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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


I tested many Zealot builds, and my conclusion is you have to go for a two handed weapon or you lack damage.

Now with the addition of Exorcist, the 2nd build you mentioned works way better with Exorcist and you can just use a rod and focus 100% on magical damage. 1 handed mace is pretty lackluster on it’s own unless it’s a highly enhanced Masinios mace, which would still work better with Exorcist instead of Zealot.

If you have good pings, you should go for the standard monk 3 build. There’s very little other builds that can compete with this imo

C1>Krivis3>Monk3>Zealot 3

Krivis 3 is essential for any Zealot focused build because of Fanatic Illusion. Zealot alone lacks consistent single damage and lv15 double punch solves that problem. However, this build is very ping dependent and I wish the connection to the NA server isn’t so horrible.

Emphatic Trust is such a ridiculously strong skill. It has a really high modifier (with a damage attribute), it can crit, it has a relatively short CD, it’s AOE with a hit count AND it’s freaking Holy property.

You should focus on Blind faith + bead eye + Emphatic Trust + Immolation and see things melt (Velcoffer especially)

I have tried C1 K3 Druid 3 Zealot 2 and lycan does not in anyway compensate the lost of Emphatic Trust, or the simple fact that you have 5 more ranks on Fanatic Illusion/Fanaticism.

EDIT: The C1K3Monk3Zealot3 build is not for everyone, but people with good investment, good pings, and want to be end game DPS.


hybrid build full SPR zealot is another option
cleric krivis3 x druid2 zealot3
it’s jack of all trade
u do great damage to WB, Velcoffer with blind fate
good critical damage with zalciai
good heal
good HP and def with transform
it’s not the best but it’s really good in many ways


Sorry, but your advice is rubbish and is more likely to mislead than to help. Don’t do that.

  • You don’t need 2handed weapons, but they are a nice dmg boost.
  • There’s a decent case to be made for monk1, but not for monk2-3.
  • The build you’re suggesting is also incredibly squishy and solely focused on dps, druid is generally taken for it’s mix of dmg, invuln, healing and minor stat boosts. It’s not the default pure dmg build anyhow.
  • The druid variants will always prioritize zealot3 over druid3, so that’s a lousy comparison.

A better option would be cleric2/kriv3/monk1/1kabba1/zealot3 if you don’t want to spend too much money on sp potions. Otherwise, replace kabba1.

And can you at least try to be original? I was tired of the monk meme posters before you even started.


1h-maces are still quite good, 2h-maces aren’t so OP that they completely overshadow 1h-maces.

Krivis3 Monk3 Zealot3 is top tier damage compared to other Zealot builds, but huge investments (like any other DPS builds wanting to DPS carry in endgame parties) are needed to reach that. Too many conditions and certain drawbacks (ping-reliant, and the lack of heals, utility and support sacrificed for the damage, mainly) make it an option only usable to certain players, thus making other Zealot options better for others. Simply put, Krivis3 Monk3 Zealot3 is not for everyone, and the build should be recommended in uh, sheer moderation?

Just my opinion, unless you’re going high DEX, I wouldn’t bother even taking a circle in Monk (unless the choice is for 2h-mace or knockdown CC). If you’re going high DEX, I see little point in Cleric 2 (won’t be healing anyone reliably unless you get enough SPR and CON from armor to heal yourself).

The monk hate lel :sob:


This response of yours fits the rubbish description more tbh

Did you see what you just respond? Sure you don’t need a higher damage weapon if you don’t want more damage…? I don’t know how to respond to this logic.

Ya you can have better utility by holding other things. I think a Zealot needs to kill things as fast as possible so I would always opt in for better dps.

I never said monk 1 isn’t viable. But in terms of actual consistent DPS a monk 1 Zealot variant will never surpass a monk 3 Zealot. Feel free to throw me actual numbers instead of blank insults.

  • “Squishy” … If you are geared, this isn’t the case. If you run standard PVE content there’s nothing in this game that can kill you, velcoffer included. Again I never suggested the build for PVP. For PVE all you need to do is kill things fast.

  • I never denied druid is good, but If you take druid 2/3, you are better off with Exorcist as you can focus 100% on magical damage and use a rod instead of a 1 handed mace. You can also keep all the utility you mentioned while still pumping great damage. That’s my opinion.

  • All other things you mentioned are “utility”. Do you care about heal/invuln as a DPS? Should you be doing all that if you are an archer/swordsman? My opinion is Zealot should be a DPS focused character.

  • Keep in mind I DID mention that if you have good pings this is a build I’d recommend. If you don’t, I wouldn’t even bother taking monk in the build.


Tried this, you are essentially comparing utility + double punch lv 5 versus double punch lv15 (yes I am aware that you can divine might your fanaticism/fanatic illusion), two more mediocre physical attack skills to put in your rotation (let’s just say all other monk skills are not worth it). SP pot is also used to proc Glassmole which is awesome damage boost. I personally use the purple SP pot efficiency card and SP was never a problem for me (I do use blindfaith on CD when doing velcoffer)

With all that said, the dps difference is just huge if you pump out 2-5+ double punch every second and you have high physical damage/crit rate to being with.

Since when is TOS about being original now?


I agree about everything you said here. I did mention you need good pings and NA server is horrible for a lot of people. I also have a lot to rant about not having a good solution of literally spam pressing the same button 500 times everytime I run velcoffer lmao …

We used not to have Exorcist and Zealot was at a sort of weird place where you were forced to go utility + some magical damage + spr damage + physical damage. I just thought that now we have Exorcist, people who like to be more well-rounded can go with Exorcist.

Whereas Zealot can be treated as an actual end game DPS.

I agree it’s not for everyone.


Druid - Exorcist never made sense to me, I don’t get why you would roll a DPS class and then pick Druid and purposefully raise all the mdef of everything in grass

Druid seems to fit better with physical variants like zealot since grass lowers their physical defense.


Yeah, Krivis3 Monk3 Zealot3 simply needs too much for the build to really be recommended to most casual people. Low ping is a must, armor with good defense/magic defenses and multiple stats is essential to offset the build’s drawbacks, critical rate on equipment is needed, has a sheer lack of heals until the build has enough SPR and CON, needs a certain amount of combo-ing to get optimized damage, and is extremely heavy on the keyboard spamming.

The build is extremely DPS-centered with some physical DPS support, and players who make clerics usually prefer well-rounded, jack-of-all-trade builds with good heals and support that characterizes what a cleric should be, and that can do everything with little drawbacks. The build also requires huge investment to start seeing definite results (tbh its just the same amount of investment needed for any DPS carrying their team in endgame content, hard-carry DPS always requires more investments in compared to Full Support/Hybrid Support/Hybrid DPS builds), and is not appealing to most players who prefer a cheaper, easier build like SPR Zealots going for a hybrid DPS that can support a bit and do some damage by relying on Blind Faith.

All in all, Krivis3 Monk3 Zealot3 is simply not a casual-friendly and cheap build I would simply recommend to anyone unless they know what they are getting into. It is the best DPS that the cleric tree has to offer, but the damage comes with many sacrifices and drawbacks (to the point it is even arguable to call Krivis3 Monk3 Zealot3 a “cleric”) for the normal player to worry about. There is a reason why the build, however strong it is, is also one of the most unpopular cleric builds out there. (Saying this as a Krivis3 Monk3 Zealot3 main :joy: ).


Druid doesn’t make any more sense with Zealot than it does with Exorcist IMO. There are a lot of synergies between Druid and the common Exorcist buildup

  • Akuras’s Goddess of Fire works on all Druid’s +Exorcist skills.

  • If you choose Bokor 3 instead of Krivis 3, Hexing also works with Druid’s skills. For gears you can also just simply do Chapp cards + pure magical damage gears.

  • If you go Priest you can go Chap and have that entity hidden interaction. Not a big deal but it works together.

  • Yes it raises the MDEF, but you can focus 100% on magical damage.

When you are Zealot you can’t heal from the grass most of the time, and your damage is spread across magical and physical. You will most likely have 3-4 ranks of purely physical damage and 2-6 ranks of magical damage. Yes it’s not a big deal but your character is going to be spreading quite thin on everything. Your magical damage doesn’t crit so your critical bonus from blindfaith/bead eye has no effect.

I agree to some extent that Druid is weird with Exorcist as I think the grass turns everything into plant type and Rubric doesn’t tick twice for that? Yet I would still prefer Exorcist over Zealot for a Druid 2. It’s also one of the most, if not the most popular paired together cleric classes on TOS top 100.

That’s a little too generalizing. “Jack of all trades” is ok, but definitely not what everyone wants from a cleric. In an ideal velcoffer team setup, would you take a full DPS zealot or a “hybird support zealot”? How exactly can a “hybird support zealot” support the team other than casting heal tiles/divine might? Do we really need a zealot to restore someone else’s SP? By becoming a zealot you should be well aware that your whole kit is about sacrificing to pump highly effective & fast damage. Immolation burns your own HP and armor, fanatic illusion burns your own SP, fanaticism literally stops you from healing and blindfaith takes up half your SP pool. Sacrificial and drawback is part of what being a zealot mean. When you cast that lv15 fanaticism, you should be doing as much damage as you can instead of worrying about other utility.

In terms of SPR zealots, IMO SPR zealots will only be viable the day Blindfaith removes it’s hits restriction. I am sure there are some extreme setup that gets a zealot to have super crazy high SP and have very strong blindfaith burst. Yet I doubt it would out damage a STR/DEX monk3 zealot 3 with good pings, with the same amount of support.

Also in terms of “high investment”, it really isn’t that bad, and I would word it differently by saying the build simply has higher ceilings. If your build can utilize all 5 stats pretty effectively instead of 2 stats, chances are you can do more than the build that uses 2 stats, IMO.

If you want a cheap effective cleric build that requires very little investment and you want to make an impact, you might as well just build a kabbalist and become a full healer, I’m sure you can find a velcoffer team that way. Or become a meme chap before the nerf and do as much CM as you can to build up your wealth…:joy:


Summary at high-end gears zealot

  • DPS: monk3 zealot3
  • HP Def: any Druid zealot
  • Healing: SPR zealot

PS. Fanaticism make druid zealot available, 80% damage increase for druid skill in zealot build greater than full int druid skill in exorcist build


At least, for the general player, that’s what they would expect from a Cleric, being that kind of safe pick that can do damage while healing themselves.

I’m of the belief that a player in a party should be maximising their build for the purpose that they are brought to the party. In that context, a zealot offers strong damage buffs and Blind Faith Critical Attack support, and a hybrid support/dps zealot simply is considered when a party cannot find a full support, or has all things covered and is willing to take any build in, or is simply there to upkeep Blind Faith debuff as long as possible (aka not attacking as much). I’ll rather be making a build to maximise zealot’s usage of buffs and its hard carry DPS role instead of going zealot and spending the rest of my build towards alleviating all the drawbacks of the final 3 classes, when in a party, I will likely have a second full support to take care of that for me (yeah support zealot is not really enough unless your party is very well geared). Such alternative build options at that point simply is overkill and only worth in a build meant for solo play. Of course, that means I limit my build from being able to fulfil other roles, but then again in a party I only need to fulfil 1 role, and the game isn’t that hardcore that players need to fulfil more than 1 role. Once players get to endgame, they will probably have joined a guild and/or made static parties anyways.

Haha yeah that’s true with SPR zealots. Blind Faith damage is strong, but it’s not endgame DPS carry strong. After a certain amount of gear investing, SPR zealots lose out in damage (unless its a Diev3 Zealot or something that can make use of that SPR with carve owl to somehow compete). The ceiling for investing is indeed higher, but then again any DPS is expected to gear that much, while a full support or hybrid support can lay back more.

I feel like SPR zealots only exist because IMC still hasn’t figured out the bumps on balancing Blind Faith. Once that happens, I’ll be there to watch them all rank reset away haha.


SPR zealot is endgame DPS carry but may be not equal to dex monk/zealot with good ping
In Thai server I’m always in top ten of Bernice dungeon with only primus gear (SPR zealot), equal to druid/exo in my guild


I have to disagree with the _“SPR Zealot as not and endgame DPS” thing. I have my own SPR Druid2-Zealot3 and I fight on par with Ranger-Mergens/ Dragoon/ Doppels/ Warlocks/ FFs with the same level of equipment that I have, as top DPS (Velcoffer Raid). I wear a +16 Trans 10 2 hand weapon btw.

I have tested a lot of Zealot builds, esp Monk-Zealot, Kriv3 variants, Paladin, and it landed me to my current build- Diev2-Monk-Druid2-Zeal3, Full SPR, and its amazing. I have everything from heals/buffs/Invulnerabilities + truck ton of DPS. Diev made way for me to spam Blind Faith as much as I can, thus becoming top1 dps.

and Druid is just too good for both Physical/Magical DPS right now. Having 200 critrate w/ 75% more HP + Healing and DOT Grass + 10-15sec Invul + more DOT Damage is something i can’t live without as a DPS cleric.

And I have 5 Clerics on my roster, 4 DPS + 1 SUPPORT (ALL can be HEALERS). All of my DPS have druids in them because its just too good, and I run all of them at Velco Raid easily.


diev2!!? really interesting build
I’vs tested cleric2, diev1, bokor, krivis, miko, kaba, druid for spr zealot but never tried diev2
In your opinion, is it better than krivis?


I was a Kriv3-Monk-Zealot3 before I resetted man. And that was a really strong build. But its hard for me to use it in Velco Raid. I can’t use Fanaticism + Melstis (W/c what makes Zealot3 a TOP DPS) because 30 sec of no healing is a death wish on end game content (Velco, CM6-7).

So, I decided to remove Krivis entirely and try Cleric2-Diev2. Diev to gives me -20% CD, and lvl 10 Zemyna reduces my Double Punch consumption to 1 SP, so I can spam it as long as I want, not to mention the SP recovery it gives too, combined with Squire buffs easily recovering the Blind Faith Sp consumption very quick. And this all worked for your party mates as well making your team a whole lot stronger. With this build i was able to maximize Fanaticism as well with only 15sec duration without the fear of dying. (Dead DPS is no DPS, as they say haha)

So to answer your question, Diev is better than Krivis because of my playstyle.

PS. Krivis3-Monk3-Zeal3 just eats and manage too much resources for me (SP+HP+ ton of skill rotations) so yeah.


yeah fanaticism in Velcoffer is really risky, but i want to maximize it to keep me in top ten of Bernice dun (for sp regen of dimensional buff) and I hate DP spaming so i choose cle2 krivis3 druid2 zealot, and it’s really fun for me
Thank you for your reply in Diev2 aspect, it 's great combo for DP!!


Yeah, I did point out that Diev Zealot has a place for SPR Zealot as a damage build. Also, its a bit unfair to make that argument while using a +16 Trans-10 2h-weapon, since damage in the end is ultimately decided by your weapon. Druid is indeed very strong at the moment (maybe too strong for a rank 6 class), and Diev-Druid Zealot is a viable option (though sadly Diev Plant Passive attribute does not work on Zealot skills). I’m curious if you still spam Double Punch on that build since only Druid Lycan skills and Monk skills would benefit from Diev Plant Passive attribute, and Double Punch at lvl 5 is weaker than Auto Attacking with a lack of DEX investment.

Crit rate from gear is more than enough as far as crit rate is concerned (along with Zalciai and Beady Eyed spam), but additional crit rate from Druid is very nice to have. I’m curious if you use Full Lycan, Half Lycan, or Transform as your transformation?

Krivis3-Monk3-Zealot3 does have a nuanced and quirky playstyle with Double Punch spam and being mostly under Fanaticism, so I understand where you’re going with ignoring Krivis (not like Krivis is a MUST in a Zealot build). The build is very extreme, thus the reason why I can’t and don’t recommend it to people so easily since thick damage numbers is not all there is to a skill build. It all comes back to having proper equipment, really. I have a good enough set-up to take hits and CC with Monk skills, but most other zealots probably don’t have that since they can rely on invulnerability and heals instead. I don’t think recovering SP is an issue to any Zealot really, since the amount of SP gained from SP pots scale from SPR. I play with a static party in Velcoffer, and the support needed is already covered by my party, so I can simply optimize myself for the DPS needed. In a party consisting of random players, I do admit hybrid Zealots have better uses if things go wrong (better safety net on top of DPS).

I’m not trying to say that Krivis3-Monk3-Zealot3 is the meta that every DPS should be going for, since I know its nuances (heck, Krivis3-Monk3-Zealot3 is in a very interesting position in the game where it is a meta that people actually avoid due to the numerous drawbacks the build has). Nothing wrong with going SPR Zealot, especially Diev Zealot, since in the end, ANY build can become viable for damage with enough investment in equipment. :grin:

EDIT: Should be noted that the DPS ranking thing on velcoffer is always screwed up, not a great indicator of top damage. Also, when I said not endgame DPS, I was referring to the usage of Blind Faith alone as main DPS.


With little investment you won’t find a Velcoffer team, no matter the Class, because you will die on random damage jumps and invisible pools on the ground.
Even if you have 500K+ HP you can die quite easily without 8k+ defence, so you need huge investments before you can Velcoffer. Of course there are exceptions, but in most of these cases you are getting carried rather than being a useful teammate.

Being a Cleric inside Velcoffer isn’t easy, especially if others expect you to throw Heals around because they don’t want to spend money on elixirs/Aukuras Scrolls…

I blame IMC for unfair defence reduction/ignorance capabilities along the Classes.
While Deprotected Zone is really potent for Zealot&Inquisitor,
it’s not very useful against enemies that move around every now and then.
Meanwhile, Musketeer C3 gets 50% armor reduction just by autoattacking during Snipers Serenity.


My argument is that I play on par with other classes with the same weapon (+16 Trans10). I know because I usually check my team mates’ equipment hahah. Because of the fact that maces have the weakest Attack value, we DPS clerics must rely on perfect class combos, synergy, and REALLY good equipment to be on par with other classes (ranger-mergs/ ele-locks/ FFs/ Dragoons).

DP is my filler damage, whenever im not casting anything I use DP, and I can say with confidence that my DP is stronger than my AA by a mile (My AAs 20k, my DP is 2-3x that), because of fanaticism, diev plant etc. and it combos perfectly with Blind faiths increase crit damage buff too.

Yes, I do use Transform ALL THE TIME. Because again. its just damn good haha.

For the Kriv3-Monk3-Zeal3 comment, I agree with you on this one, some people like me can’t really play that build well enough to be a considered a good DPS, even with my equipment. But as a Blind Fiath spammer, SP is really important. I’m the kind of player that does not want to use 2-3 different SP pots just to fill my bar and use half of it again and again, so I build for resource practicality as well. With my build I only use 1 SP pot and i’m good to go.

True, any build is viable with the right equipment and in the right hands. I play with randoms on all my runs now so I can’t rely too much on my team mates. So yeah.

OH and with regards with Velco DPS rankings, oh I know how sometimes its broken, but I also know when its not.



Good to know Double Punch is still helping your build even with the lack of Attack Speed and levels (always been curious on builds that only take Monk C1 instead of other options).

Hope you can find a static party soon, I have so much fun with my build when a Linker passes everyone’s stats around, and I boost the buff further with Melstis for full uptime. Feels nice to be a full SPR-STR-DEX-CON Zealot every time, and have such a party set-up always at every run.