matk, 50% crit rate benefits and instead get the trash listed above.

It also only lasts 1m now and has a 2m cd. And considering well over 90% of transformations have useless skills that means it will have a 50% downtime.

Not to mention that you can only turn into normal rank enemies, which often have the least interesting skills. Oracle’s Change was even used to get rare unused mobs but even that skill got deleted.

And lastly, most enemy transform skills just suck. Though I haven’t tested them post re-build. The druid thread has a good but outdated list of them.

I’ve held on to hope for transform to be useful again for a very long time, but I’m pretty sure IMC just does not want to bother with it in the slightest. (they even promised to buff it, and did the opposite…)

Although in theory it might not be to bad for a pure lycan build, and their low sfrs might not be a big issue.
Regardless, to properly test transform again I’d need well over a week of time. Ergo not’s a huge priority for me.

EDIT: Transform got buffed at least somewhat since most enemy aoe’s are now 20s duration with a 20s cd. Ahklass Bishop (3 pillars of agony of roughly 40 hits x 100% sfr?), Blom (1 hamaya esque 300% sfr x 40 hits?) or Talo Wizard (1 magic circle aroundd 400% sfr x 40 hits that is randomly placed?)

I need to test more skills though, but still somewhat a low priority as I want to test a few more regular builds in detail first.


Also a minor update, but my earlier conviction bug report wasn’t wholly accurate.

It does boost the dmg of Divine Stigma, Zaibas, Immolation and Fanatic Illusion, but it does not boost Chortasmata and BDS.
So it looks more like the poison dmg boost from conviction isn’t working, but zealot and krivis are fine.


Very nice Thread thanks for the great work!
I just got back into the game, have more of a general question. Maybe someone can help.

I tried several builds for my cleric, right now i’m Priest/Oracle/PD but i think it’s wasted for what i do in the game.
Liked Druid/Oracle/PD abit more, my specific question would be if you can still join CM partys and stuff as healer without priest? People would need to stay in Chortasmata right? Would it be enough to count as a healer?

Priest Mass Heal alone feels very strong but in solo play and lower activitys the rank feels totally wasted.


Thank you guys for the tips!

Oh, is it worth to pick Kabbalist just for the +20% magic attack attribute? I mean, Nachash/Gevura/Tree of Sephiroth sounds good, but the +20% magic attack/+5 movespeed and chance to block attributes sounds more appealing. ._.