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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


Joining a guild just for Boruta - is such a defeatist approach, in my opinion.
If you can’t solo, better not participate at all and just buy stuff later from market.
Bowing before zergs - no thx.


That content is not intended to be “solo’d” or be done by small weak guilds. And that is okay.

But yes, sure. Wait and buy the items from the winner later.


Before I stopped playing the game and started playing after Rebuild, I barely saw anyone farming at baubas besides Kingswood and a select few thaum linkers. Even if there are bokors AFK in there, I had no trouble finding farming spots because there are way too many spots and mobs everywhere, and that’s excluding the range mobs. So no, I don’t believe that the whole guild is hogging all 50+ spots if you include the 5 channels. You can go ahead and kill them if you want, but it’s not going to change anything until IMC does something about it.


Its just fkd up that we are being told now;

Join 1 of these 3 guilds or you cant participate in new content.


Indeed. That is what IMC made.
But lets ignore the truth and hate on some players, because that is easier or whatever, right?


That content is completely flawed and not supported by the ToS’ mechanics and technical capabilities. Case closed.


There is some issues with lag and channel crashes. Less often this week.
But when/if they improve that… it will run fine and be “supported by the ToS’ mechanics and technical capabilities”


No it won’t, obviously.

Even if IMC manage to improve their servers (that they won’t), ToS mechanics does not support mass-PvP with several guilds involved. It barely works with just two guilds fighting each other - proved by all serious guilds participated in GvG (implemented or improvised ones) for these past years. Trying to argue with this means you never participated in large scale GvG in ToS.


Ohh alright, you know the future and you also work at IMC so you know what they can do and what they cant do. I see.

GBL ages ago was not very bad. And big fights in Boruta was also not very terrible. They can (and did already) improve that.


The result would have been the same if I somehow got 40+ lotus members to come back just for Boruta like in GTW, then you guys would have something else to complain about. There’s no correct solution in this ■■■■ fest.


I absolutely don’t know what are you talking about



Melody is literally the hispanic version of Desu, they even have fkng Nulight, 1 of the most infamous exploiters in Klaipedia’s history, Jace’s #1 lackey.

If you are ok with teaming up with those guys just to get Boruta stuff then you clarly dont give a crap about this game anymore and its just every man for himself.


He was in Lotus with us for over a year, who cares. I haven’t heard anything about him after the druid crap. All you’re doing is digging the past.


You probably dont even know these people.
Someone writing something in shout does not count for that.


Ya b/c im new right, im @jchsc32 so kinda been here since beta, thanks for the weak deflect though.


Did you play with them, ingame? Talk to them, ingame?
Nobody cares how old or veteran you are.

If i write “Battle_Forge eats babies” in shout or forum. Will that make it truth and facts?


If by exploiting, you mean afk bokor farming? It’s sketchy at worst. It’s like blaming Melody for doing Boruta when IMC created such awful content. Like blaming Melody for AFK bokor farming, when not only do other guilds do it, but IMC most likely didn’t see this as a result of the dumb class mechanics.

Just make it so summons don’t auto attack anything you’re not also actively attacking. Then we can start to see who’s actually afk or using bots/AHK (which would then be bannable).

Let’s hope they eventually fix it and also change Boruta.


Although the crashing ■■■■ did happen. It’s not actually false information. Also Nulight is toxic trash. Gets mad because I want to steal “their” farming pillar.


If your excuse for ANYTHING is; but Forbidden does it too then you are wrong, every time, next.


True my man. The loser are allowed to ““cheat”” and “bot” :+1: