Tree of Savior

An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


Still great for healbombs or any int build really.
For spr builds it has decent scaling, but it’s rather limited as the cleric3/priest3/Kabba3 build is miles ahead of any other spr cleric in terms of healing.
But other builds shouldn’t bother with it tbh, without spr or int the healing is far to low.

The whole healing rework feels weird tbh.

  • Heal: Lingering whatever adds a 10s buff that restores 50% of the amount the original heal recovered. But since it doesn’t stack it’s wasted on heal. yet it works wonders with mass heal.
  • Aukuras is quite good in terms of healing atm, despite it’s low heal factor and poor synergy with other spr heal options.
  • Chortasmata is also very good but ignores the new healing stat entirely.
  • Tree of Sephiroth also ignores said new stat entirely, but it’s also overkill in terms of how much it heals. (that and apparently it can be reversi’d? that thing can fully heal bosses o…o)
  • Guardian Saint only boosts your healing stat, so that’s not quite as impressive or useful as it sounds.
  • Ein Sof’s doubled healing is still insanely good, but it feels out of place since kabba3 itself doesn’t need it at all.
  • Restoration now lost it’s hidden effect, such a shame.

Chorta+Auk is quite nice, and the standard zealot build will likely incorporate it. Kind of ironic given it’s one downside on fanaticism.

And ofc the Cleric3/Priest3/Kabba3 as it will have a op mass heal and tree for over time healing, with heal to fill in the gaps. It’s a bit boring and bland though…

R10 will see a druid2/kabba3 variant as a possibility at least, which will open up a few variants.
But I think that’s about it.


I finished updating the druid thread, so pretty much all that is already answered in post 2 with build examples even.

As for skill priority:

  • Chorta deals most dmg and has healing, but is useless vs flying. Imo first priority.
  • Carnivory deals more dmg over a shorter period of time, but overall loses out to chorta. Also, useless vs flying and needs to be used after Chorta. Second or tertiary priority imo.
  • Thorns doesn’t deal that much dmg in comparison, but it has the best skill factor gain of the 3 skills and can be used vs flying enemies. Imo a first or second priority.
  • Seedbomb is only good in pvp or if you always have 5 allies/summons/objects with you. Ignore or max imo.
  • Lycanthropy needs to be maxed if you go druid3, you need the statbuff or lycan dmg to much.
  • Transform is now more of a luxury, and best avoided if you go druid3.
  • Sterea Trofh should be maxed ofc, but you may resort to stealing 1 or 2 points from it.
  • Hengestone is ok ish for matk based druids, but hardly ever worth the investment beyond 1 point. Can be nicer if you run with a group of clerics though.
  • Shapeshift, avoid or 1 if you use transform.
  • Telepath is still a good skill, but not worth it in this sort of build alas.


Thank u so much for the replys
Since im focused on dps build, i made this

Build ending exo 2

2 last questions

1-Divine mights works ate the same time with hengestone?
2- Transform and lycantro can be use at the same time?


Yes to first, thing is that krivis is not the best option, without tao zaibas sucks, melstis wont make any difference in lycan duration so not worth.

I would say Diev 1 better and leave space to priest2 o C3 and maybe Bokor1 or so over those krivi3.


Krivis3 isn’t really worth it unless you need melstis (aka zealot2 builds atm) or if you bring tao1 at least to make zaibas deal acceptable damage.

And maybe some niche use for aukuras based healing builds?
Point is you’re better off with cleric3 for healbombs, diev1 for the cd reduction or even paladin for 2hand weapons.

  1. Divine Might and Hengestone stack, but hengestone only buffs circles and objects.
  2. Transform and Lycanthropy are mutually exclusive, so no.


i can see your point, zaibas sucks a bit at moment, but i thinkw e just have bokor and zaibas for dmg dealrs in the early ranks, i like bokor, but dont like the zombies <.<
Tao needs a review Imediatly, its just useles nowadays, if even we could get the attribute of create a zaibas by storm calling on tao1, but just get tao1 to storm calling? since the other paper is awful for dmg

Aw since i cant get transform and lycan at the same time, i think im gona leave transform c:
Level up lycantrophy for a demi human gameplay is just for duration right? does not influence the demi human bonuses?


Tao is a bit lacking to put it mildly, but stormcalling is still a 2x multiplier which is pretty good.
And at least stormcalling deals dmg, counts as a melee dmg buff for allies and you get some other crud along with it.
Exo1 is still stronger than tao1 tbh, it’s more about making krivis pull its weight.

Lycanthropy skill level scales the dmg boosts both for the attribute and regular lycan, so always max it.

And we got quite a few classes that need a rework imo.
Paladin, monk, Pardoner, Oracle, Taist stand out. But plenty of other skills need some polish as well.


thanks for replying, yeah oracle is the worst class in the game by far (sadlyi love the concept)


I was expecting Ein Sof and healing factor to work like cure or the diev statues where the circle/square stays giving the effect to anyone that touches it and that’s why it had duration…

NOPE! reality is disappointing as only 1 person can use them D:


Wow, best Druid3 build I’ve seen so far was today in Gem Feund, ending in Inquisitor. Breaking Wheel -> Lycanthropy = Hell of a burst. No idea what the other ranks where, but I guess Priest 2.


actually, if we consider 12 Ranks for TOS as total, Taoist is insanely useful.
If you put Taoist2 on a Zealot C3, he will be able to put out very high numbers with the help of Fanaticism, Storm Calling and Fanatic Illusion[which is both lightning property and melee buff, so the damage is boosted by 50% and then multiplied by 2].
Blind Faith and Creeping Death Charm have a high synergy, + Krivis is very useful for both Taoist and Zealot.

Personally I believe if you look at the greater picture of 12 Ranks+, a lot of Classes will be able to shine since you don’t need to put more than 1 damage dealer Class on your build post Rank 8, so Taoist, Kabbalist, Plague Doctor, Oracle and Krivis will become very viable choices for Rank ups past Rank 9.


Personally I hope they don’t release 12 ranks for ToS. A lot of builds will be similar till there isn’t much difference between builds.

Eg. KrivisChap can add 3 ranks of sadhu there for more AA power. Or in other classes, Elememe can add 3 ranks of Thau for more power or 3 ranks of chrono to speed up their dps.

I would very much rather IMC stick to a max of 10 circles for all builds and tweak the existing ones to be more inline with each other.


Nah, that won’t happen. Given we are at level 390 for Rank 10, having no further build options with more Classes to be released and with ± 110 or 210 more levels planned (depending on whatever they take as hard cap, 500 or 600), players would never want to continue through the game when limited in build options this way.

Since they want to separate level updates and Rank updates, a general guess could be that they aim for one Rank update every two level cap updates with level 600 as end cap in plan.
given we go in 30 levels per cap, the 420 cap would be next and without Rank boost, followed by 450 cap with Rank 11 following it, followed by 480 without Rank, followed by 510 with Rank 12, followed by 540 without Rank, followed by 570 with Master Rank, followed by 600 without more Ranks or levelcaps.

The Master Class Rank could also be put in between, but I doubt they would let the player base wait so long.
The best thing about this game is the continuous Rank update.

There is no value to this game if it limits you to only 10 Ranks when the true build freedom only starts with Rank 8 [i.e. you can choose from all Classes only at Rank 8]. To balance this out, the game would logically require 16 Ranks (8 restricted and 8 free Ranks to build your character as you like it).

12 Ranks would be a compromise between capping at Rank 8 and at Rank 16 (basically in the middle of both), allowing the player to put one Rank 8 Class into his build while providing the freedom to finish his Rank 6 or Rank 7 Class,too (which are nice to have, but many of them are too obsolete for endgame since they don’t deal any comparable damage that comes even close to Rank 8, with a few exceptions like Falconer, Warlock, Dragoon & maybe Plague Doctor).

No. The similarities will be in the lower Ranks mostly. Given the fact that new Rank 8 and new hidden Classes will be released every now and then, there will be much more build variability than we currently have.
That’s because people value different things like damage augmentation, survivability, mitigation, utility, fun factor, etc. With a strong and stable Rank 8 Class that brings in the damage you need to do anything in this game, you are free to build “As you like it” [as Shakespeare would say]. Diversity will go up.

That’s the natural law of Darwinism and evolution, the builds are limited currently by endgame viability, but once that is passed, we will have an explosion of diversity.

With more endgame-viable Rank 8 Classes that can fulfill the role coming out year after year, this will only be strengthened, with more build options, more synergies, more approaches to ingame problems/hurdles to tackle.


How is healing power now for non int/spr builds?

Do i need Cleric C3 now?
OR are some points in spr enough?


it’s ok…ish!!!

am full CON and my heal and mass get the job done just fine…


Depends on the build.

Cleric2-3 & Priest2-3 don’t really work well without int or spr in your build.
And while you can get some use out of them by grabbing spr on gear, there are usually better options available for such builds.

Druid1-3’s Chortasmata can heal a surprising amount and ignores int/spr heal scaling anyway. So builds using that typically don’t need other forms of healing.

Krivis’s aukuras is similar to chortasmata in that it can heal quite a bit regardless of stat investment, but it gets far better with some spr from gear or normal stat investment and has ideal uptime with krivis2’s gof attribute.
But most interestingly you can buy them as scrolls if you do lack healing.

There’s also Kabbalist3’s Tree of Sephiroth which is insanely good regardless of stats, so those builds don’t need other forms of healing for themselves. (Although it’s pretty much int and spr exclusive and is usually combined with cleric2 due to divine might anyway)

Most of the non int/spr builds I’d recommend have krivis or druid anyway, so imo it’s not such a big issue for the more meta builds.
Not sure what’ll thrive in PvP though, or if such builds just ignore healing entirely.


Some thoughts on Krivis Taoist builds. Is krivis3 really needed for Taoist C2?

Assuming the build’s last 4 classes end with druid2 taoist2 and going c3 taoist at R10, it rules out the possibility of taking Sadhu, which makes Meletis do nothing much in the build. Hence going C3 Krivis grants 5 extra hits of zaibas (15 hits total for 3x zaibas under stormcalling), 5 ranks of Divine Stigma and 5 ranks of Aukuras.

Would freeing up that 1 rank (up to rank5) be worth it for the losses? That 1 rank could be either Dievdirby1 for the 20% cooldown reduction, Paladin1 for 2handed blunt access (more matk) or Bokor1 for zombies and Hexing.

What are everyone’s thoughts on it?


it depends; first we must look at overall situation and since you mention options to choice from, i will focus on them: overall i’m not gonna go in depth (doing maths) to point out if is valid or not but i’m just gonna point out a few things that could bring to the overall build by taking bokor-diev or pally in it.

diev would only boost the overall damage with 20% damage against plant attribute; because the diev 1 statues are not so useful for the build; in group setting the -20% cd could come in hand but is still is so-so.
paladin 1 for blunt; again i do not think is worth overall; the bonus damage from 2 handed blunt could give more damage for some spells but it could easily be balanced out by the loss of damage of zaibas(15 extra zaibas in full debuff is a lot of damage+rod > since this is a mainly m-atk build) ; so the damage given by 2 handed club could be overshadow by the simple loss of zaibas+ the loss of shield.
so both diev and pala options would not really give a lot to the build since what they would give would be balanced out by the loses; in the end you would be different than the standard but would not be better; maybe even worse depeding on how you look at it!.

of course this is just my opinion so without doing the math we do not know if the loss of 15 zaibas is less dps than the gained dps by using two handed mace or diev; but then again; rod have almost the same m-atk as two handed mace; so using this could easly put pala out of question; and if this was not reason enough; diev extra attribute damage should also provide more dmg overall boost than two handed mace; so at least with pally i believe we can safely exclude him and the use of two handed mace.

bokor 1; would only be useful with druid bombing skill; and at least i do not like it so i do not see it as worth enough ;the hexing dark damage is good and can help a lot of wizard if you do party with them but then again; i find it too lacking overall; the dark damage can really boost those wl and shadowmancers,but when there is not one of the two with you ; is complete useless.

i believe the most important question is: if you are willing to remove this one extra krivis slot; you could also remove one of the cleric slots as well( if you are following the standard cleric2 krivis 3 druid 2 taoist build, and i believe you are) ; so you could be left with other options like :
sadhu 2:
diev 2:
or even priest 2 for mass heal revive and so on.
or if you really want to remove only one krivis circle and still keep cleric 2 with you the best would be cleric 3 on it’s place; for a better healing cleric 3 attribute plus the overall tool kit.
but removing krivis3 and cleric 2 gives a lot more options as i mentioned before; so going in deep a little with:
sadhu 2 for example; possesion could allow you to trap enemies in your zaibas-storm callings more easly, maybe even in pvp as well; since with bunny transformation being fast is not a problem; releasing storm calling+possesion could be a standard combo in pvp with this build!.
is a option.
so in the end i believe this is the main question: if you are not going to follow krivis 3; is better to search options where you would remove cleric 2 as well because at least with this you could change a little the build and have meaningful impact on the entire tool kit and not just trying to be different without any benefits (as i mentioned before).
edit: also just checked; meltis allows you to be 100% uptime on transformation; so krivis 3 is not complete useless outside of minor damage bonus; transformation with druid2 is one of it’s strongest points.


Yep I’m thinking of dropping Cleric2 and 1 circle of druid too. Like to make a Taoist focused build, the bare minimum is like

Cleric1 Krivis2 X X X X Taoist2 (Taoist3 at R10).

Krivis c2 for the Zaibas splash and Aukuras Fire atrribute (to toggle for 100% uptime heal over time). To get a good filler that also helps to heal we have Druid1 which takes up rank6. Chortasmata + Aukuras should be sufficient enough for most content outside of Velcoffer.

Hence we are left with 3 circles to work with. We can get classes in a combination of

  • Cleric3 + Diev1 as you mentioned (Good as Taoist C2’s Upper Level gives it some surface to air capabilities too)

  • Cleric2 + Priest2 . In the end, it becomes like C2P2K2Druid1 Tao2, which isn’t too shabby as a support with excellent heal coverage

  • Paladin3. Give more power to party + grants damage boost to the Creeping Death via Sanctuary.

  • Bokor3. Access to lv15 Hexing and also Damballa. More targets for Seedbomb, and zombies help herd monsters together to maximise Zaibas+Stormcalling hit targets.

In all is like what you say, shouldn’t try to be different without any benefits.


You could replace krivis3 I suppose, but you do need krivis2 at least for taoist to be worth it at all.
And technically speaking, krivis3 will always deal more damage.

But there are three different cases for such a comparison:

  • If you did not get druid2-3 you will need krivis3 period since it’s such a large portion of your damage. With the exception of a cleric3 variant it should roughly be at least 75% of your total dmg. (19/14 hits is a 35% dmg boost, so even 3/4th of that is to much to skip.) DS is like 10% or less of a kriv/tao’s dps so screw counting that in.

  • If you did get druid2 then that should be an almost 50/50 dmg split between the two (kriv3/tao2 vs druid2). Which would make it a closer to 18% dmg boost. Still not worth replacing sadly.
    Rods>2h hammer is only a rough 6% increase at 10/10 lv 350 primus. Aka it’s not worth it when krivis3 is expected to be around an 18% dmg boost.

  • Druid3/tao1 is your ideal case scenario for a replacement imo since you lack the bonus zaibas from storm calling. I’d guestimate it closer at 15%.

I can’t be arsed to do the full math, I used my dps spreadcheat and a few rough practical multipliers for electus, stormcalling and red cards to get a rough comparison.

You can shift it more into the favor of krivis by using Frosterlord instead of other red cards, but most are bugged atm anyway.

Secondly, krivtao’s should already be replacing cleric2 with dievdirby1 atm.
The +1 skill level just isn’t as good as a -20% cd reduction, and ps the plant only works for physical dmg so that’s useless for kriv/tao.
Aukuras + Chorta provides plenty of healing anyway.

And bokor1 is useless. Bokor3 could work hmm.


Thanks @Wurmheart and @nery_ma for the feedback and suggestions. Yeah for the usual krivis3druid2tao2, cleric1 is a lot less useful compared with dievdirby1.

I’ll try out the Bokor3 variant, hopefully it wouldn’t leave me wanting to go Paladin3 as I have a paladin3 druid3 already on another cleric.