Tree of Savior

An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


PSA: Electra Necklace currently does not give the +50% skill factor to zaibas and divine punishment. (fa does work…)

I’ll look into making a bug report, but this isn’t doing krivtao any favors atm…


why is my Revenged Sevenfold sucking so much D:

the description and name makes it sound like you return the dmg taken with 7 times the dmg of the received dmg…

but in reality all I get is 7 crappy dmg # that doesn’t even reach or double enemy dmg D:


my taoist is on semi reseted state (0 invested stats) so i can not speak about the amount of healing given by this combo :(.
but i still believe removing druid 2 is not a good idea; let’s be true druid 2 right now is super bis;
it have damage+heal+damage ; and transformation alone is super good too with their all buffs.

i love bokor 3; but i do not know if is worth in the end changing everything for this reason:
bokor offers immunity;damage with zombies+damballa; speed.
with druid 2 option we already got speed+immunity in it; damballa damage is very good even in the end carnivory sterea + thorn extra levels may not be enough to surpass it; so is a valid choice; but still; we must also take in consideration rotation; because as i said before i love bokor; but i hate damballa; too much problem to use :(, so i find is a valid downside of the build; since with druid since you would already be taking druid1; it would not change a thing on rotation but in the end is a valid option i believe; it changes the concept of the build and gives similar parameters as well; the only question of what is better overall is once the math is done; something i’m not gonna do as i wrote in the first post.

pala 3 sanctuary combo is good; but you must remember that by choosing pally you also forgone the use of ROD; because you would like to use pally skills in the end as well this is something we must also look at if we the build becomes so good that allows us to main a taoist; so we would be talking here of at least 10% overall m-atk loss; now the question comes if the sanctuary would be enough; i believe that would be better to wait for the numbers on the new skill from taoist 3; if it’s a multi hit as well; it may be valid; other hidden synergy that is worth to mention as well; is that accessory set that boost damages based on elemental defense; with pally plus taoist elemental defense skills it may be good to use it and boost it;
Increases property attack in value equivalent to property resistance
- Affected properties: Poison, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Dark, Holy, Earth, Psychokinesis
- Max. 300 per propertybut is something to keep a eye on if you are going to choice pally as well it may be a extra hidden bonus for the build that may make it grown outside of the standard niche; we are talking here about a easy 1k+ elemental damage; that may really shine on raid’s since most of the tool kit+zaibas+canivory+chros+ creeping charm is multi hit with low %.
overall; i love pally; now i have even have one without reset at all times; was my favorite pally but i must say that if we look at other builds; this one does not offer a lot and i believe in the end it will be weaker than any other mentioned here, it’s different; but this does not means is good, it’s only saving grace may really be the sanctuary bonus on multi hit; since it bypass defense as i recall? but still is too much sacrifice for something that would only be useful on super raids contents , even more since other options could counter balance the pally sanctuary damage bonus as well.

there is a huge all text already; so i’m not gonna go in deep in cleric 3 +diev or cleric 2 +priest 2; since diev i already talked before; but i believe cleric 2 +priest 2 would be a better option than cleric 3 +diev; since diev does not offer a lot overall but this would come with a HUGE sacrifice of damage and it may not be good right now because with the news of healing stats the difference between a HEALING CLERIC and a DPS CLERIC have grown even more so it may be better to focus on only one aspect of the tree and trying to mix too much and be hybrid may really decrease the overall utility of the entire build!.

conclusion: where bokor 3 could work for it; pally still needs to be debated more in my opinion; i still would believe that druid 2 is the best option; it offers a lot like i mentioned above and is overall easier than bokor 3; it may loose damage; and may not work as complete replacement, since you need multiples transformation for it; but at least if we look overall i would still say that replacing cleric 2 and krivis 3 is worth to try for; but changing druid 2 on the build is a bad choice and would not really complete taoist more than any other choice.

i may be the oddball here; but i still like cleric 2 better; but i use it on damage with heal not only as +1 skill buff too.
the -20% is better overall; even more if you party a lot, but i’m more on the lone side for now in tos; so is not worth for me, maybe i could reset and change for the future.

some players already reported this ; all elemental necks seems to have bugged out in the last maintenance.

i also planning on reseting my pd3 i think; changing for cleric 3 sadhu3 pd2 druid 2 (once rank 10 hits); what you guy’s think?
the bonus damage from sadhu3 would boost pd2 and druid multi hit’s plus heal damage by a lot; and the downside would be the extra% on black steam plus the extra 8 hit’s given by pd3 on incineration and black death; but druid can surpass this damage at any time and still have transformation with all his bonus.


maybe lv 1? I have mine maxed and if I play it right I can oneshot 300 dungeon boss if he casted his fire skill and lure my R7F Zombies into it.
lv 1 does 7 hits of 10% of the damage dealt = 70%
lv 15 does 7 hits of 150% damage dealt = 1050%

Or maybe you have very high defence. Zombie has very low defence so it worked well on them.


i think that sadhu3 without diev and/or melstis is 3 wasted ranks. Best way to use TP is to buff nearby Thauma with extra int and spr for stronger swells (which translates to way stronger add. psy damage boost on next re-cast).


mine is lvl 4 I think also description says ADDITIONAL DMG and not % of enemy dmg :expressionless:

but it does feel like % of the dmg taken, is nice knowing it gets better…

also I only get 1 use and that’s it, is that normal or should it last more hits or… :confused:

am full CON I do feel immortal at times but others I feel super week is weird even if is same enemy xD


No, it is still affected by the targets CON. People without CON will only recover the base heal while people with CON will recover several times the initial base value of Chortasmatas buff.

My C1 Druid with lvl 5 Chortatsmata recovers 1522 HP instead of the base 720 HP Chortasmata should recover, thanks to his 223 CON. 223/200 =1,115 +1 = 2,115 * 720 = 1522,8 HP healed, which is rounded down to 1522.

Druid and Kabbalist are good recovery alternatives that don’t rely on the INT/SPR but instead the “CON” [as Sephiroth relies on max HP for heal, and CON increases said limit, it’s also indirectly affected by CON].

The base problem I see with this in the Cleric tree is that you basically are already on the INT/SPR route before getting to the Druid/Kabbalist introductory Rank.

This pushes the INT/SPR heals onto you and those heals are more potent with less investment compared to their R6+ counterparts. Of course, one could argue that you are free to abandon e.g. Heal for the sake of Deprotected Zone that way on a Druid build, but there isn’t that much in the earlier Ranks you could gain instead of the recovery skills [Krivis could go for Zalciai, Priest could max his Revive and maybe a buff instead of Mass Heal, e.g. Stone Skin].

The attribute is actually for Krivis C2


goddes fire is krivis c2 attribute and if you turn it on you won’t heal with your aukuras unfortunately… you get elemental damage to your magic attacks… the better uptime is for killing not for healing

@streamside you quoted it from the wrong place XD and I just said it anyway XD


Yeah, but you can actually take advantage of the lower cooldown when you turn on the gof attribute, cast aukuras, then turn the attribute off — Aukuras will be healing you and the cooldown would be 30 sec. There are some addons that help you toggle attribute easily to achieve this.


Oh… I didn’t know that’s a thing… :D… I feel like I’m lazy to do that anyway… but good to know


Thanks for pointing out the gof attribute as only being c2, somehow remembered it wrongly as c3. (you too @Ayalon )

I phrased it better now, con does indeed affect it.
But I meant it doesn’t scale with the healing stat anyway so not having spr/int won’t hurt chorta’s healing.

And druid2 is still quite good for zealot builds, even if it almost only has matk dmg skills…


Turn on GoF, cast Auky, turn off Gof = get a 30s cd auk that heals and boosts dmg. :zipper_mouth_face:


that feels like cheating…but I may join the darkside then XD


Hello, how is Daino boost your AA attack? Is it use 100% Matk or Watk?


Gives aspd while active and adds a new line to autos, plus turns it into magic so it can’t miss or get blocked/dodged and turns to use matk not patck as the base for dmg calculation if i don’t remember wrong.


If it use Matk then a Rod is better for AA cleric??


it uses Matk for your basic attacks and provides an additional attack line (based on matk) with a C3 attribute. And Yes, if you use Daino then rods are better for damage, but you have to keep Daino up.


But you will heal less since you won’t have the mace bonus for it.


in game content where you would use your Krivis3 AA cleric you wont really need heal. And Aukuras15 is nice for heals AND damage.


I do “use a lot” AA chap krivi heals for solo challenges and so… quite helpful.


If you have high INT or SPR you don’t really need the heal attribute