Tree of Savior

An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


Little investment doesn’t mean 0 investment man lol
Having some basic 350/380 primus (regardless of stats, ideally 1-2 green on spr/con) on top of a primus shield/better shield, will net you enough defense to not die in Velcoffer, no transcend needed. My kabbalist has no blue cards and some +7+8 primus 350 cloth (with spr and con) and I never ever get close to dying, and I heal a ■■■■ ton with 400+ spr and I have 400 con as well.

These basic gears will cost you anywhere from 10-30m but that’s really nothing tbh, a single +16 weapon will easily cost you more than 100m+ atm in my server.

I do agree that being the healer inside Velcoffer isn’t easy. But this is end game content, and it’s part of the player’s responsibility to learn how to deal with it.


Can it solo CM? Assume low ping with high end gear.



SPR zealot can solo CM up to stage 5-6 (def ignore of blind fate)
I don’t sure about dex/str zealot


DEX Zealots can do it after QUITE a bit of investment, though I’ll rather do it in a party, less taxing. Not sure about STR Zealots though.


Do tell us more about your DIEV2 build please.


I did solo cm @ Sausys9 and Ephe Coast before but I haven’t tried it on the new maps yet. But if you put down a Squire Camp I’m pretty sure you can atleast up to cm5. (Zealots are really strong haha)

Hmm, It can practically do any content with ease esp when you have high-end gear. Although it does need a bit of setup because of druid statues, but a -20% cd reduc & -SP + Regen is WORTH IT.

Here are some other points I guess:
• You can do strong DPS on any cm, raids and dungeon.
• You can use it as a RUNNER because of druids rabbit transform. (I use this on catacombs mission currently for the moon event :wink: )
• Easy to manage resources because you have your HEALS and SP Statue.
• -CD Statue (Laima) is just great.
• Warp Statue (Vakarine) is such an amazing skill to have. Trust me hahah
• You can use Owl Statues to just turtle in the corner if you want to. It does decent damage because of full SPR and good weapon, esp when you want to solo.(For CMs and Uphill)
• Sterea Troph + Safety Zone as safety nets when you use Fanaticism.
• Monk for DP and two-hand mastery.
• Transform for +200 Crit rate/ +% Def/mdef + 75% HP. (Large beast or plant)

Its just an efficient and fun build for me and my kind of playstyle.


How is your stage 5 CM clear time in solo STT?


Probably going to switch to Cleric Tree during Re:Build, since it literally guts my Wizard build (3 of my classes are being moved to scout…)

Can someone recommend me what Clerics would work best in Re:Build with a +15 Heart of Glory and +15 Emengard Shield?

I have played since early access, but only ever played one class. So I don’t know the specifics of Clerics, besides Bokors (which are being moved to Wiz)


Fear not, cleric is the second easiest class to learn after wiz…

From what you mention you had a Supportive wizard so Is normal to wish for supportive cleric, but if you want a feel of what you already had on wiz…

you can also click on itos and change to ktest and make a RE-build to know how it will look in the future and/or what changes…

If you want a new flavor we need to know more about what you like and how you like it :wink:


It’s still too early to say for certain, as I haven’t seen all combo’s tested yet and IMC could still push out more changes.

But if you do want to use a rod, you’re stuck with a Spr or Spr+Int archetype.
Which basically leaves you with a list like this, and keep in mind that this is still quite premature,:

  • Some kind of full healer focus, though they seem to be overkill in the current state so that’s probably not a good pick. But it would be something like Cleric/Priest +Kabbalist/Paladin and 1 free rank if you do want to go that route.

  • A carve owl focus build, aka diev+miko, but I need to see further tests on how the owls 50 hp stands up and whether that’s still a combo worth investing in. (certain bosses/mobs would likely just kill them to fast ruining the point) If it needs healing it’ll likely turn into a diev+miko+priest (or kabba instead of priest).

  • A simple spellshop build, aka priest, pardoner and Oracle should be a good pick atm. But you can ditch oracle (but lose 1 skill lvl) and opt in for something with more dmg instead.

  • Or a generic spellcaster focus, which means you want enough dmg to kill with. Exorcist can basically grab any two other ranks, but Druid/PD/Krivis will likely work best with an additional matk dmg class.
    Miko/Kabba/Sadhu have some of the lowest dmg atm, but they can work as filler.