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Allow class resets please

This game has limited skill description/bad translation as well as way too little information when choosing your class circles. By allowing class circle resets many of us will be happier instead of starting over because you messed up choosing something you thought you would like. A lot of players might return as they wont have to re lvl a new character to be happy <3


Thing is; and I think people forget this a lot. Re-lvling new characters is what keeps new players coming. We already have major issues with Que times in dungeons lower lvl. So if no one is having to re-roll characters, then no one is doing dungeons. When new players see that there is no one doing dungeons, the game seems much more “dead” then it already is. It’s a double edged sword really.

I posted my link because you talked about skill descriptions and making a mistake.

Also, please use the search function as there are many threads about this already.


Many of my friend’s have quit because they thought a certain build was fun for them but it was not.They feel that the information on the classes was badly translated and limited. People have kids/jobs, starting over after reaching 280 is really rough for some. Doing this will make the game better for those who are really busy.


I don’t disagree, but again; major double edged sword. :slight_smile:

In my case, I didn’t even done wrong decisions based in the mechanics information. What happened is that they changed a lot things that encouraged my past choices. Like heal in pvp lasts 10 secs, carve owl blocks only 15 attacks, laima statue reduce -10 move speed in pvp, and enemies doesn’t receive damage while in telepath. Despite of my build not being so op as before, I still enjoy my char. But I imagine for those that have done more mistakes than me, they must feel a lot disappointed with the game.


Hmm would it be better to just consolidate the reset discussion into just 1 thread, rather than to create multiple threads?

Agree with @scarethemonkeys, it is a double edged sword. Should it be implemented in the end, great care must be taken to make sure that it doesn’t make the game become dead for new players are there are not one using the low-mid level maps.

I am 100% for Resets. @Rank 10, because that is when things need major over hauls, while trying to balance out all classes. It’s quite the undertaking. But that’s neither here nor there.

It would be nice if people would consolidate the threads Lol. It’s okay though, just this specific Topic has a good amount of people up in arms.

People will still make new characters. the game promotes having alts for multiple dungeon runs/world boss kills… farming collections… team level XP boost …etc. beyond that people who have that kind of time who you currently see mostly making new characters will keep doing it because they want multiple classes …pve specific… pvp etc.

Allowing resets would keep a lot of people playing longer and also bring back players who quit. also people concerned about wasting their time on something that they could potentially end up not liking. hardly double edged. of course one can always find a negative but the company needs revenue which requires a player base and anything that can potentially help imo is a great idea.


The vast majority will not repeat the same dull quests over and over to get the build they eventually want. In fact with resets it will encourage more people to make alts, because it ensures their builds will not be permanently screwed by some future patch. Resets can protect all those time invested into multiple alts.



Maybe the quest are dull but u forget that lvling a character from zero to hero is the main part of the game… or with more direct words : the way is the goal.
This game is not like wow where u get everything for near free like 2. spec ect. and its good that it is not like that.

And to tell u like it is : a circel or even class resett…even for tp…is NOT the way this game will be fun in future. On the other side, a rebirth like solution like in ragnarok online would be nice and on top : u could get new rebirth only skills and/or some extra skill points or even a low stat boost in the beginning without making new circles.
THAT would be great and on top…u sure have to re lvl ur character from zero to hero again… that would solve the low lvl population a lot because…u cant re do quest and killing events… so the only way to lvl is grinding - dungeon or missions think about this option. on top they could make weaker classes stronger without too much rebalancing…

[quote=“atari, post:29, topic:327160”]
Test room/server would solve this particular problem.


becoz why not!

I wanna kwaaaaaakkkkk~~~

I like rebirth option with xp bonus til you get back where you were, but only as an optional feature to reroll your character quicker. Not as something you do to get rebirth only skills or extra skill points.

Cross-post here. There are too many similar thread these couple of days…

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Adding the choice to buy circle reset wont stop new player from coming. What will stop them from playing this game is more likely “ridiculous trading rules”, “cheaters and botters everywhere” or “lack of premium contents”. How much will the reset thingy affect the low level game I’m not sure about that. Things has to change anyway.

Currently you are assuming the low level population mainly consists of players who are re-rolling. This sounds even worse because this means that people other than those hardcore players who are willing to re-roll wont even play this game.


Best quote here :blush:
Major changes to game mechanics are needed. No avoiding the issue of class resets any longer :blush:

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I would really like them to revisit many of the game mechanics. So much to say to help improve the game rather than providing a bandaid “reset”.

Not everyone has all day to reroll and re lvl a character. It’s not like I am asking to be boosted to max lvl with no work. Just asking to allow us to reset our class circle. Believe me, the majority of the population will be happier.

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Yeah, I do agree with that. From the technical standpoint it is kind of hard to pull it off rather than strip of class ranks from top down and doing a re-level. Not really sure on what IMC will do to tackle this though, but given their track record, having specific rank resets will probably create more bugs than solving the issue we have lol.

Anyway some food for thought since we talking about specific rank resets, there are a couple of things which are needed to be solved conceptually:

  • Class prerequisites like Priest3 > Chaplain
  • Player tied statuses such as guilds, Templar

How will a specific rank reset tackle these issues? We can’t just rule them out as exceptions as they are classes too. And as more hidden classes get added the will be more of such cases.

cant the reset be like delete character thingy, like, it wont allow you delete character if you have equipment on.

so, cant reset Templar if you still in any guild