Tree of Savior

An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


What is the main reason for monk3 in the zealot build?

Gold bell doesn’t seem too useful. I’d much rather take kabbal at rank7 for SP recovery.


I find that Aukuras and pet don’t do anything for aggro in CM. Monstrance… maybe, but they’re typically already close enough to you to draw aggro anyway. Malleus is good at hitting things near the edge of your screen, though, I wish it hit more targets and wasn’t so random.

I don’t personally like Zaibas. I also haven’t bothered testing Capella, but I know on my alts that have it that it takes awhile to be placed.

I run into durability problems by stage 4 in Ephertao, but that probably means I’m just too weak or playing incorrectly =p

I don’t think Zombies will survive too long without SPR, but the new accessories may change that, depending on what gear you use for CM.

I’m taking a different class for R10 than what most other people will likely take, so maybe I’m just a special cheesecake cupcake altogether. I expect Cleric c2 to be a balanced choice, maybe Bokor if Zombies work out well.


Kaba doesnt increase your dps.

Goldenbellshield isnt usefull?
Damage/Knockback immunity its such a bad skill you dont get knockbacked when you start your fanatism/Illusion/Bluepot/Meltis-combo.

Monk c3 increase also the strike debuffs from the other monk skills.

But Yeah better take a useless rank to save up some potion money …


Oh ok. But I think I wanna use zealot skills as core and monk’s as filler, so strike debuff duration is not as appealing to me.

Feels nicer to play when not needing to consume SP potion though. Losing a bit dps is ok for me since I play casually, so I’ll reset to take kabbal at R7 when I get a chance to reset :stuck_out_tongue:


am about to reach rank 9 on my cleric and got a dilemma…

My Build is Cleric C3 > Priest C3 > Kaba > Oracle…

the thing is, with the inclusion of rank 10 I could go C3 for ether or C2 for both…

I feel like I already heal good (even as full CON) and I see lot of people struggle with SP more than HP…

So should I go Oracle 2 instead to help with SP too :confused:

I like Ein but its such a pest to use in middle of a mess…


Biggest problem with SP in my opinion, is not the total your sp bar can hold, but the sp recovery. That’s why I don’t think arcane energy is an amazing skill (except for zealots, for them its top tier).

I’d much rather be oracle1-kabba3 than oracle3-kabba1. Oracle c3 really needs some buffs to be a competition for kabba3 as end game support imo.


Well if you see people struggle with SP, kabbal3 provides an attribute that make one ein sof for 2 people. Kabbal3 also has movement speed attribute so you can move faster to the person that needs mass heal or sephiroth.

I just prefer kabbal3 over kabbal2-oracle2 or kabbal-oracle3.


problem is placement, I kind of dislike 1 person buffs/circles…

am full support but can only support half of my party at best with kaba D:

also the up time of oracle skills super high like 1 click last a whole 5 stages CM :smile:

meanwhile kaba is ok…

but I see what you guys mean about SP and ein…


With Aukuras mobs run to you from off screen. Makes pretty big difference in clear time in a good spot.

Like it or not, it ignores mob size and can kill lots of mobs pretty fast when maxed. Also it can kill mobs with low hp, when you don’t want to move. Good skill that saves time in challenge.

Use 3xArmaos blue cards or Zaura/Nuaele and 2xArmaos. It is enough to clear 5 stages without breaking your armor.



more dmg on double punch & better energy blast, longer debuff durations alongside a bit more defense from golden bell shield.

Kabba1 is ok-ish if you use blind faith asap for the crit dmg debuff, but I’m not sure it’ll pull ahead in terms of dmg.


The answer to “Should I go oracle x” is almost always" no. (with maybe some exceptions for pvp and a gender change shop build…)

  • Arcane Energy can be bought and lasts 30 minutes, and far longer near a base camp. Even then most builds don’t care that much for max mp.
  • Prophecy can be surpassed with miko scrolls for PvE.
  • Counterspell is quite nice, but works only vs magic dmg.
  • Death Sentence is just not that good, too long of a cd and doesn’t work with elemental/bonus dmg either. (don’t recall if it works vs bosses either)
  • Foretell is atrocious, it only works if you move while inside the circle.
  • Twist of Fate is ok ish, but should only be used when it would kill your target. (dmg cap and 0 effect vs field bosses kind of ruins it for pve tbh)


so what is the good combination with kabba?

i just knew that diev is not good for either dps-ing and support, so what is the good filler?

my first plan is to took Cleric C > Diev 3 > Kabba 3

any suggestion?


and one more thing, is it good for priest to have blessing, aspersion and sacrament? considering we can buy that spell with pardoner.

if i change to Cleric 2>Priest 3>Chap1>kabba 3 (my plan is to build full INT, is it good? for magnus exorcimus)

i also want to know what is the best circle for cleric if you want to have a decent heal

any suggestion??


Current default healer is cleric3/priest3/kabba3 for the healing, revive, res and all the other jazz.
Druid2+kabba3 will be decent once we get r10 due to sterea trofh and chorta’s healing being a good complement to kabba’s healing boosts.
Diev1 is still excellent support for it’s cd reduction as well, like on a cleric3/priest2/diev1/kabba3.

Diev is ok ish dmg on full spr, but needs miko to shine. It’s basically a spr summoner build though so it doesn’t combine well with kabba.
Diev3 in terms of support is rather meager imo, but ausrine is still quite good.

Blessing/Aspersion are low priority tbh, they’re just not that noticeable in most content nowadays. And I’d slightly prioritize aspersion over blessing personally. But revive/res/mass heal etc are more important ofc.
Sacrament is to niche as it only applies for auto attacks atm. Only take it if you go pardoner imo.

I wouldn’t combine chaplain with kabba3 tbh, kabba excels as a full healing focus support. With maybe a druid/kabba being the one exception of being able to provide a decent mix of damage and healing.

In terms of healing, cleric3 is ofc ideal. 15 heal with the 1.3 multiplier is quite good. Esp with ein sof’s stacked healing.


just notice that diev stat is SPR and not INT? i thought Diev stat is scaling with int to scale up Owl Damage.

may i know what job scaling with what stat for its skill??
because in my current build, my stat is 4 Int : 1 Spr: 0,5 Con


Commenting on this since I roll chap/kabba3 at the moment and plan to for the foreseeable future. Chap with 16 aspersion is a great way to provide sustained DPS while also acting as a full support. Kabba’s ranged attack works with aspergillum so you get a beefy ranged auto-attack.

On velcoffer with appropriate debuffs I am getting around 40k per rod auto attack so that is just free extra damage for a single rank5 investment - not too shabby imo.

The downside is you will most likely be rolling cleric1 - unless you grab cleric2 at rank6 which is a reasonable option. If you are running groups with undergeared people your lack of healing will start to show, but if you invest in heal and mass heal attributes you can handle it especially with Sepiroth as an ‘oh ■■■■’ button.


int also scales owls, but spr is by far the most important for such builds.
int is just matk x skill factor, whereas each 330 spr or so counts as a post defense +100% dmg multiplier. (but additive ofc, so 660 spr = 300% total dmg.)

aka full spr is recommended, and grab some con/int/spr on gear whenever possible.


ic ic.

need advise, so if i make my build like Cleric2: Diev3: Miko1: Kabba3.

with full spr i think my healing tiles (22 tiles will be enough) to heal the whole party + tree of sephiroth?
or which one better Cleric3 or Miko in my case.


i try to combine some build, please check it out and please give a comment,

  1. cleric2/diev3/miko1/kabba3
  2. cleric3/priest2/druid1/kabba3
  3. cleric3/priest2/diev/kabba3
  4. cleric3/priest3/kabba3 (most support and cannot do daily job dependently imo, anyway im still want to know what is the concern about this combination)


I went with your number 2 build simply because I’ve never played cleric3… druid for a bit of solo attacking abilities.

I think your first build is more interesting though. Fully utilize the SPR for owls’ attack yet at the same time very high healing power. Miko imo is needed for diev3, but I don’t have much experiences with diev3… the downside is that tree of sephiroth doesn’t scale with SPR iirc.