Tree of Savior

An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


bad idea…

the more you hype it, the longer time gets


Oh Sh**… you are right!
Sorry about that :sweat_smile:


and the stronger the disappointment should something be not as great as you hoped it to be.


You’ve got talent.
Looks so professional.


I’d like to ask for help with pd1.
I’m thinking about going pd1 for rank 10 at my kabbalist for CC preventin/removal but I’m not sure about healing factor. I can’t find an updated video about the skill and I wanted to check if it is usefull at all. Would anyone be able to help me with that?
Thanks in advance.
If I add it, I’ll probably get lv 4 and reach lv 6 with Sweeping + Divine might.
Just so to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong, I’ll also add my skill distribution:

  • Blood letting 5
  • Beak Mask 5
  • Fumigate 1 or 5(Depending on healing factor)
  • Healing factor 4 if added.


did spr build for monk or pala build is okie?


Healing factor is insanely useful, don’t skip it.

  • Blood Letting 5
  • Fumigate 1
  • Healing Factor 5
  • rest in incin/beak mast

No, don’t even attempt to go spr unless you know what you’re doing.
It needs specific spr scaling skills to work well, and those build defining skills are not found on monk or paladin themselves.
(you could do a krivis3/zealot2 with monk and spr though, see build section)


What is recently nerf on Aa cleric? Is it not spawn burn when use daino?


2 hand macs, pala & monk look fun to play


any update build for pala3 or monk3 or Dievdirbys3?
but will go to Inquisitor3


I wish there is a similar thread like this for swordsman, wizard, and archer. Unless there is already one that I’m not aware about.


Sadly the other class threads were automatically closed for lack of use…

but you can start a new one if you wish to :slight_smile:


Good idea, only I’m not too experienced…


First of all thank you for the awesome guide!

I am planning to make my first Cleric and I am kinda stuck.
Atm I am thinking about something like:
[SPR] Cleric 2 - Krivis 2 - Bokor 3 - Taoist 2

My thoughts/reasons:
Cleric2 -> Better heal, safety zone, divine might for Zombify
Bokor3 -> Zombify + buffs / debuffs
Krivis2 -> Zaibas(AoE Attribute), Zalciai (-Crit Res -> more Crits)
Taoist2 -> Storm Calling (+50% dmg on melee -> more zombie dmg, combo with Zaibas),
Secondary dmg source

Is that build ok ?
I just want this character for fun but if it makes no sense I am gonna go back to the drawing board. ^^
I am open for suggestions about a build that has Bokor and Taoist in it. (I like the themes!)


Depends on what you want. Are you looking for the zombie army (SPR) or would you rather be a Damballah bomber (INT)?


It’s a creative build. Just letting you know storm calling does not have long duration so bokor-taoist combo is a bit gimmicky.

As much as I think cleric2 is mandatory, I actually think krivis3-bokor3-tao2 is better. Aukras can heal your zombies. Zaibas’s skill level increases hit count instead of just damages. Divine stigma also increase more STR and INT. Melstis is less useful in your build though.

If you don’t care much about krivis, cleric2-boko3-druid2-tao2 may be a good idea. Bokor and druid imo have good synergies.



I wanted to go zombie army (SPR).


I am not sure on Cleric2 vs Krivis3 because as you’ve said Meltis isn’t that good for my build but does Aukuras heal your zombies as well ?
Druid is really good as well but their healing through Chortasmata does not scale with SPR which sounds so wasteful to me and I can’t use the combo Dievdirbys + Druid because I just don’t have enough ranks.

The druid build you suggested looks solid but wouldn’t “Cleric2 -> Bokor3 -> Druid3 -> Tao1” be better for Lycanthropy (Humanform) dmg buff ?
You could even go “Cleric2 -> Diev1 -> Bokor3 -> Druid3 -> Tao1” for R10 and use Lycanthropy without Humanform and still have your zombies as secondary dmg or do they die when you transform ?

I’ve seen that with R10 Zombify’s HP (possibly) scales with our own so wouldn’t the 100% max Hp from Lycanthropy be super nice to have ?

Does Dievdirbys: Plant-type Damage - Attribute affect your zombies and yourselves in Lycanthropy ?

Does anybody know how exactly the dmg of zombies is affected by weapons and if it’s “locked” when you summon them. (What I mean is if you would switch/unequip weapons it would have no effect.)


If u want SPR bokor go cleric2/bokor3/druid2/zealot2
you will get benefit from SPR to both bokor and zealot
and fanaticism also increase damage both druid and zealot

2.Plant-type Damage - Attribute only effects basic attack
3. it’s change up to your current stat


Thank you for the input.

I kinda wanted Zombie Bokor + Taoist in the same build because of the themes.
As I said earlier it’s a build for fun so I won’t invest too much into it or be sad about it if it’s not too good.

I also think Zealot2 needs Kabba if the focus is on blind faith and to get the most out of fanatic illusion and fanaticism you kinda have to go diev for -%cd or krivis3 for meltis.
So the build would probably change to something like Cleric2/Bokor3/Diev/Kabba/Zealot2 for me.

Is Taoist damage that bad compared to Exo/Zealot ?

Just to make sure does Taoists “Storm Calling: Additional Damage” increase the damage of melee skills like Monks / Paladins or only auto attacks ?


I have a Cleric1 Krivis2 Bokor3 Druid1 Taoist2 (Taoist3 in R10) and it is fun to play, at least for me. Bokor is good for Taoist for 1 thing at R9, zombies help to herd the monsters together and make it much easier to Stormcalling/Zaibas or Creeping Death the monsters.

In R10 having Bokor C2 becomes a boon for Taoists as Mackangdal helps make Divine Punishment usable while moving.

It is hard to compare a green support class’s damage against 2 dps classes.