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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


This entire thread literally is.

Isn’t it because your guild is the heaviest AFK-Bokor abusers on NA? Just asking, no offence.


Maybe? Im not sure why ppl pick on us.

It is totally fine if other guilds do it less, right?


Maybe because one guild is single-handedly ruining 2 huge in game experiences? If you guys stopped doing that afk ■■■■, then others would follow.


Naah, there are other spots in the HG, only like 3 are good for bokors.

edit: 2? What?

Oh ■■■■, you are literally retarded.


Well, it’s either people are lying about your guild (why they would do that?) or they are not.

Being from SEA I could not care less about who’s telling truth there.

But if that’s true and you are the top, most populated guild in NA, hoarding AFK-farmers would be a shame. It’s more suitable for gold-sellers or solo-players. Not for the guild that claims to be the strongest on the server and demands respect. Well, if you do.


They do.


good question

And “afk farming” is a personal thing. Not all of us do it. And its not a “guild order/rule” or whatever. Many people from other “famous and big” guilds and small guilds and some guidless also do it. And probably many on other maps too.


Well, I have absolutely no reason not to believe you. Or your opponents. 'Cause I don’t know either of you and don’t play on your server. It’s your internal little squabble that turned this thread into a shitstorm.
And all my remarks you’ve reacted so harshly on was about situation on SEA. Though I do think, that it can be projected on other servers too.

That’s why I hate when steam games has regional servers. We should all boil in one place.

All I can say - attacking guilds for taking advantage of IMC making a terrible content (Boruta) is stupid. One can despise and hate their methods, never do the same thing yourself, but blaming guilds that turned to zegs to dominate Boruta - stupid. Blame IMC.


It’s your internal little squabble that turned

People continuously attacking us, sometimes with pure lies and insults and other shiet… turned this into a bigger shitshow.


LMAO jesus mods getting tilted rip


No, i’m fine and well-fed. Thanks for worrying retarded Sir.


Didn’t know NA has food supply problem… o_o


This thread, one photomemes


Looks like that racist poster implies i’m a poor starving “BR”, because some called this guild a “BR” guild. I’m not, not all in here are “BRs” and not all “BRs” are poor and starving. Many “BRs” are nice and good and fine people. Why does IMC tolerate racist xenophobes like that person. Sad and disgusting.


I joined #1 guild because they are my friends idc what you nerds think. We get along that’s what matters.

Thx Privaron, current #1 guild always have been attacked for years, because NA server players don’t know what else they can do against us

I tried before to teach and tell everyone our GTW strategies but no one learns. Even playing from less people we still win. People just call us zerg cause we have the most experienced gvg players and have ok gear

Example is that I show 3 attack vectors for inner wall 8 gtw map, you can push defending guild by
teaming with 3 different guilds, or just send 2 kino different directions and easily knock defending guild out but NA just choose to complain and rotate the map out.


like someone said, before afk bokors no one but no one goes to HG 370 just kingswood who farm all night
but now because “the exploiting guild Melody” everyone goes to farm to HG to see their spots with afk bokors…
I accept some gold sellers are abusing this issue and I hope it will fixed soon but isn’t a exploit and accept that

about the member of melody afk farmers they are doing that because they want is not a order of their gm and they are conscious of what they are doing if get punished o something else is their fault not exactly of the guild Melody, not all melody do afk farm but you and others person insist all of them do that, is so sad.


i’m a poor starving “BR”, because some called this guild a “BR”

Mfw I’m implying basically all of SA is ■■■■, I’m hispanic too. It’s crybabies like you that made the Silute server happen, then when you got it, you all cried to IMC about how it sucked.


No, i’m not and i did not.


Yeah you’re wrong
Ever since they put thauma link to scout (aka rebuild) people have been farming HG alot more

I’ve been in HG ever since it came out

Right now its pretty shitty though because half the map is occupied by afk niggers


Doesn’t know the difference between, “LIKE YOU” and “WAS YOU.”

Reading comprehension 100


Holeee ■■■■ based patsch