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Encountered that, quite sure it is damage transition bug. I use my bokordoc and sometime my heal tiles damage spike to 100k (from 10k). Bad news is mobs can proc that too. I got hit by low level ginklas boss in Bernice for 45k single hit, instant death. I’m still can’t figure out how to proc it yet but it really happen.


Yeah, now that you mentioned it, it might be that case. There are times where I just suddenly die to a huge spike in damage. At least this keeps me on my toes playing to watch out for these spikes.

Perhaps IMC is testing some kind of “lucky hit” mechanic where players and monsters can score some kind of “heavy critical” where it hits for bonus damage?

It is much easier to proc this bug with merkabah and skills due to the sheer number of hits involved. Currently the highest recorded “bug proc hit” I’ve got is around 480k.

Nope, it was as before, 10% of damage dealt as a separate hit. Just that there is some weird spike in damage which I can’t really find the cause to that make the merkabah + multi hit spell combo really damaging.

Yes it does affect magic attacks, it’s the core of my Cleric2/Krivis3/Druid1/Kabba3/Inq1 build.


Hopefully not. Not on the live server, at least. But it’s IMC we’re talking about.


Just wanna show my final build. Nothing to see here.

A Kabbalist that dabbles in dark magic. -18.5% magic defense reduction (ideally. if only Resist Elements’ CD weren’t that long geez).

I freaking love the details IMC gave to skills such as Nahash :snake:.

I wasn’t aware—I mean, is that staff of Moses?? I remember his staff changed into a giant ass serpent during his showdown with Pharaoh’s wizards, devouring all their pathetic little snakes.


Could it be some sort of combo system? Looks like your damage got progressively higher as time elapsed. Does it still happen without Merkabah?


( Since there is no a real “Zealot Thread” i’ll post it here )

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Looking for a summoner build that can work with new legendary Froster Lord and summoner accesories. Is it possible to build bokor paladin that takes and reflects all damage from zombies?


Nope, Barrier Devotion doesn’t work on minions.

And I haven’t tested or seen the new minion equips in action, but bokor3 + usual spr fillers should still work to some degree.


I asked on other thread, but It’s more appropriate to ask here, I think. I know very little about zealot and I’m rebuilding my meme chaplain (because of inq nerf). Which Zealot build do you think its better to run CM5 and maybe Velcoff? I think the optimals options are:

C2>Krivis3>Druid2>Zealot3 - Tested this one, but not entirely satisfied

I’m really confused and only have 1 reset now :disappointed_relieved:


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I still am not sure what exactly they nerfed about inq, flame aoe and duration or something?

Krivis3 is used solely for fanatic illusion, and zealot1 is to weak on it’s own. Essentially you have 4 very sub par ranks, so definitely not that one.

I’ll likely be a bit biased as that is one of my fav builds, but it is tricky to get used to.
It’s got plenty of AoE dmg though, but single target and survivability has me more worried. It’s decent enough though, so probably the best out of the three.

Any diev3/miko will run into the old issue of having to bunker down for at least 50s (less with laima ofc) before your dps really starts to get going. And then it only points at one direction to boot, so placement is crucial.

For challenge mode that’s absolutely no issue though, and blind faith will help dispatch bosses with ease.
For velcoffer I fear it’s not mobile enough for most chunks of it, though blind faith should still be good.


Only 3 flames spawn at the same time and it only hits 5 mobs per time.

The idea behind this build is kinda to be the new “meme AA build”. So, Krivis would be helpful to use Daino. Nekorin did a vid about it: (no enhance/trans)

How about changing C2 to something like paladin, to be able to use 2hand mace? Or would this be too suicidal?


So I was thinking what to do with my meme aa chap inqui since its going to get really nerfed, and I thought of this build, though I’m a bit worried about healing.
I haven’t tested the build, but the key is using Reaper to lower Wheel’s CD, and give as much as Aoe damage as possible through skill and AA (boosted by daino and elemental ppty damage from equipment).
Diev is to lower every cd from Inqui, hoping Chortasmata keep you healing through CM, if not, pot, and statues generate agro as well.


It won’t be, neko builds are hardly ever meta because he’s obsessed with niche and frankly underperforming build variants.
They can work of course, but need far better gear than your average build.

But to be more specific that build should have considerably lower single target dmg, while wasting arguably 2 ranks on now poor options. (Inqui1/Zealot1)
Druid does enhance it’s AoE, but that’s about all it has going for it.

In general, I’m not quite sure what to do with AA builds with r10 and that change. Inquis flames might have been op, but only a few specific builds were able to use that to perform well instead of merely sub-par.
I’ll be more specific:

Priest side:

  • Aspergillum has a 515% theoretical matk skill factor (with enhance ofc) and a bonus hit from last rites for a cost of 4 ranks. (and 100% patk btw but I’ll ignore it for an easier comparison)
  • You gain exorcise and Magnus Exorcism as bonus matk scaling aoe’s. (Not that good tbh.)

Krivis side:

  • Daino has a simple 2x 100% matk skill factor and +150 atk speed for a cost of 3 ranks.
  • Aukuras adds 858+ (int/spr scaling ontop) as bonus properly fire atk to all matk hits. 2/3rd or 100% upkeep without/with attribute toggling.
  • You gain Zaibas and Divine stigma as matk scalers. (Daino eliminates zalciai sadly, zaibas is horrible dmg without stormcalling and DS is merely alright.)

Supplementary side:

  • Druid3’s Lycanthropy adds +27% matk on its own (75% uptime x +36% dmg) or +33.75% (93,75% uptime x +36%) with diev1.
  • Zealot’s Fanaticism adds +15% / +27.5% / +40% on average at zealot1/2/3 assuming no melstis. With melstis 75% upkeep that becomes +22.5% / +41.25% / +60%.
  • Zealot’s Immolate: Additional fire attack adds +1k fire property attack for 20s? per use of incin. For an ideal uptime of 2/3rd uptime. aka +666 fire atk per hit.
  • Inquisitor1’s MM adds 30/36% of your oponents matk per hit with a 10s duration and 28s cd. This can be amazing vs some bosses like velcoffer but generally is a bit lackluster.
  • Transmit Prana adds 65%-68% of your minatk as psycho property attack to magical hits. (needs daino/aspergillum to work on AA.) and has a 75% upkeep or 93.75% with diev1’s laima.

Few issues with all that:

  • Elemental property dmg ignores dmg boosts like demi-lycan and Fanaticism.
  • Chaplain is still considerably stronger than krivis, but krivis still works well on a zealot3 build.
  • Zealot3 however still benefits from more from str/spr investments, while most of kriv/chap doesn’t.
  • Bonus dmg / Property dmg can’t benefit properly from the increase of weapon atk, aside from TP ofc.
  • But Transmit Prana requires 3 ranks and will prevent most decent combos due to that.
  • Druids and Zealots will deal more dmg with their skills still, which are much easier to build around.
  • Inquisitor 1 is still nice if you can slot it in, but comes at a terrible rank spot.

So you’d end up with spellcaster builds with a bit off AA on the side, which usually comes at a sacrifice of utility/other ranks that I cannot justify…


I’d ditch krivis3 on such a build tbh.
Zaibas will barely deal any dmg, melstis won’t extend anything import, arguably better to go str to help out inquisitor and aukuras only affects matk dmg.


@Wurmheart Thing is, Chaplain needs 4 ranks, Krivis only 3, and you need Diev to lower CD. Zaibas does a nice burst, at least all the times I did CM at Sausys, and with Pardo buffs, it ignores some mdef. Daino gives you attack speed and no miss, and extra line that can (not sure) process more lines and interact with Frieno Set, and Masi Mace effect, that ignores mdef.
Aukuras is just to make agro, that little elemental boost is low to be honest.


I agree.

@hei_1 the cleric1>krivis3>diev1>druid3>inq1>zealot1 build is sort of like a test build which I’ve tried in ktest for an AA based awoo build. It wouldn’t be meta/meme AA for sure (i’m not even claiming it as meta T_T). As to why awoo druid AA is able to play relatively well with low/nil enhancement gears in sausys9 is due to the ratio of additional damage vs the hp of the monsters in the CM.

2k additional damage : 120k hp sponge which is around 1:60

But this isn’t the case for 380+ CMs, where monster hp swells to about 400k hp on average while additional damage doesn’t scale as well as they are flat.

2.5k additional damage: 400k hp is 1:160

This makes AA builds that rely a lot on elemental property damage, work harder to kill off monsters. They also have to gather more equipment to remain competitive.

Here are my additional inputs for AA builds that want to go join awoo~~

Krivis side:

  • Daino has an interesting property in at C3 where the 2nd additional line takes the final damage of the player’s initial auto attack. Final damage in this case, means the damage dealt to the monster after all the bonus additional damage (elemental property damage) are added in. However, due to how additional damage
    is tagged onto additional lines of attack, the 2nd line of attack by Daino gets additional damage too.

Hence, if a player autos for 7k and has 3k additional damage… his/her auto will deal 10k damage and the Daino additional line hits for 13k.

Druid side:

  • Lycanthropy (Semi Awoo attribute) adds +30% magic damage. This affects auto attacks too when under Daino’s influence.
  • Similarly, Hengestone’s +10% magic damage also carries over to Daino’s autos.

Zealot side:

  • Fanaticism increases damage too, at 30% (or is it 25% iirc), and carries over to autos
  • Similarly like what Wurmheart said, Immolate adds 1k fire elemental damage that adds to all lines of attacks.

I guess is that we are approaching builds on different questions/starting points. Yours is more of “What is the best build I can make within cleric circles that AAs” and mine starts with the question “What is the best build I can think of if I want a lycan (druid3) that can AA”.


I play C2Diev3MikoKabba2Exo2 and want to know what cards is the best to use for a SPR/INT build? And is it recommended to get monster gems for Diev skills?



  • Red = Chapperition
  • Blue = Zauras/Nuaelle or second best armaos.
  • Green = +30 spr or whatever else you want, not that important tbh.
  • Purple = 1x gazing golem can work wonders to prevent interruptions with diev, rest is w/e you want. (Owls ignore on hit effects though.)

A +1 carve owl gem is well worth it tbh, rest not so much.


So before this patch, I had a C2Diev3MikoKabba3 Build and it worked fine. But with Rank 10 and the new classes, I wanted to try a different build that didn’t rely on Carve Owls for damage. The move is satisfying to set up but I wanted something a little less stationary.

So far the only thing I’m set on is C2Diev1-xxx-Kabba3-x. I’m just not sure what to fill the gaps with.

I’m definitely going for a Support Build with some DPS capabilities.


Druid2 adds a good chunk of dmg and a good amount of healing and invulns, can’t go wrong with that. + you still have two free ranks to do with as you please. (I’d grab priest1 for the res, so you can act as a semi healer.)


i wanted to make a zealot for the insane damage they do but i am not sure wich one of these builds is better, can you cleric experts give some insight?

i wanna do pve and mostly solo