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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


What can be done about Sadhu, other than to not touch it under any circumstances?


Hi there,

I was thinking of Chaplain / Zealot / Oracle, focus on AA obviously with buffs from the 2 other class.

But I really don’t know if all the buff (Death Sentence, Divine Might, Empathic Trust Fanatism and Blind Faith + Arcane Energy shenanigans) are enough to compensate the loose of Inquisitor or Druid.
Or even if all buffs are working together…
The goal is to keep my Masinio Mace stuck on my main to do something with it :smiley:

Do you guyz see something fundamentaly wrong with it ?


@Wurmheart: Thanks for your suggestions.


That’s still going to be my nr 1 recommendation to leave sadhu alone, or somehow get it to IMC’s attention that it needs buffs yet again…

otherwise your closes “best” sadhu builds would be:

  • [Druid | PD | Sadhu] since druid + pd is essentially enough for a full build already but also has a ton of hits to scale TP off.

  • [ Exorcist | Sadhu | 1x amplifier or healer ] where you’d use exorcist to overcompensate for the dmg loss from sadhu, and try to grab whatever secondary role you’d favor. Ideally something like Druid, Priest or Oracle ofc.

And sadhu AA is still practically dead. There’s no worthwhile synergy (Aspergillum > OoB + Aspergillum) to build around and base dmg just isn’t that good either.

Keep in mind that zealot is rather squishy, as it can’t heal during fanaticism and immolation reduces health.
It should still be doable as a pure dmg builds with a bit of self-sustain, but you will want spr on gear to make heal worthwhile. (and grab the enhances for guardian saint and heal ofc.)

I’d take 1 out of last rites or binatio and max build capella.
I’d put 1 into immolation (for its +1k fire atk) and 1 into Blind Faith for the occasional +50% crit dmg debuff. Take them out of beady eyes imo.
Restting and Clairvoyance are rather crap imo, I’d rather have foretell 5 instead. But try to them out first then use your daily resets to change twice for a skill reset of sorts :stuck_out_tongue:


I kinda figured that’d be the case. Maybe someday IMC will remember Sadhu exists, they even forgot them on the patch notes for changes to the classes.


I have some questions regarding some build.

First of all which of the 2 builds offer more damage?
I am currently unable to check thoroughly cuz I don’t have enough of a high level. My main issue is whether Rubric damage outscale the damage buff given by druid(demi lycan, ecc…)+his combo with Incinerate and Chortasmata.

My second question would be in which order should I choose my advancements for a better leveling experience. Should I leave Oracle as last or Druid? Which of the 2 gives more utility to PD? (I have lv 20 for the third advancement so I can’t use lycan and henge, while if I was to leave Oracle as last I would be limited by Lv 5 Death sentence and Divine Might)

Third and last question. Is Kabba just unviable as of now? From what I understood his healings are overkill and most of his buffs pales to Oracle’s DS.

Ps: full lycan is quite strong, but his SP drain is quite heavy to use to grind, any tips?



  • If you use Koinonia, even partially then Exo deals way more dmg.
  • If you let Chortasmata convert enemies to plant type then Exorcist deals more dmg. (we’ll get an attribute to prevent that eventually)
  • If you fight flying enemies than Exo deals more dmg.
  • If you manage to bunker down and use Carnivory with a high spr stat vs an exo without Koinonia then Druid can deal more dmg. But this only for cm or other places where you can stand still and have a lot of enemies come to you.

Under none of those conditions (but with agni necklace) they should be almost identical.

PD is usually best to leave as last, as you’ll only delay the immunity buff and maxing its skill is not a huge priority. (but have modifinil early makes you run a lot faster though)
Druid is still quite good at early levels, but gets progressively much better.
Oracle only really comes together when you have at least 30 class ranks in it imo, as by then DS will start to scale properly.

Kabba is in a slightly better position than Sadhu.

Paladin | Oracle | x for the Death Sentence x Conviction explosions can work quite well with gevurah, but it gets fierce competition from Zealot’s Fanaticism. (has more dmg overall due to other skills, but is squishier)

There are also specific builds that can swap out Priest and put kabba in its place.
Like I"m currently doing on my PD+Druid build as I like having another AoE and a minor movespeed + max matk bonus.
But it offers very little all the same.

In terms of pure Lycan, you can’t do much about it to begin with.

  • Use Hengestone to prevent sp costs when it is active.
  • Use squire buffs for -5s on sp recovery time.
  • A diev can give minute long versions of zemyna to lower sp regen by another 5.
  • Get +sp recovery on gear.
  • Try to avoid +SP effects since it’s based on max sp pool, these will reduce how much your sp regen recovers.
  • Party up with someone who has sp recovery skills like Arcane Energy, Zemyna and I think alchemists had one?

That’s about it. Aside of using xp cards to trigger a level up recovery I guess…
Unless there’s a good way to severely lower your max sp, then sp regen could overtake it?


So how does the PD/Inquisitor combo work again? I tried using incinerate on the wheel after casting judgement but it doesn’t really seem to do anything noteworthy.


Friends, i’m searching for a Pardoner Build for one of my characters. Can anyone help me? I’m thinking of Pala/Priest/Pardoner, for some usability out of shop, but the goal is to be a shop and i dont have any idea of points distribution.


It was supposed to extend the range whenever breaking wheel was debuffed iirc, which was used to let wheel get a larger aoe and thus more killing blows to trigger the cd reduction more often.
But now that I’ve tested it I can’t see any benefit of that combo at all, could be bugged or more likely removed as hidden synergies aren’t much of a thing anymore.
But I could have sworn there was an early ktest video of it…

I’ll fix that in the op. Thanks.

for spell shop: just max spell shop.
for simony: Max and simony and whatever you want to scroll.

that’s all.


I’m doing Pardoner/Krivis/Oracle for a build that can stick two really nasty debuffs on a boss and then increase their duration.

This build also has the benefit of selling some scrolls, the most useful being Zalchaia.


Thanks friends. I really know nothing about Pardoner. And what scrolls he can do.


I would say the main combo is Judgement + Pandemic, to spread the devil archetype and +10% dmg


Also, if you intend your pardoner to do shop, then don’t worry too much about scrolls. Just make sure you pick classes that have the highest SPR growth.


Thoughts on Chapelain/Exo/Miko?
I’m not seeking the absolute build, just something decently effective with both exo and miko in there (yes i know miko is mediocre, a shame clap doesn’t work on cappella too). Was thinking of getting Oracle instead of chapelain (logically i’m sure it would be better to get it instead of Miko but that’s sadly not an option here) next because it seems op but that holy attribute damage on chapelain helps everything so i’m not convinced it might be for the best.


Synergy wise is alright, but will have some problems in skill rotations.

Rubric is on a low cooldown of 15secs. It will kind of compete with Chaplain’s Visible talent which demands the player to focus more on auto attacks. Moreover Miko’s gohei has a low cooldown of 8secs too.


I’m looking for something to do with my Exo/Miko as well. Thinking maybe Kabbalist could fill that final slot. It does have a holy magic circle and a bunch of buffs and heals you can otherwise forget about. Otherwise maybe Dievderbys. Diev may just make the exo/miko combo into a spamming machine.


Hello guys,

I have some problems regarding my Diev character. Before Rebuild she was a C3/Diev3/Miko/Exo 3 to help as much as she could in every compartment of the game (Sustain, CDR, DPS).

With the cleric changes, I found difficult to heal a whole group with just the new Heal (in mouse mode, it is a nightmare to select the right ally to heal…) and decided to discard the whole Exo package for Priest.
It is easier to manage the teammate with Mass Heal and Revive.

However I have some issues with Diev and in particular on Ausrine Statue. Here is the description

Carve a statue of Ausrine, Goddess of the Morning Star. The statue amplifies the stats of other statues installed nearby.

​Goddess Zemyna

  • The buff remains for 300 seconds even after moving away from the statue
    Goddess Laima
  • The buff remains for 300 seconds even after moving away from the statue
    Owl Sculpture
  • Shortens the damage cycle by 0.2 seconds

When using my Ausrine statue, only the CDR statue is giving me a 5min buff when leaving the statue range. Am I the only with this issue?

When using Ausrine statue near my Owl statues, the attack cycle decrease works only for few seconds. It is like the Owl statues become exhausted after a few sec :tired:. Could it be linked to Miko Clap extending Ausrine statue duration but not Ausrine statue effects? It is annoying because I can’t carve a new one when the old one still remains.

I also have a large issue with Zemyna statue, my SP costs aren’t reduced and SP regen never proc (even if I stay out of combat for years). Any ideas why?

How do you rate Miko? I found this class very lacking. Her buffs aren’t great (the new one is a real joke), her offensive skills are not strong (long animation and long cooldown) but at least Clap and Kagura are really useful (even if they change the dance to improve only magical attacks instead of melee ones).
Any combo that I’m missing besides the one with exo?

Thank you in advance


Guys, I know it’s probably been tested earlier in the thread, but what pardoner scrolls are available for creation from Krivis? I assume Zalchaia, but is Melstis, Daino, Aukuras and Zaibas available?

nvm, found the updated list, but it might be a good idea to include it somewhere in this guide for new players. The fact that we can ONLY create lv 15 scrolls now is a bit of a doozy. It makes committing to a scrolling build very prone to error.


Is better druid/PD/oracle or druid/exo/oracle you think? I test both but I would like an opinion. Now I’m druid/PD/oracle