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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


There are industries like oreans developing software to protect executables.

That doesn’t mean that games/software can’t be cracked, indeed they do get cracked day 0 (0-days).


I mean like, in the cyber world, what doesn’t get cracked? Isn’t that’s why your Windows is getting security updates overtime to fight these things.

Additionally, we are talking about a less than 3k CCU online game, there are much better game out there that the hackers/crack people can earn from if they were to sell their hacks etc. If there are people willing to invest time and effort into this game that cant even earn them much, i think that guy has some serious brain issue or something.

Things aside, that would mean that a 3rd party software is included if you were to bypass the captcha and that gives reasons to take legal action.


You are late, I guess. There is very known hack for ToS that has been going around basically since game’s launch.
They used it to crash channels, rollback failed enhancement, for the recent silver exploit and so on.
Can’t name it else the thread gets deleted, but you can search it.

A side note: the author bragged in this very forum to have made it and to make money from it.


Yes i know about it, but doesn’t it made the people rant about it in IMC’s face and they eventually took measure to solve it?


It only made people rant, IMC fixed only some of the exploits and it’s still up and working.


Why solve anything when you have GM Crevox and Impetus death squads on the case.


Remove autoloot from silver and treat them as an item, you know, step on the silver to loot it.

No macro or whatever dodgy mechanic people try to excuse with will loot that silver, simply put, gotta be a bot to loot the silver, and if the staff doesnt ban those, well gg.


I think if we make this a 400 reply thread IMC may do something about it.

I mean, maybe?


Really this forum needs some mod.


At this point they should’ve disabled the zombie respawn debuff just to get things under control.


tbh if IMC got resources to hire a mod, I want that mod to go ban bots/exploiters instead of mod-ing the forum. Same pay for same number of hours.


30 more replies we go :slight_smile:


Bump bump bump bumpitty

But seriously, there’s easy things that can be done.


Who cares about GM Crevox when you can just bribe Randybk and the rest of Lotus with Guaranteed Boruta Drops to join your guild and just out zerg Impetus.

Plus, now you have more people to afk with, the guild that cheats together stays together right?


I was asked to join just for Boruto and that’s it. The guild is dead and it was a pipe dream to get all the members back just to GvG, since we were disappointed with GTW. All of us lost interest including me. None of us bothered to recruit and 95% of us played MS2 at that point while Louka actually tried and recruit people to the guild just to do Boruta. I will tell you if I had gotten an invite from other guilds I would have stayed in Lotus, not gonna be bothered with the conflict. But I also was not going to apply to any guilds, and I didn’t care where other members went to, whether it be Impetus or Melody. Welp, if for some reason they were upset that I joined another guild, why didn’t they approach us before it happened?

Also, what’s wrong with them recruiting us? Crimson back in the days did exactly that and absorbed a ton of people and steamrolled everyone. It took us awhile to catch up to them and even with Mango gone we were still able to compete against them.

Also have no idea how we are guaranteed Boruta drops. The better prepared guilds will always win. We were clearly outnumbered during April GTW but still won in a zone that had 2 flank points and multiple guilds, yet Lotus were prepared to face them, despite all the lags.


Oh really? Hold my beer…


People are delusional if they think everyone’s guilds can be competitive in Boruta.

There were realistically only 2-3 guilds that could or would compete in it. It’s not about bribing or recruiting. People who want to do the content should look toward joining those guilds, it’s just the way it currently works.

Being butthurt over someone joining another guild so that person can realistically do the content is dumb.


Probably similar amounts to these and other people

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But that is okay, right?
Because they are losers instead of winners, right?


Sorry but you’ve lost all credibility with me now that I see you are in Melody.

That guild openly promotes cheating and just absolute scumbag tactics. While I absolutely agree that only a handful of guilds can realistically do Boruta you could join the larger guilds that actually have ethics and promote healthy gameplay.

Furthermore forcing everyone in the game into 3 massive blob guilds just so they can recieve rewards from content is disgusting.

And lastly, we are not butthurt or salty, people are just sick of that guild cheating and ruining people’s farming that are actually playing the game.



GM, someone in Impetus AFk farming.


Its okay mate, hes in the loser guild. Not the winner guild. And not in the boogiemanguild. So he can do whatever he wants.