AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


Buddy, PD isn’t inflating the silver economy. PD doesn’t let me get rich afk. I have to PLAY the game, to enjoy my PD. Bokors need to afk to enjoy the game.

Let me explain something that you seem to not understand. Standing on the pillar is not a problem. Standing on the pillar without any attacking does not change the game. Standing on the pillar when you’re afk with your dumbass summons and making more $$$ than all the capped content of the game. You deserve to be knocked off.

You’re ruining the integrity of the game.

I’ll be real, I’ll knock people down all I want. I do not touch people who are actively playing, so long as I know they’re actively playing. Because anything you do when you’re not afk can be done with or without the pillar. When you afk you NEED the pillar to survive, therefore those people do not deserve it.

When you can make money 24hr straight, despite basically all other money makers having someone-what of a cap or a time tax, you’re exploiting the game.



inb4 they turn this sht around and make pking afk farmers it into a PvP minigame for hunting grounds lul


Here’s an average loot of 7 minutes of CM


dont think the amount farmed is the problem, but the amount spent farming, you could make bigger $ in a shorter time period but people afk farming are making $ continuously and you get to go jerk off while doing it.


yes, that’s fine. continue to do whatever you want. gm cherry gave his okay on that. indirectly gave us his okay for us to continue what what we are doing as well.

Uh, yikes.

I make 700-900k per hour with a +23 velcoffer rod. Pretty sure I did my ‘high-end content’ to get here. Dont 'know what you’re doing (oh yeah you spend your time in baubas cave pushing people off pillars instead of making silver). If you can’t actively make more money than my 8 zombies, then I think that’s more just reflecting on your lack of being able to play the game.


Are you seriously comparing CM farming with AFK bokor farming?

You guys don’t seem to have it clear yet. It’s not just disrupting players from farming monsters but most importantly : it’s promoting gold sellers to make several accounts to AFK on said Hunting ground for RMT purposes.
You guys are having fun because it was discovered recently, but you just wait till all channels are filled with ‘dhjfksdjfksd’ characters afking on every single room of Baubas. It does more damage than Dina Farm due to all the droppable items inside :
-Primus gear
-Card albums

Again, this is not about who makes more money per hour.


Lol, if you think that’s the “average loot” of 7 mins of CM you’re completely detached with the reality of the game.


I don’t know why you keep comparing active play earning with afk earning… yea ofc you can earn more by playing the content. But the problem with AFK exploit is that you can do passive income after your active playing while you are at sleep or at rest. That’s totally unfair to people who don’t want to play in exploit manner.

It cause inflation. It kills room for new players. It ruin legit ppl’s playing. It is a exploit. Why doesn’t KTOS ppl AFK bokor, because they don’t dear to lose their account bounded by SSN. Because it’s an exploit.


I love how you misconstrue a literal GM saying it is OK to ice wall AFKers off the pillar as tacit approval of AFKer’s actions.

That is some verbal jiu-jitsu right there. Kudos.


he said icewalling in baubas cave is fun. i don’t think he said ‘banning in baubas cave is fun’ or i woulda packed my bags. how is it not him basically saying GM’s aren’t punishing that behavior? He just said the whiners can feel free to come come and get their momentary catharsis and relieve their salt levels.

replace he/him with whatever gender pronounce is appropriate :haha:


Well the bait was “making more $$$ than all the capped content of the game.” So I had to chime in :>

I already see bots inside the cave and the guild associated with it is “lurkers.” I see them macroing when I patrol there. I even pushed some of them with ice wall and I see them auto potting to stay alive, literally took them 10 minutes to die even with mediocre gear.



I want them permabanned at this point, they’ve completely ruined baubas cave


Your brain is missing. Since when did bots have trouble making silver? The only reason they don’t exist is because IMC finally cracked down on RMTing. Gold sellers had tons of bots with billions of silver but no buyers. Why would bots need to do what we are doing to make silver? They would have to invest in a semi decent weapon and/or get SPR gear. As if what they were doing already was not flooding the economy with more silver than this bokoring could have a prayer of doing. Looks like all these people that start off their stupid post like

are, in fact, the ones that don’t have any idea what they are talking about.


Brilliant interpretation - one for the history books. :rofl:


thanks senpai


The reason why I don’t really care about people AFKing is because if I do happen to farm, there are other spots available. It’s a hunting ground with a bunch of mobs and multiple farm spots. Also this isn’t like Dina Bee where people actually cuck questers. Right now there are only 3 spots that I see people on in the map, and there are a total of 8 spots in each channel. If there can only be 3 bokors on 5 channels respectively, where are the other 25 legitimate HG farmers? If the inflation is not the problem, why aren’t there anybody farming on these spots? @NotVau

I purposely went to the spots where there are barely any ranged mobs. So where are the farmers? I never see them even during peak times. Compared to the silver these bokors are making, CM is much, much worse.


since these guys decided to move into the map 24/7 you can’t activate the treasure chest anymore so rip to anyone that wants to get the title there


try not doing this at 10 am when everyone is at work burger kid

I have been contesting the left side of the map with other players ever since the shitty afk topic blew up


also the worst part is all the lag the summoners are creating

ever since bokorfarming got big I started to get the annoying bug that makes you stand in place for 2 seconds instead of casting your spells making me lose like 75% in front of pack that I was supposed to oneshot


Which is why I said peak time.