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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


If a GM speaks to me, I absolutely do NOT have to reply to them at all. If I want to play without using my keyboard (xbox controller) I should not be forced to reply to people and risk a ban because I decided to not respond for whatever legitimate reason I might have.

Seems like lazy investigating to me. Meanwhile sausy10 overrun with macro bots. They focus on their paying customers lol smh


You’re right, but GMs are like the police of the game. well when they are in game
You can ignore them and not accept their commands, but then if there is consequences you should face them silently.

Exemple is extreme but, there’s a difference between an officer asking you to stop cause he thinks there’s something fishy, so he investigates you :

  • lets you go cause there’s nothing wrong and thanks you for your cooperation

  • you don’t let him investigate you cause you don’t like it and start to run away

The best option would honestly be a captcha, but for now we can’t even have GMs in game.

If we implement “a summons going AFK if you don’t move”, it can still be macroed, in Fedimian we had a REALLY dedicated macro farmer ; Schwarznagger, a warlock running dina bee farm 24/7 with 3 accounts for repairs, camp, a healer casting mass heal every 30 seconds and a peltasta to taunt.

And GMs “investigated” him and he was “clean”. :tired:

Has already been posted but I’m waiting to see this guy get bested,
Thanks Kim GMs like Yuri do exist though.

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Since a week or so, I have a strange feeling while leveling up my new character. A feeling of being haunted…

Yesterday, I was farming some Loftlems for a collection item in Main Building, then left through main entrance to Apsimesti Crossroads then to Forest of Prayer. Upon entering, I checked channel and I was alone. After moving down towards the fork to the warp statue, I started to hear THUMB sounds. A Greater Moloch maybe? I went to check, and nope it was a bokor/necro/sorc AFKing in the lower area of the map with a big noisy summon. So what’s so strange? That guy seems to appear as soon as I enter the map, and is always at the same location.

The spooky part… to be sure it was an AFK botter, I went back to town and bought a card album. Brought the album back and summoned a boss to see what would happen. And guess what? The char immediately ran away, so it could not be someone 100% AFK. Was about to leave, then the guy came back and suddenly some bosses were summoned from nowhere. Very funny moment…

The best part… I continued my journey with my character and soon went for questing at Greene Manor. After a while… the same THUMB sounds! I checked the whole map and found more necrobokors in the area with the orange tiger-like mobs. And a char with the same team name as the one in Forest of Prayer was there…

Am I followed? Do I see ghosts? :fearful: :ghost:


everyone knows what they do the ppl that afk on them are exploiters, but it’s mostly imc’s fault for not changing the way the pillars work

when you jump on them, it should drain your HP, or they should just change the pillar to a ball or rock or something, but we all know what will happen, the same usual gang of troublemakers in guilds i won’t say the names of will just move their afk operations to diff maps


Hi, how do I record in-game? because I think I saw a macro-user in Baubas. It is a Dopp>Matador that is standing in the pillar but does nothing but taunt monsters, call that bull, spin to win and stay like that until cooldown.


F12 is default to start the bandicam that comes with ToS. It saves to the avicapture folder in your TreeOfSavior folder but you might need something like vlc mediaplayer to view it. It uploads raw to youtube just fine though. Keep in mind that if you want in-game volume you need to basically max your game volume. It also picks up audio from any other applications you have running but not your microphone input.

~Azura Skyy

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