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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


Can we just make Cyro-killing afkers a game initiative.

Like can people organize a group of cyros to just mess with people, sounds like a good community bonding experience


It’s so much better now because they actually die. In the bee farm, all you could do was slowly move them away from the enemies. It’s so much more satisfying to see their dead body on the floor, knowing they lost 10% of their ill-gotten gains. I encourage anyone with a Cryo to give it a shot.


Literally made one today just for this purpose, hopefully more will join in lmao.


Im sure its semi amusing but why do we have to play the role of GMs. I dont understand why Crevox is left to play the part of GM on Klaipedia 24/7 and we are expected to disrupt our gameplay to stop cheaters.

Why cant the devs give 2 shi*s about their own game, Jtos works, doesnt lag, isnt full of this crap, im assuming Ktos is similar, so why has Itos been left as the piggy bank and portapotty for Kim the last 3 years?




Just repost it a few more times until his guildees run out of flags, what a sad attempt to cover up evidence.


All these deleted and hidden posts, its almost like using the sub reddit.


Its actually not the same since bots
A) don’t spend silver on silver sinks
B) don’t have a minimum cost of entry for a niche farming method
C) aren’t driven by irl economics


Let me cherry pick the differences that don’t affect the final outcome, so I can appear right.
^ Yes, that’s you.

The end result is an inflated economy. Silver farming in Baubas is exclusive, since you Bokors get whiney and mad when someone takes your pillar.

Don’t tell me that’s not the truth. Because I tried it and all Melody does is cry and call you toxic over it. I’m just exposing the reality of what you’re doing.

Just like bots don’t need to eat or sleep, you run an afk farmer while you go to nap. (Because I witnessed it)

You’re ruining the integrity of the game, therefore those of us who want to interfere are justified.


Mfw someone still doesnt want to look at automod evidence presented and doesnt want to understand basic words.

Its actually pretty sad at this point with how rude and illogical you are.


[Edit]: just to touch on your points since you like to put out false info as usual, ktos does in fact lag and crash as pointed out by ktos users, in fact a lot of ktos users think that ktos is the test server and itos is the real server.


For someone whos supposedly “busy with in game and rl events” you sure are quick to hang on every word I say.

I also love how quick you were to reprimand that new Dynasty member and then screenshot the conversation and post the whole thing on the forums for everyone to see, thats super professional behavior from a guild officer.


If you can’t see the differences between it then i guess that at the end of a day is a you problem since i layed them out in a easy to digest way. Bots literally use scripts to continually farm maps in groups of hundred for weeks at a time, then another player has to physically purchase this silver with their own money. Its literally taking huge chunks of silver and poofing them into existence with no effort at all. However if you’re afking on necro/bokor w/e like players have literally done since the beginning of the server, then you have to again
A) have gear
B) check back to make sure other players haven’t griefed you
And if you’re doing both of these things then and only then can you make money. By having gear this means you either bought silver or participated in the economy which is the root of your argument.


I said i was busy until a few days later(i.e weekends) to take time and make a proper post if i were to facilitate a discussion.

Not that i was so busy as be unable to reply to the massive amount of misinfo and bias you always present.

You do realise that if i didnt post the screen shot, people like you probably would have said i didnt do it etc.

If he didnt know and stopped doing it after i warned him, then it would have been ok with a warning and closer obeservation. But seeing as he seemed to hold no remorse and continued to do so and behaved rudely for no reason then i have no qualms to remove him.(edit: the past member, not OP)

Also why dont you acknowledge the evidence provided that you think i am the one who is personally banning/removing/hiding posts when in fact i am not.



You sound like you failed high school economics.

“Huge chunks of silver” is relative to the average. The amount made by afk necros in Baubas IS huge, relative to the amount made in all other CAPPED CONTENT. (Ex. CM/DG/RAIDS)

Participating in the economy does not mean you’re an exception. Especially since that input isn’t current, your 3 year old Froster Lord card isn’t a recent investment. Armor? Who needs that when you have pillars, weapons? +16 a Zvaig and you’re ready to go.


You are exploiting the same bugs that allow it to happen. You aren’t getting griefed, you’re griefing the ■■■■ out of people who actively farm HG because you’re slowing them down. You’re injecting silver into the economy all the same as any bot would. So what did change your mind? You’re calling someone who does nothing but help people every chance he gets full of himself because he caught you doing something embarrassing and killed you several times for it, while defending the guy who is brazenly talking about and defending this new exploit to make millions of silver in a high traffic map that other people actively farm in, and you somehow don’t find that guy to be full of himself? Like you were against RMT, against other exploitative bullshit, and you join up with the only people bold enough to continue RMTing after the changes just to stick it to the guy who helps new players in shout chat most of the time?

Like what the ■■■■ happened to you dude?


I wonder how much money people in melody made already so far while we talking here.

Probably 100mils+ each…


That’s why we should make it a community initiative to grief afk necros. I mean I’m leveling a fresh cryo to do the work.


Moving Bokor to Wizard is a mistake, now Bokor is considered an AFK farming class like Bokor was with Sorcerer Necromancer all along as the farming combo meme since the beginning of AFK farming jkjk.



I don’t even understand the reason for the move, IMC is like “Clerics classes are devoted to a religion.” Is Voodoo not part of a religion? Because it is. Same with Taoist, Taoism is a religion.


Strictly speaking Taoism is a philosophy. But meh…