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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


Something that I noticed is that clap no longer affects capella.


Nice timing, as I was just testing Miko+diev.

I find the +75s from Clap to be a bit of a mixed bag as extending owls that long is really nice, but you’ll also run into the “can’t place anymore message” when you try to be more mobile and clap left 2+min duration owls somewhere.
Map change fixes it ofc, but its still rather weird and clunky.

I need to do more tests on how much a 50hp owl can survive, but it is rather squishy and even an average elite+summons can easily tear one down. I don’t think the second build will see much action tbh…

On the plus side Priest should be able to keep statues alive in almost any situation.
heal:linger applies on mass heal, and both work on owls which means using mass heal recovers owls health for 10 times over 10s and only has a 15s cd…
And you still have Revive just in case.

The dmg and range on owls is a bit disappointing though…

On the flip side, I think Miko got upstaged by Oracle since Death Sentence does work on owls.
Though Miko will still be better vs bosses due to ds double penalty vs those.


Hey all, in Re: Build I’m thinking about maining one of my cleric and I wanted an opinion on the build I devised.

These are the ideas behind it.

  • Pandemic + Judgement + Empathic Trust to gain lots of dmg.
  • Immolation + God Smash for, I think, a -75% to Armor with GS.
  • BDS for Velnia.
  • No Fanatism for Healing Factor easiness, but max Beady Eyes to recover dps thorugh the +48% crit rate.

I hope I could manage both PVE and PVP with it, since I just want one char to play with.

My main doubt atm is to go for a Nepa set or stick to Agny though Incinerate, which will be the most boosted skill, is Magic and I’ll surely focus on Physical.

Thanks for any feedback!


I’d increase heal to 5 and smite to 3, esp since it’s your only self heal and smite is not that strong on its own.
1 point into Blind Faith for its +50% crit dmg attribute, it’s costly in terms of sp but well worth it vs bosses.
Rest seems fine skill level wise, MM is tempting but it lasts rather short anyway.

It should be strong enough even with losing fanaticism, though it’s still a very nice dmg buff to have so it feels like a missed opportunity…

It should be alright as a pve dmg wise though, and for pvp it has the speed and anti debuff protection you’d want at least. But best to ask others for ideas as well since PvP is not my forte.

And I’d go with Agny, crit rate shouldn’t be to hard to get if do have that 50/60% crit cap atm.


I forgot to update cleric after my first try yesterday :slight_smile:
Smite is absolutely underwhelming, I was thinking to just go Heal 5, Guardian Saint 5 (if it works with Healing Factor), Cure 1 and Fade 4.

I get your point about Blind Faith, but 50% of my sp on one skill is terrifying O_O

I didn’t knew about a crit cap. This is definitely bad for the build :confused: but good for the suggestions! As always you’re super kind!


Hi guys, i need some tips regarding which build would be better as a solo player.
Should i go with

Moreover, in which stat should I invest in? From what I read Int and Str shouldn’t be considered as most of the damage comes from the weapon (does Lycan AA scales with int?).


I like Oracle/Zealot together!

DS is realy op.
Foretell is nice as a emergency button with Fanatism/Immolation on.

I wonder if arcane energy recover the sp from Blind faith or did i understant it wrong?


it does work, its pretty crazy good. been playing with zealot/oracle/x combos and its pretty strong.


Both are fine tbh, just depends on what you prefer.
First is more mobile and has more healing.
Second is a mix of auto attacks and rubric + utility.

Int & Str are still good stats to invest in ofc, but a rather low priority. I would say try to prioritize it like this:

  • 1st: Weapon with decent enhance/anvil values, ideally decent rng gear prior to raiding.
  • 2nd: Armor of good lvl/rarity and ideally a few good stats, may need to trans/anvil a bit to get enough defenses.
  • 3rd: Try to get enough crit rate for you to reach the crit cap, wherever that may be, usually from 2x green gems (boots & gloves), maybe even hair accessories or necklaces/bracelets.
  • 4th: Cards if you can get a decent +x% dmg bonus or other key element that your build needs. (like AR, kd immunity or even cc.)
  • Rest: Try to snag upgrades with useful stats for your build whenever possible. Str>patk>dex>crit patk for physical builds, Int>matk>spr>crit matk for magical builds, both for hybrids, Spr for summoners, priests or healing. Sp regen and crit atk are always useful ofc. Get necklace/bracelet you can use and fill up with gems.
  • Situational: Cards, depends heavily on what you can afford & what your build is. Red are highest priority usually, the more often it can apply its bonus for your build the better. Some builds lack good red card options though.

And never overinvest in gear you’re about to replace soon ofc.

Testing Lycan AA:

  • demi: Nope.
  • full: Yep.

Other stuff I found:

  • Biteregina x Velnia Monkey works again for magic dmg skills. So huzzah.
  • Chapperition, as expected, does not work for Carve Owl… was maybe hoping for a small hidden synergy for old times sake but no ;/
  • Death Sentence is acting weird for me, sometimes casting and not debuffing anything and occasionally only debuffing a few enemies. I’d blame lag but it might have been more than that.
  • Target mechanic can affect party members in the same map regardless of distance, which is pretty neat I guess. But still weird.


Hey guys i thinking about inq/pala/kaba build but have problem with skill build ;c anyone wanna help me ?


I’d still say kabba is a bit weak atm, but here you go:

Took smite at 3 since conviction triples it dmg.
Tried to get as most as possible from conviction + demolition + nacash since you’re somewhat lacking dmg.
Rest is just mostly personal preference.
See the first 4 posts as well for additional info.


hey guys…any thoughts on this build :
any comment is much appreciated.


I agree T_T. Kabbalist need some buffs to present itself as a good alternative choice for a class slot in cleric builds, it feels lacking.

A bit of mistake in the simulator. Gevurah is a tier3 skill, max is 5 points with +100% damage only. So we have 5 more points to play with.

Sad that due to the aura bug Merkabah can only be used at lv1.


So what can be good to swap that kabba for inq/pala build?


I’m curious if anyone has tried out Fanatism and Engkrateia interaction, is it possible to cheat death that way or nah?


If you want to act as a main healer with all the bells and whistles: Priest.
If you want more dmg and utility: Oracle or Plague Doctor
If you want more dmg some good self buffs: Druid.


Fanatiscm: Martyr will just kill you regardless.


which weapon is preferable: one or two handed? i have two clerics one is magic type other physical. was wondering if single weapon could fit both.


I recommend 1 handed Asio Mace. The doll is too good to give up imo.


I test a build druid/exo/oracle and it work really good. Good damage, good support. The only thing I don’t like, is new carnivory. I preferred old version. I noticed that the monsters in portals, are more strong and chortasmata don’t heal nice than before. Did you noticed it too?


Weapon hierarchy list for clerics would be something like:

Dievdirby or Druid Carnivory builds: Either a rng high spr 2hand hammer or Asio Rod + rng spr shield.
Support heavy or spell shop builds: Asio or Masinios rod + spr shield.
Inquisitor focus: Ideally Asio Mace + shield or a good rng 2h hammer. Second best would be 1h hammer+shield or sword+shield if you got no magic dmg skills.
Magic only cleric: Ideally Asio Mace + shield, otherwise grab a rod + shield.
Everything else: Ideally Asio mace + shield, otherwise 2h hammmer or 1h mace + shield.

Ergo, unless you have a spr focus an Asio Mace should be ideal for pretty much every cleric.
Though Inquisitor should still be quite good with a 2handed hammer as it can use the +10% strike dmg attribute and relies a bit more on heavy dmg hits from god smash + breastripper.
Monk may be able to use an asio sword to great effect, but eh its monk.


I kind of the like the idea behind the new carnivory, but its implementation is horrible.
Short range, 20s duration and requires kills via chortasmata to even work? far to restrictive.

Chortasmata still heals quite nicely, its just that it doesn’t last for 20s+ with ease anymore.
That and it now heals via your healing stat, and no longer scales off Con. So if you want it to be better get more spr.