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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


Thank you all for answering my questions.

I guess I will just start my cleric and see where it ends. :slight_smile:

Is your build INT or SPR / zombies or damballa ?
If you wouldn’t have Druid1 but Krivis3 instead would you have a lot of downtime between rotations (where everything is on CD and you can only auto attack) ?


100SPR rest INT for me. SPR would be better if you have a good weapon. Damballa is really good to use in between Stormcalling/Zaibas rotations and the new Taoist C3 skill.

Yes, the problem of going full into Krivis3 Bokor3 Taoist3 is the build will have to wait for Stormcalling + Zaibas most of the time. It isn’t that worth it to go 1 circle just for an additional 15 hits of zaibas (3x 5 hits). Meletis doesn’t help that much in the build.

Druid1 has good synergy with Bokor, Seedbomb + Zombies and Chortasmata heals zombies too.


Frankly, I got no idea.

I have heard promising reports about zalciai + zombies in the past, but forgot to test it for quite a while.
In theory Zalciai would work well if zombies have some base crit from somewhere, but they can’t have that much to begin with given how rare crits are for them.

So I don’t expect to much benefit from combining those two, but I could be wrong.
And Zaibas+Stormcalling is ok ish dmg on an int build, but it it’s one of the weaker combinations so don’t expect to much out of it either.
Granted picking taoist excludes all other build finishers aside of druid, so options are quite limited indeed. Kriv/Tao or druid is pretty much all I can think off.

Kriv3/tao2 with working necklace is at least 60% weaker than exo2 on its own.
Storm Calling: Additional Damage works for everything physical, but there is some bug to the dmg formula/stormcalling where physical lightning skills produce highly erratic results that don’t make any sense.

And I would stick with cleric2 solely for divine might if you do want to go full spr, but krivis3 would be better on a full int build instead.

In terms of druid:

  • Lycanthropy/Hengestone dmg boosts do not work on zombies, only hengestone’s +1 skill level for circles will improve that.
  • Regular lycan with the r10 duration extend should be rather nice for a ton of dmg on the side though.
  • Zombies and transform have no issues that I know off, so they should stick around just fine.
  • I would go with the cleric2/diev1/druid3 variant you posted for such a build yeah, but take druid3 at r10 imo.
  • Don’t think zombie hp scales off our con, it does scale off spr though, but I haven’t tested that specificly.
  • Diev plant shouldn’t work for zombies, it only boosts pure physical dmg. (zombies are dark physical) It should work for lycan though.
  • Minions snapshot your spr, but your weapon matk is calculated while they are active. Not really worth the hassle of swapping imo.

That generally doesn’t mean much though.
You love making questionably, highly niche and underpowered builds to the point that it’s almost a running gag to try and get you to use a normal build at this point.

But for once I’d say that and damballa (aka int) based bokor would do well with krivis3+tao2, but it will also lose out a ton of zombie atk dmg that you could multiply with stormcalling ~_~


I don’t think they are underpowered though, highly niche yes :3

On Chortasmata, Zombie do get more heals than players though, my zombies heal for 3k+ per tick on lv5 Chortasmata while my character heals for like under 1k.


Hmm tao and bokor seem interesting! can we buff that storm calling with miko’s kagura? Should Kagura be able to help zombies and allies could be pretty fun, niche but FUN :distinguished:


( Since there isn’t a real “Exorcist Topic”, I hope you guys don’t bother if i post it here )

Hi Hi ClericHolic!!
Here’s another Clerics Guide!! :distinguished:
This time Class is the Exorcist, a very powerful magic DPS!
Do you know everything about the class? Check it out in today’s Clerics Guide.
Just to make it clear that the suggestions given in the video are My Suggestions, you are the one who decides what is the best build for yourself.
I hope you like the informations!



come rank 10, i think aa cleric (chapkrivis) will be in a good spot going zealot2 into their builds. it adds a great aoe while being a “aura” skill, which allow to keep on whacking the good o’l stick that spits. and as krivis3 is already core for such builds it seems a perfect match to me.


Meta AA cleric (chapkrivis) can only go zealot1 unless they drop Inquisitor1, which is a big drop in DPS since Inquisitor’s burn and wheel are big contributors in the damage department.

There is a sadhu AA variant though, which I think can fit in zealot2. C1 Krivis3 Sadhu3 Inq1 Zealot2.


After cleric and Frost Lord patch something is changed and I cannot attempt stage 6 anymore. Maybe mobs have less aggro range or something like that. And they don’t run to Aukuras.
I want to make build optimized for farming CM. I don’t have frieno set, and I don’t know what difference it makes.
Tried classic AA build without Zaibas, with 150 dex, rest int, and with looting gear it clears 1-5 faster than full con AA with ME and Zaibas with battle gears. Maybe dex matters.
Still not sure about maxing Blessing attribute and what it does. Some old, full SPR build suggested taking blessing and maxing it. For CM I want to drop, or reduce Melstis and max Zaibas.
And I don’t know what to do with stats. I want to try 200 dex and split other stats between INT and SPR. Or maybe it is better to go full dex? But I need some int or spr for heals.
Any suggestions?


If you mean Blessing: Enhance, at max it’ll boost the additional damage of Blessing by 50%. Honestly, I don’t really see the point if you’re clearing CMs in a reasonable amount of time. Pardoner Blessing’s good for 45 minutes so you should be able to get through stages 1-5 before it runs out. On top of that, unless you’re going for heavy SPR investment Blessing ends up being pretty underpowered.


The sadhu variant isn’t recommended for a reason, that build hasn’t got that much dps in comparison and it doesn’t scale said dmg as well as the meme chaplain. (+ it has less support to boot)

Wheel is a considerable loss, and while burn is more situational it is still quite nice when it does shine.
Thing is, Fanatic Illusion is a large aoe with at best the only downside of 15s no healing due to fanaticism. Only in cases where you can stack burns I’d expect it to lose out, but for anything else it should do far better.

so no to both.


I haven’t been playing tos for a while now, but imo no build should close to a spr diev for sheer bunker down power.
Though any exo2 should be fine as well, given just how insane rubric is. (maybe with diev1/bokor1 for improved agro)

And yes, aa needs dex to a degree. But you can get a solid chunk from gear.
How much you’d want I still can’t answer though, it’s ping based, seems to work in brackets (likely due to how it’s rounded down) and depends on other atk speed factors as well. (base atk speed of said attack, how much atk speed you get from buffs etc. Yes daino diminishes how much dex helps you btw.)
I went 175 dex from points and rest from gear iirc, that plus monstrance gets me close enough to 400 to get a very noticeable speed bump.

Spr and thus blessing don’t really serve a purpose unless you go full spr and abandon the other stats and some skill points however.
If you split your stats the pardoner buffs will simply be better (and it may be hard to beat those full spr pardoners anyway due to them being able to focus solely on spr.).
You get the best of both worlds if you split int/dex and grab said pardoner buffs though, so go do that.


Not sure if I care what build to use if it can clear CM5 in 5 minutes. But I want to optimize AA build for more DPS. If you max bless, you can get SPR from Lifeline, and it is another story. Same for Aukuras.
On the other side is Zaibas. It gives no hidden buffs for AA, but it can hit multiple times. But like like buff from aspergillum, loses its power in CM6+.
Only way to increase clear speed is to kill mobs on spawn point and make other mobs run fast into fire. If you do it fast, new wave can spawn into fire. But after patch either mobs don’t die fast, or they do not run to you and fire goes away. Either burn has it limit in damage or new aggro is broken.


Yeah, but is it tough? I mean, sure, it is a loss for sheer aa only, but hear me out.

Wheel only got a low upkeep with high cd, so it is more of a burst skill, and burn atributte, as good as it is, is still a 20% spawn rate stationary source of dmg. So it depends on you beeing surrounded by mobs to be effective, not to.mention that it rely on stationary encounters, as the flame wont follow you around. Finally, such atribute is unimpressive on bosses, as it requires them to spawn some destructables and a little praying for rngesus.

But zealots 2 have p. Illusion and fanatism 50% dmg increase, with high upkeep since they already have krivis3, so it is a great source of sustained dmg that doesnt involve any rng spawning and, as a aura kind of dmg, will follow you around the map, so far better for any content that is not stationary.

Not to mention that by going zealot you have a good use for all the dex an AA build demands, as it increase your Illusion critical dmg, which will be greatly amplified by blind faith atribute.

All and all i think come rank10 it will be the zealots chapkrivis tims to Shine.


chapkriv won’t drop inquisitor because flame attribute is so essential for the build. Also the build is specialized for CM which is stationary makes flame + aiming most broken thing in the world. As for boss fight, there’s a trick to spawn fire without waiting boss to spawn some objects or minions.


I rather go Bokor 1 at r10 so I can get all the aggro I want. That would pull all the mobs into the flames.

What trick is there to trigger flame in bosses? o.o


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Hope the player doesnt click the wrong weapon in the heat of the moment and break his/her 0potential weapon mid fight


But it’s still only a 20% chance… right?

Depending on your build, the question is, will the zombies survive long enough?


Good question, I guess Ill have to test the build first and see if it works how I imagine it. I guess they won’t survive much but at the rate this build kills mob with the zombify circle, the spawn rate of zombies may compensate. Might be harder on higher stages.


Only good source of aggro for meme chaplain is Aukuras. And a little bit from pet and Monstrance.
Zaibas 15 is good filler, if you can split 5 point between Melstis and Aukuras.
I think DEX should be optimized for wheel uptime. 410+ with buffs is enough for me. Got more dps on wheel vs bosses.
Maxed blessing attribute and cannot see any difference. Still don’t have enough dps and def(lol) for full clear on Epherotaro CM6.
I have maxed Aspersion, Burn, Blessing and Zaibas with 75k AP on this char.
Didn’t test Deploy Capella skill and succubus card for aggro yet.