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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


No one in Klaipeda should be surprised that Melody members are the largest offenders of exploiting the game when they continue to do it time and time again, brazenly. Then when you call them out on it, they deflect with their Boruta achievements, call you a white knight, or attempt to smear you by claiming you are running scripts to knock them off the pillar.

Anyone in their guild with a spine should either leave or call them out internally for being terrible.



we dont deflect only for the Boruta achievements And dont forget the easy 1 in WB, all +16 wepon and good equip. aaa the importa part all atribute 100.
now you can continue hating us #salt # getgood, talking in the forum wont make you get better in the game Keyboard warrio!!!

Dont forget we take 50% more damage.


ktos devs already commented that the 50% more damage wasn’t enough of a deterrent - also that is helping you to kill the boss faster with r7x so if anything its a benefit to you.

all +16 wepon and good equip

must be easy to get that afking for silver all day


ToS is finger-pointing competition

my guild would never hack or cheat, but we do speak spanish
estoy aprendiendo español


Dont worry i make all my silver from the easy 1 in WB and selling items from my 8 velco party that i run.
i just know how too make silver in the game i dont need to afk i dont even have one. #salt #getgood.
#youneedtoomakeanotherargument. Keaboard warrior master :smiley:


Were you around for TeamAqua exploiting WB too?



Some next level damage control going on.
Here’s a link describing what you do at literally any given moment.


You made the claim - sounds like you are full of ■■■■. Oh well.

in case you forgot

I’ll see if i can get a video of it, but he’s pushing pillars that don’t even have players on them, and furthermore i doubt he can maintain a “”""""""""""""""""""""""“full time job”"""""""""""""""""""""""""" if he’s up at 4am pushing players off of walls. Literally pot calling kettle black except instead of a pot its a bokor and instead of a kettle its a cryobot. I’ll grab a video of him doing this and edit it in.



Yes of course, as soon as i get the video it will be posted. And i can corroborate this with several other players who have either witnessed or been effected by GM Crevox’s script. In the meantime please reread the wiki article as it seems you didn’t quite get the point. I hope you’re able to understand it as it does have several words you may not understand but good luck and i wish you well!


What wiki article? I would look for it but at this point I just assume your head is up your ass due to doubling down on baseless claims.

EDIT: oh you mean strawmanning, yeah someone who makes and then doubles down on false claims trying to point out fallacies. K champ


I dunno what happened to you, dude. You have become so depraved that you think someone needs a script to icewall you off a pillar, to stop you from doing something exploitative in a game you don’t even like anyway.



Lets get this straight for the kids at home. Zhwan thinks that Crevox, someone who has spent countless hours helping the ToS community, who was interviewed by the GMs, would:

  • Develop a script to auto play anything in the game for any reason
  • Decided to target players who are afk farming HG
  • Somehow made it to patrol the map, and automatically position his character appropriately and cast ice wall periodically to knock players off the pillar.
  • Also this magical script would backmasking them as well over and over generating multiple kills.

@Tehwi - Do you also enjoy the educational broadcasts of Alex Jones?


20 characters or more.


Even if he wasn’t scripting he’s still in the wrong. Until IMC comes out with an official stance on the matter, its none of your concern. Your guildie is under the impression that they are the judge jury and executioner on a topic that is both nebulous as well as none of their concern. Literally attacking players by physically effecting their gameplay vs not having a spot to farm. What a ■■■■■■■ joke. Also this is why i joined Melody, Crevox is so ■■■■■■■ full of himself its not even funny. If his ego was any bigger there wouldn’t be enough room for the rest of us in this server.


Subjective and nice goalpost moving

get out


Alright, catchya in Baubas. :wink:


I don’t see anything wrong, if he’s not using script, he’d be just putting an ice wall on the map and that doesn’t ever break any terms of play, heck, he doesn’t even kill those AFK bokors, they got killed by the mobs on the map.


No amount of whaling will fix your poor English skills and move you into a 1st world country. # salt # getgood

Looks like mama never taught you to not flex on a MMORPG.


It feels like founder’s early access all over again where we were all forced together, NAs and BRs, the only people I remember disliking the BRs more then the NAs were the other BRs.

All this garbage quickly reminds me why. Lets make an all spanish guild and just cheat our as*’ off b/c its cool on Silute and theres no GMs on NA, then when people complain well just call them salty.


Does them removing the ability to AFK farm multiple times throughout the games lifetime really not count as an official stance? Also, if you were playing the game, you wouldn’t even be affected by his “attacks”. What an embarrassing post, I hope the entire Melody guild gets deported back to Silute.