AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


I’m just wondering, Bokors zombie respawning now working normally and currently same as KToS, but why here is an “issue”, KToS prob not ? (I dont play in KToS so not really sure), I dont even see any patch notes change mention about Bokors as well.
And pls IMC, the roots aren’t from classes itself (reason as above), it was from u guys didnt take actions on those srsly such as reinforce the term of service, or will u guys fix some stuffs and make it become more bugs/inconvenience ? R7 fix on Boruta real fast, but why not this ? Remove afk pillars will shift the afk to dina bee farm / Use zombify to resummon slightly nerf but not impact the summoners / Make resummon zombies inactive to match with currently sorc/necro ?


Classic deflection. You do something wrong, but instead of fixing it you point fingers like a 5 year old.

Regarding resurrection, the tooltip could have been bugged and it was intended for Res to be infinite. Until we heard from IMC we wouldn’t know, but I did report it to get clarity and here was their response:

Hello Savior Thank you for contacting us and bringing this matter to our attention. We appreciate your enthusiasm for the game. We will take this as a feedback from you and forward to the proper department for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future. Thank you for playing Tree of Savior! Should you have any other concerns please let us know.

This is vastly different from a staff member saying something is an ‘issue’. A+ try tho.

Feb 12, 11:27 PM

Anyone who continues to AFK farm after this date of the Staff saying AFK farming baubas is an ‘issue’ is doing so knowingly and should pay the price.


no one in KR wants to pull any fancy sht since their accounts are linked to their SSN’s, so if nexon smites them its pretty much over + you get fined or possibly jail time depending on how 1337 you try to be.


Until there is a clear announcement on the issue, it would probably be smart to avoid making any assumptions on what you think this issue is.

Do you know exactly what issue he is talking about? Did he explicitly say in clear English what ‘issue’ is getting patched? Perhaps they will patch it so that the mobs do not respawn without clearing more of the area like in Dina Bee Farm and Demon Prison. The truth is that you do not know and there has been no official announcement on this like for other issues and bugs. I have no problem packing up my bokor bags and moving out of baubas cave if there is an official announcement that they do not tolerate AFK bokor farming. I check the news daily. Still waiting.

Please refrain from spreading unconfirmed misinformation from misguided assumptions to fit your own agenda. Have a nice day.


A smart person would put 2 and 2 together and say ‘hmm maybe I should stop AFK farming since a staff member said it was an issue’

you do you tho


smart people don’t play tree of savior


imma just borrow your logic again. smart person = wait they never banned afk farm before, they wont do it now. smart person = bob didnt actually say anything about the issue other than a patch, i shouldnt make up stuff. smart person = play pd before it gets nerfed, play bokor before it gets nerfed


You guys can keep trying to kill yourselves, i’m just dropping this.


Best part is that you can’t contact AFK people, not that they seem to bother with it.


Tell that to all the people who got banned for crashing channels and re-opening mystical cubes, lol. I am sure their plaintiff cry was this

but IMC didn’t say it was exploiting! wailing and gnashing of teeth


smart person = doesn’t compare playing bokor to crashing channels


what about the people who just opened their boxes over and over, hmm?

“but I didn’t know” isn’t an excuse. Use your brain.


what are you saying? people who opened your cubes despite knowing that they were bypassing the cooldown of it using a channel crash? somehow comparing that to using the completely functioning mechanic of zombies. your guildmember even says he afks in challenge modes with it. please tell me how they are related. one is obviously a non-intended bug being abused (before my time btw so idk how that relates to me) by forcing a channel crash (idk how you make a channel crash but i assume you should not be able to make a channel crash on command xd). the other is playing a class and people complaining about it. pd so broken please nerf! bokor so broken please nerf! your brain cells being utilized would also be appreciated!


Again with the playing dumb.

Standing in a map, while AFK is not a problem.

Standing in a map with pillars that prevent your character from being damaged while using minions to kill mobs for their silver is an ‘issue’.

Knowingly abusing this is clearly against the ToS.


then go ban the doppel using the pillar to farm with swashbuckling and cyclone. go ban your guild mate ogava for standing on that pillar as well. somehow your posts are talking about bokor and not pillars so u just seem to be confused or changing your argument to benefit the situation. the pillars have been there for a while with no whining from anyone. you see things how you want to see it and i can’t change that.


Ogava was spoken to and the problem was corrected, again with the deflection. I honestly don’t expect you or your guild to have standards. You replied to me this time trying to justify your actions. Didn’t even @ you.


trying to correct your completely flawed logic on the post*

What deflection? I’m just clearing giving you examples where your logic does not work and is flawed.

It’s fine. I mean I literally have said all that I wanted to say. You can misquote Bob however you want.

You literally did not address this at all and skipped over it. Just continued with your ‘Bob said’!


It was clear enough for me to understand, pretty sure it would be hard to misinterpret but maybe im in the minority.


I swear there’s a new exploit every quarter. It’s almost like a seasonal event feature for the game.





ohohohohoho, well lookie here