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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


(For Healing purpose) Overall Mace are better, but Masinios Rod gives too much SPR.


Hi fellow Clerics, I am a returning player that has a C2/B3/O1/PD1 at the moment. I usually play alone and I am a bit of a casual player.
I was planning to take PD3 and go full INT, but I am not very comfortable with the SP consumption, so I was planning to reset into C2/Krivis3/Monk1 or Pala 1/Kabba/Zealot2 dex/str, so what I am asking is:
Is my current build, the bokor/pd int, good for solo playing or should I go with the second build?


very good for solo play c2>bk3>x>pd3 all int


I can’t find ot so here we go again. How is owls damage from diev? If you decide on a general matck scalling build, is it ok to go full SPR or you’ll just be losing damage? Owls damage seems pretty underwhelming… Worst without miko.
How much would you need so owls would hit good?


Can someone give me some diev C2 advice?_?

mainly skills


There is a bit of a gray area I haven’t fully tested with owl stat investments tbh, in theory as long as you can hit a x2 multiplier or higher from gear alone you should do pretty well.
You may want to use the supposed upcoming resets to test if possible.

Full spr is really hard to pass up on as each point adds to its +0.3% per spr as a multiplier (but keep in mind it’s post defense calc).
So you can get close to a x4 multiplier with pretty insane gear, but it does have somewhat diminishing results ofc.

Int’s sole advantage is that is that spr’s bonus is calculated only after defenses.
Since more matk equals a lower atk/def ratio and thus more percent based damage it will do lot better vs high defense mobs.

Personally, I’d say just try to get int+spr gear and go full spr.


skill wise:

  • Vakarine is just a luxury, though it is nice to have warps whenever you want. 1-5 points tbh, but 1 is usually enough with the map trick.

  • Zemyna is really good atm since a lot of classes are really sp heavy. Max if possible.

  • Laima, needs to be at least lvl 5 for perfect upkeep. Higher level equals stronger movement reduction and duration. Both can be quite nice but aren’t must haves.

  • Carve attack, junk but allows you get wood if you really need it. 1+

  • Carve Owl, junk if you don’t have diev3, miko and full spr. Maybe put 1 point in anyway?

  • Carve World Tree, the silence is nowhere near as good as it used to be as it gets resisted far more often. Not that bad though, might as well max it but it won’t be a high priority.


Thank you for the reply!
I didn’t fully get the multiply part but i think i know what you mean. Probably.

About the gear, I’m currently aiming to finish solmiki cloth set. Don’t belive i’ll ever be able to do the velcoffer one. Its way too much effort and time that I don’t really want to spend on tos (including the silver farm and luck for inchors). And i rather fo for that instead of a primis set.

I also play as sorcerer and suport builds so I alredy have a set for spr purposes. If you summon owl with said set and switch to matck set, will it’s damage work as ot dpes woth summons? I’ll try it out.

Also, you said if it’s not full spr, c3 + miko owls are not worthy… And here i was playning to go cleric2 Diev3 druid3 exo 1 ;-;
When i did try, krivis and bokor just… Weren’t for me you… Not that enjoyable.
So doing the said build (initially full int) would be a waste? Or i go full spr, the damage provided from rod/one-h mace would be actually confortable to sit on? I know how strong a character can be even being full whatever, but still… I know nothing about weapons and damage proportion or whatever :V


Gear wise for such a build only the spr/int stats matter, so et gear is nearly useless for it while velcoffer is ideal.
Primus is a fine alternative though.

Owls snapshot the current matk and spr when you cast the first overheat, so there’s not much of a point to gearswapping.

C3 diev is needed for the skill factor, which is low regardless but you need it as high as possible.
Miko turns you 50% upkeep of 2 owls into a 100% upkeep of 5 owls, granted it takes time to do so, but it’s still a massive improvement.

So yeah, I don’t recommend trying to build for it without diev3 and miko sadly.

I’m not entirely sure where the new druid3/exo1 falls in regards to dps.
Druid2 is very good dmg in that patch, but druid3 is a bit lackluster.
Exo1 is also considerably weaker than exo2 to boot.

I think it’s probably just a tad to low for comfort tbh. But I can’t say for sure till I test that patch out myself.


hmhm… yeah… I know the damage in the end will be considerably less then a Druid2 Exo2.
Still… the stationary gameplay that you go for when you do Diev3 Miko is not my thing.
I’ll still try it out in another server, but now knowing all that you’ve talked about. Just wanted to play demi wolf ;–; probably mostly using the cooldwon reduction for all those skills and that’s that.
Thank you again though ^^


druid is not worth? i tought demi human could buff exo skills


Demiwolf does boost all patk/matk skills, though the patk side is nearly worthless atm.
Matk wise it’s rather decent, lvl 6 demi = +36% magic dmg and even hengestone gives +1 skill level and +10% magic dmg for clerics.

The issue is with their uptime, 50% on demi without diev1 and 62.5% with diev1. So that makes it an average of +18% or +22.5% magic dmg.

In comparison our old hengestone gave a permanent +20% dmg while transformed near it, so this is hardly a improvement.

The new hengestone isn’t so bad though, but druids are now starved for skill points and it’s still a stationary (but seemingly immortal) object with +1 skill level for select skills and +10% magic dmg.

But the bigger flaw is that there’s no excellent r9 option with good enough dmg.
Most decent skills would require two ranks, like exo2, pd2 or the more questionable kabba2.

And exo2 is tons stronger than it’s rank1 counterpart. It’s a far bigger dps boost than druid3 is.


I know the current hype with druid and exo but I wanna ask about taoist2 build eith velcoffer in mind.

How’s cleric1-krivis3-sadhu3-taoist2 vs cleric1-krivis3-x-druid2-taoist2

Sadhu3 for consistent elemental dmg which is good vs velco.
X either monk for 2h mace and prolly can play around transform beast type for 200 crit. Or diev for overall cooldown reduction.

I have build both exo and druid separately but I wouldn’t mind going druid2 if the benefit against sadhu is large.


I think druid2 would deal slightly more damage, but not exactly by such a large margin that the sadhu variant will be useless.

So grab the one you prefer imo.


Does anyone know if Clapping extends Stonehenge? I assume no.


Does clap increase aukuras duration? Also, don’t reset your skills while under the effect of a divine might. It bugged my skill points and I lost 1 level on all skills. I kinda panicked and used my second skill reset and forgot to test with aukuras -.-


Haven’t test exo but looking at tosbase, exo is incredibly op with holy magic. I’ll take 2 cleric with krivis-sadhu base to test the different I guess.


how is the scaling with Chaplain’s Aspergillum? it doesn’t say how much damage it adds. i would guess it adds as much attack as Physical Defense Aspersion adds, right? also, does Last Rites replace Sacrament when you get it? they seem to do the same thing. or do they stack ontop of each other?


Deals aspersion dmg on auto, they stack.


that’s what i figured, but, the description wasn’t very helpful.

how useful is C3 now with the changes to Guardian Spirit?


i see. i really wanna go druid c3 :frowning:

and the only good last rank filler is exo imo

Can u say witch skills should i invest more points on druid? im really lost since chrostamata deals dmg…

1 lvl of lycan is enough right? since we just want demi form

but i promisse give once chance to exo2 too