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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics

Whats priest for beyond blessing? Or is this more of a support build with exo for some damage? Trying to figure out what to do with my exorcist as sadhu has let me down T_T.

Also when gearing would this focus SPR or INT

Healing and keeping the team alive with Mass heal, revive, res etc.
Aspersion to reduce phys dmg taken.
And Blessing for dmg ofc.

Yes, but the vast majority of cleric builds are.
Priest, and to some extent kabba, are primarily taken for the healing they offer. So they always end up being capable party healers with sufficient investments.

And Oracle is both support heavy and a good option for dmg classes, so it’s a win/win.

As for stats:
Kabba doesn’t need as much spr, as like I said only heal benefits from it, but I’d highly recommend around 400-500 spr so your heals can act as emergency saves.
Rest can go into int/con as you like. But given their tiny benefits, it’s not that important.

Would Priest > inquisitor > zealot work to support a party but deal good personal damage? Most likely built with plate armour, 2H blunt and mix of Say STR and enough spirit to get a decent value heal. Figuring it’s like 60/40 dps/heals

Yes this would be fine, just bear in mind that selecting Zealot means you will be SP starved, so you will need the resources to support the build starting with condensed SP potions.

I would highly recommend making an alchemist to craft potions, since the price on the market for them is extremely inflated.

Nice. I have a wizard mid leveled that I don’t like so I can go alchemist and make it a mule

Thanks for the answers.

I honestly got tired with gameplays that has too many hidden costs (animation cost, hotkey cost, inconvenience cost, dealing with lag costs).

I went with PD, but I’ll probably change to Druid. Not really sure.

Honestly, I didn’t even know you can make Ripper hit more than once until I already moved on to another class. The skill desc didn’t say anything.

@Wurmheart: Some suggestions.

I’m not sure if you’re going to throw away this thread after your in-depth guide is finished, but I actually like the compactness of this thread. OTOH, some skills really need better descriptions, like Koinonia. There’s a suggestion to max it, but without any notice that it’s a really hard skill to use because you’re not it’s sole user (someone breakes it, ALWAYS). And you can’t really test it unless you gather some friends.

I definitely thought it was a partymate Linker’s new skill or changed effect until I got into a 3-man team DG and I randomly pressed it. (Also, I had old settings, including show party dmg. >___>)

Not sure if this is outdated (though the edit date says otherwise). But I don’t see any “finicky timing” here. You drop Hamaya, you cast Entity while Hamaya is active, and it will activate the combo.

But the in-game description, “Entity amplifies Hamaya”, is such an annoyingly bad description. Also, rather than “it splits Hamaya”, it’s better to say that it consumes Hamaya to generate a new type of attack. I searched the thread and didn’t find much info about Hamaya->Entity.

I tested Hamaya, Throw White Poison (Aqua Benidicta), and Hamaya->Entity about a week ago after dropping a post here. Was just too lazy to format it a bit.

Map: Downtown
Enemy: Lemur (Lv 193, 28,207 HP)
My Level: 275 (MAtk 2977-2977 based on F1)
AB Lv: 1 (10 Enhance)
Hamaya Lv: 1 (10 Enhance)
Entity Lv: 1 (10 Enhance)

I did one cast of each “skill” on a single Lemur, unless otherwise stated.

–1144 dmg pet hit (15 hits max based on skill desc)
– AB will not kill Lemur even with 4-ish crit hits

–1059 dmg pet hit (26 hits max based on skill desc)
–Hamaya will kill Lemur if at least one hit crits

Hamaya->Entity (No Hamaya Hits) ⇒ let’s call this Hamtity for short
–1059 dmg per hit (16 hits max based on video I made against training dummies*)
–Hamtity will not kill Lemur (i.e. lower damage than Hamaya)
–To clarify, Hamaya is thrown AWAY from the Lemur so no damage comes from the original Hamaya.
–Also, it does not matter when you cast Entity, because Hamtity will always get 16 hits.
—This means you can cast Hamaya to let it deal its own hits, then Entity (which consumes Hamaya then creates a pillar of light now known as Hamtity) to get damage from both Hamaya and Hamtity.

*Also double checked mathematically. Lemur had 9493 HP left after a Hamtity with 2 crit hits (1944 dmg each).
–Damage dealt = 28207 - 9493 = 18711
–Hamtity does 14 normal + 2 crits = 1059 * 14 + 1944 * 2 = 18714 (close enough, difference is just quantization effect)

Sample video that I took before I class changed.

Hamtity->Entity Mobbing (Again, No Hamaya Hits)
–Same as above, except casted on mobs.
–Hamtity mobbing tends to kill some Lemur reliably during my tests (and it’s not due to crits).
–Only one Hamtity is casted per enemy. i.e. You need three mobs to get three instances of Hamtity.
–As per Wurmheart’s guide, it seems to be limited to four instances max.
–Each Hamtity is a separate magic circle on its own, and an enemy can get hit by multiple Hamtities at once.
–Not tested: AoE Ratio/max targets/etc

Multi-hit sample vid (check the numbers of Holy +50% and how much faster they die than previous video)

Note: The multi-Hamtity is probably better with sound, but can’t be bothered to search around with auto-convert webm hosting that doesn’t involve me manually converting to webm.

When mobbing, it’s not hard to get 2 Hamtities near each other that they can hit the same enemy at once. Problem is that you cannot select which enemies generate Hamtities, and it is totally possible it might generate them in place where they aren’t near enough for a multi-hit…

You can try to maximize it by waiting a bit (cast something in between) before firing off Entity to get a bit more damage. Say wait 4s after Hamaya cast (use AB in between or something?), then invoke Hamtity combo so it’d net you something like 13 hits of Hamaya + 32 hits of Hamtity (assuming double hit).

In a theoretical good scenario (Hangman’s Knot? Challenge Mode wall-hug?), you might be able to get all 4 Hamtities in the same spot. That’d be 64 hits of Hamtity compared to 26 hits of Hamaya (assuming no other weird mechanic comes in play).

It still doesn’t do much, but if you already took Miko/Exo, it’s way easier to use than dealing with Katadikazo’s charging time + aftercast animation. Kata becomes way better on Demon+Dark enemies, though.

Other stuff:

  1. Hamtity is also a magic circle (affected by sweeping).
  2. Hamtity seems to be based on Hamaya damage. (Lv1 Hamaya + Lv1 Entity = “Lv1” Hamtity; Lv10 Hamaya + Lv1 Entity = “Lv10” Hamtity; didn’t test Lv10 Entity + Lv1 Hamaya)
  3. Divine Might still increases level of already casted magic circles (at least Hamaya, AB, and Hamtity). Does not consume DM counts. Has it always worked like this?
  4. Omikuji realistically only has 9s for yourself due to aftercast animation. >_____>

I do find it ironic that IMC called Miko as a class that deals with Holy abilities. It has exactly two skills that deals Holy dmg (Kabba has more). And no other skills involve anything Holy (not anymore anyways).

I’m not hoping for a “Yin Yang M*thafu**a” like Onmyouji, but… you know, I’d be happy if the one and only offensive Miko skill isn’t the size of a peanut while every other skills are weird channeling buffs or too unreliable to use. If they ever buff Miko-Exorcist, I hope they do something about Hamtity’s usability as well. Something like making each Hamtity AoE way bigger, and/or increase Hamtity limit to 8.

I don’t see how they can make Miko work with Exo without doing some rather bigger tweaks. Like what are you gonna do? Pretend that Katadikazo spear is an installment and clap on it? Pretend you can channel Rubric and Kagura at the same time?

P.S. Ora/Doctor: Pandemic doesn’t spread DS. And spamming DS:Reset with Inci is fun but you go out of mana very fast.

P.P.S. Yes, it’s a stupid name, and I like it. :smiley:


Hi there!
Since we got a free character slot , I want to build a sadhu+krivis build.
But I didn’t see any sadhus online , is the class that bad?
Also, I’d like to know about out of body + other skill classes interactions. Like aukuras, chaplain buffs, etc

Thanks in advance

Sadhus are sad again. Possession being 4 seconds charge does around 12 hits I think and also has a low skill factor, will only do good damage while Transmit Prana is on but TP has 50% uptime only. OOB? nevermind. The rest skills (even reworked) are meh. Its a dead class as it was. I think I’m the only Sadhu in my server (Telsiai). haha

PS: Exorcist is so much better

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They’re that bad yeah.

It’s a dmg + CC hybrid class with a bit of self healing.
Unfortunately in terms of dmg only possession is average when Prana is active.
And Prakriti, ABE, Vashiti all have incredibly low skill factors to the point of irrelevance.
OoB is a mere auto atk replacer, so instead of 100% patk you deal 100% - 160% matk with range.
OoB is affected by several buffs: Prana, Blessing, Aspergillum, Binatio, Last Rites, Visible Talent mostly, but since it is not affected by Build Cappella and needs to be recast every time you enter OoB it’s a considerable dps loss over chaplain.

In terms of cc, it’s stun, kd and hold are quite nice but none affect tougher bosses.
Only it’s stun will work on regular bosses and is still on a 40s cd and approximately 50% chance?
Which means it’s mostly good to cc trash mobs, which generally speaking isn’t needed with good enough armor.

Try to build a class that has everything in its 2 prior options, like druid+pd or exo+priest and toss on a sadhu to test it. You can always roll out of it later via the rank reset system.

wow… thanks guys… I’ll try anyway.
The character seems fun, but I think oob autoattacks don’t get pardoner’s buffs, am I right?
Transmit Prana duration is very upseting…

Hey guys, im going to create a cleric and i am planning on going Inquis + Zealot for now, i dont know which class im going last yet and everyone says it doesnt matter because inqui is broken anyway XD

I have about 80m store, can you give me pointers into what i should be investing first?
Do i buy a masinios mace? 380 primus? what set should i use?

Im planning on maining this character and want to be great at CM and Bossing, which last class would you recommend for that purpose?

In my opinion oracle as the last class is the best match with zealot. With zealot’s risky playstyle (fanatasicm, immolation), I think foretell is really important. Zealot’s high SP consumption also goes well with oracle’s arcane energy. Death sentence is very helpful with dps too, especially in CM.

Other options can be paladin or druid, maybe even priest.

What is the best weapon to use as a full suport (cleric>priest>oracle>pd)?

Guys, do you think something like this can perform good?

You will want Paraclitus max for 100% up time.

Using 1 point in Zeal and 1 in Exo I already have 100% knockback res uptime :slight_smile:

Few questions on kirvis.

  1. does melstis extend party member buffs or just my own like it reads?

  2. is aukuras damage buff decent for a buffer playstyle?

1 question on priest…

  1. is sacrament worth getting?
  1. Only your own atm.
  2. It’s crap.
  3. it’s ok ish, but blessing/aspersion are better imo. At least 1 is decent for the extra hit.

Thanks. Aukuras is that bad is it ? Was thinking it might offer another buff to aspen, sac and blessing. I don’t see you often dismiss something cleric flat out except say monk class so It just doesn’t hold its own does it?

It’s not as useless atm, but I could have sworn some of these latest reasons only came with the latest patch.

Anyway the issue does run into are:

  • All types of additional property dmg are considerably nerfed due to how resistances are now calculated for that stat, meaning it often runs into its new -50% effectiveness cap. So +775 additional fire property dmg tends to function more like +388 in most cases. (up to +620 with enhance maxed)
  • Both Zalciai and Divine Stigma will always add more dmg. Meaning that in order to grab it you’d have to partially sacrifice Zaibas which is still a considerable dmg loss for your build at least.
  • It does now work on both physical and magical attack, but I have no idea if that’s even intentional. Esp with absolutely no patch notes about it, dev blogs and with it still having the old description I’d lean towards it merely being a bug.
  • It does provide a full dmg bonus to magic circles atm for god knows what reason, which is probably also a bug as that defeats the entire purpose of the resistance change.
  • It can also be killed, with 20 hp or so? sure it takes 1 dmg a hit, but it makes not as reliable. And only priest/kabba can heal it ofc.

If we had some certainty about its magic circle and both working for phys + magic I’d score it higher tbh.
But still wouldn’t recommend it at that stage.