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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


You don’t even read. And assembly code aren’t simply bits.


I’m not the one that wrote “bits”, indeed. :rofl:


It’s meant to be sarcastic. Cause no one read bits. Guess you can’t understand.


I understand that you keep backpedaling after having googled around and realized you wrote a pile of bs :rofl:


Ok. You win. My one hour lecture didn’t teach you anything.

Keep your belief. You will bypass every APIs on Earth, with some op code and assembly.


Yours is a wannabe lecture.

If you want to prove me wrong, explain me what


Else, shut up luser.


I am calling them assembly. Somehow you call them op codes.

It’s basic enough that every System class will contain content about it. Wikipedia has clear definitions as well.

Op codes are bit translation of operation specific to system, not xor eax, eax noop.

When I wrote those in college for classes, you ain’t even in grade school.


Instead of telling me what they do, you present me a wikipedia page and another wrong statement!

They are not opcodes, you lamer, it’s assembly code.


Let me quote you:


Read. I see you just wanna waste my time-_-


You clearly don’t understand the difference between an opcode and assembly.
Please, keep going!

Oh, meanwhile you want to reply?

“When google doesn’t help, link wikipedia!” :joy_cat:


I am keep going going. Happy?

Not until you explain how you can use assembly code and op code to bypass Captcha. Cause I wanna make big bucks too, you know?


That would mean that I had to explain you what that does.
Also, since I asked first, you’d answer first.

Fact is, you don’t know the answer and it’s pretty clear.


Then I should charge you lecture penalty fee, cause you don’t read.

Fact is, you can’t use assembly code and op code to bypass Captcha. They aren’t even relevant.

System level cracking is white hacking the APIs. Unless the API is crab and doesn’t do any good.


Ok, i am really done with you boi…My morning plan is completely trashed. You succeed in trolling me.


The answer is so simple that only a wannabe that doesn’t know it would make all this fuss.







I feel sad being trolled. She’s just baiting me to reply :zipper_mouth_face:

Why are we talking about CS in this thread anyway. I lost it.

And I lost my morning. Just finished cleaning bathroom, moving on to other parts.


I asked you a very basic question, that you can’t answer and resort to linking a wikipedia page.

If there’s someone trolling, that’s you.


Whats the salt here anyway. My eyes are burning dry from it.


All stem from people wanting captchas to “fix” bokor afkers issue.

I said they’re bypassable and just an annoyance for the legit players and the guy above said they’re unbypassable, insisting even when provided with methods to do it.


To be honest there is an industry providing captcha services and an industry providing counter measures.

If it’s that simple they won’t exist.