AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


To be fair though, most of the time I catch you farming, you’re not actually afk. The time you were afk, you didn’t even have summons up.
So, I don’t think there’s much of a bone to pick




Ok I realize I shouldn’t have replied, cause that’d just grow the fake news.

Nice random accusation. That’s all my comment on that.

You afk farmed. I posted it on your guild promotion thread. Case close.


New Title available on Baubas cave, provided by IMC games.


Dw Nenzo (bhikku) is not actually afk, they’re just “”"“watching netflix”""


i’m just going to submit a ticket every day reporting them til action is taken, alot of them are alt accounts and many using macros to auto-pot


hi there, thanks for reporting this, ive been keeping a close watch on that specific person lately and given warnings about macroing/afk farming. it seems he did not listen and after close observation from various sources including my own, it does seem like hes using macros + not responding after awhile.

he is no longer apart of the guild.


■■■■ bhikku and his alt account,



much respect to the guilds that are not taking part in this nonsense


Bumping this bc soon, afk bokor will be no more


Bump bump bumpzz OwO


The afk bokor was kicked from dynasty as soon as they find out,
Smart Person: ima do all exploits on a MMO laugh at the ppl who dont and calle em dumb so i can be the very best and win all that prize money from tournament… oh wait xd
Tos 2019 Evo champion oh wait what? hahahahaha


Fun times coming soon to Baubas Cave and Sausis :distinguished:


Nothing retrospective?

Cause I imagine only dumb people carry on after this reply. So at the end no one is getting punished for anything…


Nothing will change, though.


This have been a problem since Dina Bee OBT days


Basically staff is saying indirectly, exploit as much as you can before we implement this change. Sometimes it’s best to not communicate with the forums at all as Staff Member.


just start handing out bans to the Melody guild they’re 90% of the afkers in Baubas


what is the fun time that @STAFF_Bob talking about?? anyone care to explain


so no action taken against the afk bokor?