AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


ffs ppl are so dumb

afk bokor is exploiting game’s feature without using any third party soft

but there was no announement that this course of action from player was ever bannable

if you, as a company, want to punish certain behaviour that doesn’t exactly break any rules, what you do is you add it to the rules, by making an announcement that “since date/time X we are banning for Y behaviour” and start upholding this new rule

no announcement = no rules = no “punishment”

so shut the f up already with your useless whining.

PS. I don’t even have a bokker, you are just too dumb for my taste.

PS2. Also, afaik, since yesterday bokkering requires to hold mouse button with a tape or smth (zombies will disappear if character didn’t attack for a long time). Funny enough, this is bannable because considered external game automatization (ppl were banned by that before, no kidding). So if you see a bokker who is constantly auto-attacking, you can report and person will eventually get banned when IMC’s slowish support gets to them… maybe.

Or you can just icewall. There is no rule against it.


“- If the character stops attacking for a certain amount of time, the Zombies will no longer apply their debuff to enemies.”

This means a zombie killing mobs won’t spawn another zombie in the process, same fix as what was done for Warlocks with their spirits. And he will disappear after 4 minutes. Problem fixed.

To everyone: Bokor is a fun class when you actually play it. Don’t afk, just enjoy the cool skills you get when you actually play the class.


AFk bokoring hasnt been a problem for a while now you know

The real problem is the army of macro users in Baubas
I have reported them and they’ve been in that cave for weeks, even now they’re still macroing skills, summons, even ■■■■■■■ campwarp so you cant even kill them

And IMC just does nothing, its a joke of a company
Are they really too busy to take a look for 2 minutes at these obvious bots that have been reported multiple times and just ban them?


When I came back from work yesterday and connected to our guild’s discord, I found out that one of our guild members had been banned for AFKing with a Bokor. He was simply checking discord for a few seconds, and when he switched to the game again, he saw two messages from “GM Kiwi” that were “Hello” and then “Goodbye”. Didn’t have time to respond and got kicked out immediately. I’m tempted to believe he was not really AFK farming and was truly just away for a few seconds. If this is the case, then nobody will be playing Bokor again if something like this can happen.

In the meantime, my new pyro char that is currenly leveling around Forest of Prayer found a Bokor there at the same spot farming for three consecutive days. And it will probably be still there forever…


that’s what happens when dumb ppl with a tiny bit of power think they are “vigilantes” and start witchhunting, creating drama out of nothing and spreading paranoia

your mate is better off without them if they got rid of him that easily. just shows how your guild leader didn’t really value said person (if it really was the way you described ofc)

also, as I said, before this tuesday, afk bokkering was clearly not bannable, but NOW it is pretty bannable. so I guess your guild leader was just afraid shtless. still that doesn’t justify simply throwing a person out. this course of action may hurt a guild more than an actual banned bokker would have.

just saying, haha


Nah you got it wrong. He was not kicked out of the guild, but plain kicked out of the game and banned by a GM. He’s trying to figure out how to contact the staff to pledge his case.


cry more and get banned


lol for what? I don’t break any rules and don’t even have a bokker

go ban urself lol


Baubas Cave is still a disaster and new HG has less mob density and is generally over crowded with its 3 channels. When is the next fix coming to these areas?


How to fix problem this afk necro/summoner/bokor :

pillar passive AOE: HP loss 10% per 5 second per pet near its radius.
forces them to always be on floor and away.

Randomly spawn and despawn these pillar and move them around maps where most ppl will afk.
Problem solved.


summons should make equips durability drop quickly too


There is a easy way to solve this. If the character didnt walk beteween 60 seconds zombies go in pasive mode. Remove the attack thing. Make it with the character movement. And not Jump i saying movement beteween cells ( WALK) With that u dont gonna have any other afk and every person thats seems it would be a macro/Bot. That u can insta ban


-> make a script to keep character moving in circles

sadly i’m afraid this won’t be enough


Just remove pillars. Problem solved.


It makes me sad- because the summoner playstyle is more of an “Active” and engaged one than ever with it’s new abilities and synergies. And it’s sullied by these idiots.