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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


" Taoism (/ˈdaʊɪzəm/, /ˈtaʊ-/), or Daoism (/ˈdaʊ-/), is a religious or philosophical tradition of Chinese origin which emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao (Chinese: 道; pinyin: Dào; literally: “the Way”, also romanized as Dao)."



Not really representative of what people study for real as Tao…

Fork religion over the history has made Tao something like “if you are focused, detached from the noisy world and pray you get what you want”. These people believe reaching the end of “Tao” can make you immortal.

While the philosophy is just the thought of why and how we should be.



I checked the wikipedia page. I’d say after all wikipedia is crowdsourced information, so not necessary the best quality.

The English link :

is linked by two Chinese links:

The Tao as philosophy :道家

The Tao as religion :道教

The English link only directs to the religion one, demonstrating how Western world believes Asian culture sees Tao as religion. That’s true over the history where Tao is used as a tool to brain wash uneducated population. Not so true for the great philosophers in the past.


(Rising temptation to turn this thread into discussing religion on why Monk is in Cleric tree when all it has is martial arts and why Nak Muay is in Swordsman tree when Nak Muays actually “pray” before being able to use Nak Muay skills)

Just found it funny how this AFK farming thing is blowing up again as usual but with Bokor in the mix. Probably can be easily fixed too, on IMC’s part if they intend to do it.


The players shouldn’t really have to deal with this, nor it’s our duty to police the game, it’s all on IMC.

They get all the money and refuse to spend some to hire GMs with more than one brain cell alive and they also let go people that did their job like @STAFF_Letitia.

And no, bringing back Grim Reapers won’t help since big guilds will arrange to kill them (like it happened on Fedimian) and captcha is a stupid suggestion popping out in every game that lacks proper abuser’s handling.


Bokor doesn’t even belong to wizard class, it’s a priest.


With that mediocre metality you have is better to say (is a whale) becouse have better equip than me,
instead of saying that player grinded alot to get those item but in the end result are result # getgood


CAPTCHAS work, Aura Kingdom did it on their non-us and private servers. No one complained. Face that IMC won’t patrol or do their job. That’s how all publishing companies are. They do the bare minimum., Nexon, Aeria Games, NC-Soft, IMC.

It’s all the same spiel.

Ideally IMC could have gms kick off afkers and bots, but that’s just money out of their pockets.

Captchas work, annoying, but effective. Limiting them to HG’s would help save some strain.

People who complain about them, have no plausible resolution. IMC isn’t going to hire people to baby sit HG, so let’s just be practical.


I’d have +26 Velcoffer too if I bought silver like you scrubs.



I don’t like captchas, but if they have to do it, they could implement it as an actual game mechanic, like requiring the caster to input random keys/buttons in order to complete a summoning spell. Think of it like typing chant words Removing the debuff inflicted by Bokor zombies, allowing for an infinite respawn loop would also help.


I agree, or at least limit the Bokor debuff to locations that AREN’T HG, or limiting summon duration in HG.

Similar as to how TBL is balanced for certain classes, limit durations.

If possible a captcha could come up when using a resummon skill, so you can’t just macro it.


They’ll just bypass captchas, almost everything is client side in this game.
It would be only an annoyance for legit players.


ITT people playing glorified plants vs zombies

viva melody


Man, everyone sure did this threat TL TR.

Just to have everything straight, is it leaving your character with summons illegal or not in this game? if you consistently use potions re summon and stay alert of your character is not really called AFK Boting right?

Why even bother creating those clasess then, the dmg they do is not even compared to other AOE killing classes such as Elementalist, Onmyoji ETC, so we can usually steal the mobs from Sorcs/Necros.

Is it allowed or not? We shouldnt care for the hate of other ppl, do what most people did, create your own and use it, its fun.


you are missing the point of the entire thread, please re-read


Did he forget macros exist?


It is not illegal, but it is definitely unethical.

It’s like, setting your alarm at 8am on Sunday in a college dorm isn’t illegal, but it’s unethical enough that everybody else will beat you up.

You are lucky we can’t physically reach you :expressionless:


Captcha is a server-initiated ping. If client doesn’t respond correctly server will refuse registering new event and forbid client from logging in with the same account for awhile.

Go back to your first networking course in CS, if you have taken it at all.


I don’t know if you’ve seen some of the examples, but IMC should probably take their first course in CS someday. They literally have ■■■■ like:
function one() {return 1}
function two() {return 2}



ok but why is nobody talking about how they said “all religion based magic classes will be on cleric tree from now on and all non religious based classes will be moved to wizard”

but they still proceeded to move bokor and taoist to wizard


Someone did.