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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


i dont know, never play this build before…
but if im not mistaken, paladin is str con basis
and PD is INT basis…

but, if you want to play this build, just play it, make your own color XD.


Prayer build ftw XD.

Personally I would increase INT/SPR though, it’s more of a caster build than a physical one. Too bad pandemic doesn’t spread Malleus debuff if not PD2 Inq1 will be a nice alternative to PD3 too. Viability wise you will be pretty reliant on BDS and Immolation while in Sanctuary mode, and using Hex+Conviction + Pandemic then Effigy during the 2 spells downtime.

It isn’t that bad, will be equipment (armor) reliant though.


Is it worth to take disenchant?
1h or 2h mace for this one? :smiley:



Pore & Pore, Pally for Mdef.


Good morning.
I’ve been checking a few things about oracle and just noticed there is 2 Foretell buffs at Tos net.
I rechecked Foretell description and noticed Foretell adds an “immunity” to enemy evasion. I would like to ask since I can’t test it if this buff ignore “Miss” effects while attacking characters like Ausrine, Murmillo’s helmet and others. It sounds dumb but since the effect shows “Miss” I thought Foretell could ignore immunity related buffs. Thanks in Advance.

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Foretell buffs at Tos net:

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Hi, guys. Wow, it’s been 2 years already.

I abandoned the game in the past due to studies and now that I’ve sold my soul to the corporate devil at last I can properly fund one of my hobbies: playing mmorpgs.

I recognize familiar names from the megalithic era here. You people really stay. I’m amazed.

I might have quit but actually I stan the forum. Now that things finally got better, I’ve decided to give ToS a second chance.

Numerous changes have taken place and I’m just so lost.

So I would like to ask about some, you know, skills that got reworked. I’m sorry if these have been asked somewhere but I just need a quick summary please.

My preferred stat is int. Con is out of the question.

  1. Are Aukuras 15 and Chortasmata 15 viable as heal-over-time? We’re talking Cleric 1 here. Do people judge you for only using heal 5?

  2. I heard it’s way easier to level now. Almost brainless, even. Do people still do dungeons at all? My build might not be optimized for early stages of party play.

  3. Can you lengthen Lycanthropy with Melstis?

  4. With so many healing skills (Cleric 3 is mandatory now [?] time has changed) do you still need the once a must-have Priest 1 for Res?

  5. Do Blessing and Sacrament scale off int well?

That’s it! While I do hope someone will chime in, I might need to catch up on things myself. So yeah. Thanks for the feedback!

(Oh God, hopefully elemental damage is still good. I remember having Arde dagger and a few elemental accs.)


This all depends on the kind of build you’re going for. Heal is still the primary skill for keeping HP topped up but you’re not gonna be a very good group support with only Heal 5. That being said, Chortasmata and Aukuras, being HoTs, are fine provided you’re not up against big damage spikes.

These days you can just solo your way to about 200, then start running Challenge Modes (That’ll probably change when Rank 10 drops and brings us level 100-199 Challenge Modes). CMs have really become the new group content during the leveling process. Personally, I still quest between CMs as opposed to grinding. It’s not as efficient but I like having the fast travel points unlocked and the EXP cards are useful for when you want that next level right now lol.

No but Rank 10 is bringing in a new attribute called Wolf Spirit. It extends Lycanthropy’s duration by 3s per attribute level with a max level of 10.

Again, this depends on your build and the content you’re planning to run. If you can give us a better idea of what you’re looking to do, we can provide a lot more feedback as to which classes you should go for and the associated skill point distribution.

No. As a class, Priest’s primary stat is SPR. These days, everybody just buys their buffs from Pardoner shops. Blessing’s hit limit was removed and all Priest buffs (Except Stone Skin) got a major increase in their duration so you won’t really need to use yours unless someone dies or they expire in the middle of some group content.


Hi, there, @Timeshadow. =)

Thanks for that!

Guess I’ll set aside the heal-over-time build, at least until they do something meaningful to Restoration.


I want something to solo with as well as support without being a dead weight. I despise SP drain and would like to keep the cost low.

That said, I understand that SP problem is a given with R10. How much is the typical budget for SP potions nowadays?

My build will be Cleric 3–Something—Kabbalist 3–Exo 1. Exo 1 is for casual damage (not meant to destroy things).

Redownloading the game next week! :person_fencing:


What you have so far is the beginning of a full support build, which can be pretty difficult to solo effectively (In addition to not really being necessary outside of raids and World Bosses). Just off the top of my head, I’d recommend something like Cleric2 -> Priest3 -> Chaplain -> Kabba -> Inqui -> Exo2

The combination of 10 Heal tiles and Mass Heal will be plenty to keep your teammates alive. Ein Sof will make SP a non-issue. The Chaplain/Inquisitor pairing will give you a solid amount of damage to fill the gap between Exo’s cooldowns.


you may want to try cle3 pri2 druid2 kabba3 too, have alot of healing and 1 dmg immunity, and have 5 rotation dmg skill.


My last toon just happens to be Chaplain lol.

The class was all about elemental damage stacking back then. Is it still so now? I liked Chaplain just because it’s so easy to use.

Whack things to death with a drool stick!

You know what? I’m sold.

I’ll dump my stats into int & con and ditch Blessing–is that OK? Skill build will be the same as everyone else. It’s a meme after all.

My last Chap is at rank 5 I think or 6. Might as well continue.

I’ll theorycraft the rest of my build from there. Thanks again. :pray:

Thanks, Lumo! I’ve been eyeing Druid for awhile now, but I’ll stick to the holy warrior archetype for this one.


Bro, I swear, it’s like we think alike. That was exactly the kabbal3 build I have in mind.

But I may switch cleric3 with priest3 for better mass heal and stone skin.


well, both cle3 and pri3 have their own strong point, but imo the cle3 attribute will have better heal when combine with mass heal and camp.


so, rank 10 zealot focused build:

rank 1: cleric1 -(duh)
rank 2 -4: krivis 3 (melstis)
rank 5: diev1 (20%cdr)
rank 6: druid1 (turning mobs to plant to boost illusion dmg, plus the heals)
rank 7: druid 2( stronger chrosta and transformation bennefits) / Kabba1 ( ein sof sp restore)
rank 8 - 9: zealot 2( p.illusion aoe of doom)
rank 10: zealot3( stronger p.illusion and the added skill for extra 10 hits debuff dmg) / taoist1 ( storm calling juicy boost to both lighting dmg and physical dmg)

what are your toughts? is it better to go druid2 or kabba at rank 7? and zealot3 or tao1 at 10?


I changed diev to cleric 2
I tested all variant (cleric2 vs diev1, bokor3 vs krivis3, druid2, miko kaba)
My build right now is cleric2 krivis3 druid2 zealot full spr with hybrid-stat gear and will go for zealot3 for sure
but it depend on your playstyle.


why, tough? divine might extra scaling make up for 20%cdr? i’m not sure of it.

and if you are full spr, do you spam blind faith often? If so, how do you manage your sp costs? double sp pots? any special card setup?


for +1 lv of blind fate, fanaticism, fanatic illusion and meltris
20% cd reduction is good but it has animation time and u need to spam too many skill (eg beady eyed evry 10s and other many atk skills) so u may not use full potential of cd reduction
blind fate spam for solo CM stage4+ and other high-end content, sp problem manage with lv15 condensed potion and normal sp potion in shop also squire’s food too
my red cards are 3 iltiswort

full spr get benefit from lv10 heal, zalcai and blind fate


Please don’t give me false hopes IMC… is this intended?

A screenshot of the damage…


Lmaoo at this rate I don’t trust IMC anymore when it comes to any newly found ~skill synergy.~

Edit: Case in point Magnus Exorcismus + Entity or that one Exo skill I forgot. Watching the two used together made me like ehh that’s so random. ME split into little pillars? How creative.

But quick question, Nekorin, does Merkabah holy attribute affect magic attacks (Nachash, Chortasmata, etc you get it)? If not, how does it work?


what was changed? merkaba is giving bonus dmg to skills now/?