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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


If want a healer build that can farm while still provide healing, why not try Cleric2 / Bokor3 / Druid 1 / Kabbalist3 (+druid2 at R10) ?

SPR based provides good healing and zombie damage. Can burst a little with Gevurah + Damballa too.


I did a few CMs without Aukuras at all. There was no difference in clear times per stages or overall. I also noticed that monsters on the outer fringes of your visible sight will still aggro you. Aukuras also does not have it’s own aggro limit, nor does it draw aggro.

I tested the damage on my full INT Taoist with level 70 attribute, +11 trans 10 Masi Mace. Did about 8k on Luna Angel outside of CM. Scaled by 19 hits is 152k, which is about the HP of a single Luna Angel (141k). So a single Zaibas for a single Luna Angel? Wait, you’re not tanking just a single Luna Angel. Oh, and CM5 Luna Angel is 282k. So, I’ll concede that it might be useful against bosses, but against standard trash? Nope.

I don’t have a problem surviving. I was actually under the impression that durability is related to the number of hits you take, not the amount of damage. I noticed that one of the monsters in Ephertao is ranged, and it’s attack deals 3 hits for negligible damage. Combined with Aukuras not aggro’ing, I’m forced to move around anyway.


Hi everyone!

After playing my first cleric (Cl1 -> Krivis2 -> Bokor3 -> Druid1 -> Taoist2) I was thinking about trying a Cleric which is build around Lycanthropy (preferably no humanform).
At the moment my “base” is looing like the following (for R10):
C2 -> Diev1 -> 2xFiller -> Druid3 -> 2xFiller

My favorites (for the time being…) is
[Full SPR] Cl2 -> Diev3 -> Miko -> Druid3 -> X (Unsure, but probably Exo1)
[No idea] Cl3 -> Diev1 -> Monk1 -> Druid3 -> Zealot2

By the way… how bad is “Dievs Carve Attack” and why ?

What are your opinions on Druid3 (and my builds) ?
Do you think that Lycanthropy is worth it (with or without Humanform) ?

Thanks in advance for answering all my questions. :slight_smile:

Edit: I love weird builds so I would love to hear about some “special snowflake” builds with druid3!


I went with kaba 2 seems to be good, still seeking out a person in the middle of a mess to use ein sucks, but…

what can be done D:


Carve, I forgot that it exists. It is bad due to its attack range (very small) and number of targets. The Dievdirby us better off just auto attacking than carving.

I like the diev3 miko Druid3 build, it is especially good to use in CMs.

Druid3 Zealot2 is a build that put you in a constant SP IV drip. Blind faith + full lycan in a build eats up SP like no tomorrow.

Centered around lycan builds for me are the following 2:

Cleric1 / Krivis3 / Diev1 / Druid3 / Inquisitor1 / Zealot1

The AA build Awoo with 6 secs downtime of awoo with Diev1. Zealot1 provides immolation which grants 1k fire property damage to all lines of attacks.

The build has some degree of full lycan burst too given that both breaking wheel (spreads lycan attacks) and fanaticism+meletis are in the build. Use the 3 before transformation and burst down the mobs.

Cleric2 / Diev1 / Paladin2 / Druid3 / Plague Doctor2

Prayer build (Sanctuary). Statue , Grass, spray gas, pandemic and pray for all the suffering around awoo.

It also has the option to equip a 2hander for a more solid full lycan burst damage.

Btw how’s the cleric1 krivis2 bokor3 druid1 tao2 build? :rofl:


I see.
The first build you mentioned uses “awoo” with humanform right ?
I considered it before and even watched a video of it doing CM5 and came to the conclusion that it’s a weaker version of the Krivis+Chaplain AA build.

To be honest I have no idea how the second build works… or how Sanctuary works and if it’s even worth it.
I like the option to use 2handers though! :stuck_out_tongue:
If possible could you go into more detail on how everything works together in this build ? :slight_smile:

@bokor/tao build
I stopped playing it after reaching 300 'cause I felt like zombies weren’t doing too much (was full SPR) and I was better off exploding them. They pulled the aggro just fine though…
What was the most suprising for me was the burst of krivis2 combo divine stigma + zaibas.
All in all it was fine but the zombies were a disappointment (for me).

Does Dievs “Statue of Goddess Zemyna” reduce the sp/sec cost of lycanthropy ?


It uses both lycan builds with 2 different playstyles. Either have a 6sec downtime “awoo” as a hybrid caster AA, or get a full lycan with some abilities to increase damage and hit area via breaking wheel/fanaticism for the initial 10-15secs.

Yep the AA’s for awoo is much weaker than the meta krivischap, but it sort of makes it up with range. There are more things to use to damage the monsters and fight against a crowd in an awoo AA build instead of just using normal auto attacks and waiting for the 50sec breaking wheel cooldown in order to aoe.

Paladin’s sanctuary adds holy elemental damage to every single hit that the paladin and his/her party do in the entire channel duration. The holy damage is based off a percentage of the Paladin’s equipment defenses (mdef for magic based hits and pdef for physical based hits). At level5 it gives 50% of the gears’ defenses as holy elemental damage.

This works exceptionally well especially when the build has the capability to deal out multiple hits in a short amount of time, which druid and pd provides.

@bokor/tao build
Sad that you don’t like the zombies. Have you tried the following to increase zombie damage/combo? Zombies do take the over atk of the player so the bokor player needs some investment there to make them deal more damage.

  • Check out zombie damage with Stormcalling
  • Seedbomb + zombies

If you are still keeping the build I would recommend you at least try it out until r10. That’s when the purpose of bokor solidifies for the build. Having access Mackangdal is really great when the player wants to charge Divine Punishment right after using stormcalling. Druid’s sterea trofh works too, but bokor is just <3.

I totally forgot to try that out, zemnya and full lycan.


Thank you for the insight!

For the time being I am “Cl2->Diev3->Miko” and nearly R7 for Druid but I am considering to go PD (I love the outfit and theme) but I am not so sure about it because I think I’ll have a lot of downtime where I can’t do anything but AA. :confused:
Is this true ?

Builds I consider to counter this (CL2->Diev3->Miko is the base) are:

  1. -> Druid1 -> PD2/3
  2. -> Bokor1 -> PD2/3 or PD3 -> Bokor1
  3. -> Kabba1 -> Zealot2/3
  4. -> PD3 -> R8 Class

Honestly the 4. option is only there because I have no idea how good the R8 classes work together with PD3 / Diev.
I would love to hear your opinion on these builds and suggestions or maybe your favorite Diev3+Miko build. :slight_smile:

PS: I don’t want to play Exorcist because a friend of mine plays one and it looks just so boring (basically just spam Rubric…).

Edit: @bokor/tao
Sadly I already deleted the character for this one.
Maybe I go back to it someday. :slight_smile:


hmm, Bokor Druid exo work very well

Cleric 2> Krivis 3> druid 2> Tao 2 would be fun too?

is the above build need full int? or can also be worked out with full spr build?


Bokor-druid-exo is more suited for full SPR, even though I assume most people go full INT and uses damballa from bokor instead of utilizing zombies’ attack.

Krivis-druid-tao should be full INT as well. But again, full SPR imo is also good. Better healing and less SP problems. Weapon accounts for most of your damage anyway, so losing a bit of MATK from low INT is worth it imo.


May I ask if Paladin’s Sanctuary works with the extra line from Kabbalist’s Merkabah (Devine Protection Attribute) ?

I’ve heard that even Blessing damage can be add to Merkabah’s extra line, which make me wonder if Sanctuary can do that too.
But though I’ve seen Pala-Kabba Tank many times, I seldom saw they use Merkabah along with Sanctuary, some even never use Merkabah @@


Nope, sadly it doesn’t. It kind of shattered my dreams when I tested it back then a few months back. Same case with Sadhu’s Transmit Prana psychokinesis property damage, it too doesn’t add to Merkabah’s extra 10% line of damage.

(if not I would have already made paladin2 druid1 kabba2 pd2)


Paladin 3 made it’s way into AA build… But what makes it work?


Thanks for the info @@
I think it’s because the Extra line is neither Physical nor Magical Attack, so Sanctuary can’t apply.
This can also explain why Transmit Prana doesn’t work either.

Well… If it really works, I can’t imagine how OP will Pala-Kabba-Tao be…


Hello, I’m returning player and I got really interested in the exorcist build.

I decided to go C3 > P1 > PD1> Druid2 > Exorcist 2

What status should I focus? 1 Con / 2 Int / 1 SPR?
Why did you choose Druid over Bokor or other damaging classes?



correct me if im wrong, PD1 (is it pardoner)?

if yes,
P1 i think is quite useless (except for ress) and nothing more
i think you can change to Priest 2 and get mass heal and get utility to use linger healing for healing tiles and mass heal.

due to Pardoner1 quite useless (you can buy their buff at town imo) >,<

con i suggest to put until 50 or 70 (if not enough just put more, its ok to have more hp pool right)

for int and spr depends to your playstyle, both increase heal power, SPR give more heal power, INT give smaller heal power but give magic atk.

but then again its back to your playstyle.

have a good day.


Oh sorry no, i meant Paladin.


Cleric 3 > Priest 1 > Paladin 1 > Druid 2 > Exorcist 2

I want to focus on Int to do damage as Exorcist, but also have some healing power for dungeons
PVE only. I’m worried about my Mana pool, thats why I’m wondering some SPR as well.
70 con seems nice tough


Cleric2 Diev1 Bokor1 Paladin3 PD3
Is this viable?
How to allocate stats?


my current build is Cleric 2> Bokor3> Druid 2> Exo2,

in my point of view, druid 2 and exo 2 have a really good dps (if your enemy is ground type) if flying a bit not good, (just use rubic)

as long you have druid 2 and exo 2, the rest is up to you, imo…

if you wanna a good healing you can get cleric 3 and priest 2 to get the lingering heal effect (from cleric class) or you can change priest 1 to diev 1 for a better utilities imo.