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Thoughts on Cleric2-Diev3-Druid2-Exo2?
Is diev really only worth taking with Miko?



Diev1 is a fine support filler on almost any build, but a bit stronger on patk builds.

Aside of that though, yes Diev3+Miko is the only other worthy option due to how Clap can keep up 5 owl statues at all times instead of only 2 statues 50% of the time. (Needs time to ramp up ofc)
And it needs nearly full spr for its dmg multiplier and a higher than average enhance/trans weapon to outpace mdef reductions.


Since druid2 and exo2 already have such low cooldowns and good damage, what about diev3 without carve owl and maxed zemnya, laima, world tree and ausrine instead? (well 14 on zemnya so I can get that free vakarine port)


It really doesn’t add that much IMO.

  • Zemyna is nice at higher skill levels ofc, but at best you save a few potions.
  • Laima only increases its movespeed reduction with skill level, which can be nice but likely won’t safe any lives.
  • World Tree is kind of junk atm, only normal tier trash mobs should be affected by it and they have a good chance of resisting it.
  • Ausrine is ok, but it still comes at a cost of time to get said invulns and thus won’t be as popular.

IMO you’d simply get more out a cleric2/priest2/Diev1 variant instead as that can res and act as a healer to some degree at least.


Whats a good support/dps PD3??


i have a krivis-monk-zealot build char and with my last rank reset i would like to change it to druid2-zealot2 build.
any advice for remaining classes? would like to use two handed mace as well. or should i just stick to current build?


An question, if the build has Druid1 Kabbalist C2… what will you choose for the next class, Druid2 or Kabbalist 3?

Presumably the build is a hybrid that can do some dps + support.


DMG druid, supp/heal kabba.


For the meta AA cleric build, Chap + Inqui, what class would you choose in r10?
I’m thinking in a couple, depends on what you need/want. In order of my taste:
Bokor would give you aggro with Zombify, so you can solo CM easier (pull mob to where you are).
Miko can help you with those moments the boss turns immune with Gohei.
Zealot for Immolation, fire damage attribute, Pain Barrier skill, and Fanatism (sounds nice).
Other classes help as well, but those 3 are focused, one in mobbing (Bokor), Miko (Boss immunity) and Zealot (all around boost dps and some utility).


I prefer Druid1.

  • meta chap is lacking aoe when breaking wheel is on cooldown. Chortasmata and carnivory provides those
  • since meta chap/krivis/inq build is already stacking so much elemental prop/blessing damage, having a class that is able to dish out multiple hits capitalises on the strengths the class already has.
  • Chortasmata is able to heal too, brings another skill into the fold. We can use the 5 heal tiles as a dps tool without any reservations which isn’t shabby at all.
  • Pears of Agony + Seedbomb combo ftw.

@mario_st yeah, kind of in a dilemma as kabbalist c3 also provides some form of dps too in the form of Gevurah and also 20% bonus to max-matk when using a wand. (+5 mspd too)


True, but when I go CM with party, I kill everything just fine with the help of Aiming and Quicken mainly (Enchant Lightning and Pheasant helps, or other mob pulling skills).
If I were to go solo, Druid’s Chortasmata might help in the way of attracting some mob, but wouldn’t help killing them when you really need them CM S5, 6 or 7.


Kind of isn’t any.
PD3 shines the most with bokor3 or sadhu3 IMO, and can’t fit in a lot of support with those builds.
Diev3+miko+pd3 full spr might be the one exception, but it won’t be able to take the role of healer either.

In any other case sacrificing those ranks for a support focus comes at a considerable loss of dps which I would not recommend.

Druid, exo or kriv+tao builds are better for such support/dps hybrids atm.


Cleric2 for Divine Might or Monk for 2handed weapons +double punch.

And depends on your preferences. Both builds are quite good atm but monk is more single target str/dex focused while the druid2 relies mostly on aoe’s and spr+str scaling instead.

If you like your current build then stick with it.


Nascach + Chorta&carni deals a considerable amount of dmg already, and you won’t lose out that much in terms of dmg by going kabba3.

Sterea Trofh is tempting, but I’d rather get double ein sof +gevura+ sephy tree. (Mostly because I would consider kabba2 a bit of a wasted rank and since quite a few dps builds will bring druid2 anyway.)


There isn’t any good rank option for it imo.

  • Cleric2 has divine might and more heal dmg/healing to boot.
  • Bokor’s zombies don’t agro that well tbh, and their dmg will be quite bad.
  • Paladin: Bonus AR Ratio and dmg from 2handed weapon attribute.
  • Druid: Dmg and healing, ok ish tbh.
  • Miko: Kagura is ok team support but comes at a loss of personal dps.
  • Diev: -20% cd isn’t that useful for yourself, but ok ish support option with a tiny bit of agro.
  • PD1: Alternative to druid1 as it has healing, dmg and condi removal.
  • Taoist: Has ok ish support, but I don’t even recommend maxing zaibas on such a build to begin with. (aukuras is much nicer atm)
  • Zealot: for Immolation’s dmg +1k added fire property attack, but dmg boosts ignore elem property and bonus dmg types anyway so fanaticsm is not as good.

I wouldn’t rule out zealot2 replacing inquis1 for the sheer dmg it brings either.


Cleric2 is meh, brings nothing new to the table. I’m doing pretty well with my healing, in any case I can rule out Divine Stigma and put those into Aukuras. Problem with Aukuras healing is that cd is longer and it works good as agro (with the attribute)
Bokor is just for agro, I use zombify in uphill and zombies get a lot of agro, plus you have hexing to reduce 5% boss’s mdef /rolleyes.
Paladin: Mhh, Masi Mace is a must.
Druid: Just Grass, a bit of aoe, healing, etc.
PD1: Same Same
Tao: I’m not an expert on this class, maybe some talsiman enhances property damage?
Zealot: I didn’t understand quite well your explanation, those 1k of fire ppty attack wouldn’t be added to every line?
There is now way I’m taking out Inquisitor from the build, the flame attribute is a must.


Stormcalling should work on lightning property dmg I suppose, but IMO taoist would be mostly for the aoe fade, +50% melee/+100% lightning dmg boost for allies.

No, the 1k gets added to every line and is quite good due to that.

I was talking about fanaticism, generic damage boosts never work on elemental property dmg or bonus dmg so Fanatasicm wouldn’t boost your blessing/sacrament/last rites/enchant fire/immolation 1k fire property attack etc etc. So it’s not a direct +30% dmg boost in total.

Fair enough.


Thanks Wurmheart. Made up my mind to take Kabbalist C3 coming R10. Build is Cleric2 Krivis3 Druid1 Kabbalist2 Inquisitor1 (Kabba3 ar R10). Yeah the inclusion of Sterea Trofh is really tempting, that and extra 5 levels of Seedbomb/Chortasmata are the spells that made me consider going Druid2. Furthermore with Krivis3 in the build a full time transformation is possible.

But kabbalist adds so much more at C3. (maybe I’m just bias towards the class = =+ )

On the DPS side with Kabbalist C3, with Gevurah I have the burst which I need too without even using Notarikon/Gematria. Just raw 3 hit limit Gevurah + Breaking Wheel + Godsmash. will give more damage overall than going C2 Inquisitor.


I’d go Inqui C2 for the extended Breaking Wheel attribute that improves the number of hits you can put out onto the wheel and improves its duration considerably.
You also get more damage for God Smash via Judgement & the God Smash attribute.


Yeah, Inqui c2 is a good option as well, because of the wheels durability, so I can strike it more times, mainly against bosses, and Judgement gets an attribute that provokes enemies around (dont know how many) but if in any way helps agro, its a solid choice.


Does anyone know If Carve Owl is affected by AoE Attack Ratio, do they just hit everything inside the AoE of the skill regardless?


I’m thinking of of making one of these AA builds to do both solo cm and ET: cl1-kr3-pr2-pd2-inq1 with r10 reserved for pd3 or cl1-pr3-chap-deiv2-miko-inq1 with r10 reserved for deiv3.

Build 1 gives me:

  • 4k HPs + dunno how much with healing factor for passive healing for maybe solo cm5 and up
  • extendable healing factor, blood letting
  • maybe a chance to remove those stupid invul buffs off cm bosses

Build 2 gives me:

  • extendable statues + capella (+ whatever buffs debuffs they come with)
  • sure chance to remove those stupid invul buffs off cm bosses

They both give me:

  • rez + rev + doll healing in ET
  • inq burn


( I hope this do not bother )

Hi Hi ClericHolic!! :distinguished:
Are you guys excited for Rank 10 content?
I can’t wait to get Rank 10 in my lovely Clerics!

I made this kind of “trailler” to try hype it and show some of the New Cleric Skills!
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