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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back

-> make a script to keep character moving in circles

sadly i’m afraid this won’t be enough

Just remove pillars. Problem solved.

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It makes me sad- because the summoner playstyle is more of an “Active” and engaged one than ever with it’s new abilities and synergies. And it’s sullied by these idiots.

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Players actively watching the screen and manually pressing the attack button to keep zombies active is not something we can punish(a patch has been implemented so that zombies won’t spawn if the player is not in active combat). However, if there is enough proof that a player is using macros, we can ban them. Macros can include any devices both hardware and software that lets player characters take automated action. And yes, this includes gluing your keyboard attack button in with whatever devices.

We are doing all we can to resolve the issue systematically and you can also help by sending in reports via tickets. If someone is suspected of macros, take a video of them not responding to you in chat or continuing to use skills/attack in place at regular intervals when iced walled off the pillars. We will go in-game and check the logs to verify this and ban them.


  • can’t ban if the player is glued to their computers manually pressing the attack/skill hotkeys
  • but we can ban macros if there is enough proof(this includes people holding in their attack/skill hotkeys on keyboards)
  • send in tickets with video of suspected players that are using macros
  • we will verify and ban them
  • further fixes for the issue coming up

Have you guys ever consider deleting or removing the platform/pillars?

Good job IMC

The pillars shine when you kill mobs, maybe they do not remove them because they have a hidden mechanism that we have not discovered

They should just remove the collision or increase the height to address the pillar issue.

There is a gimmick?? yea i find it strange too … hopefully someone can discover it

inb4 we have the drinking bird pressing the button and you can’t do anything since if the people have a chat alert addon they can just start talking to the GM incoming

Speaking from experience, I used that tactic in Ragnarok Online on my AFKchemist + homunculus to avoid the ban :prince:

we can always bend the rules to enforce a three-day ban on anyone who just stands loitering in place in baubas no questions asked… but that will make lives more miserable for all parties involved… so let’s try not to go down that path


I agree to some extent but IMC managed to make an anti-AFK system in the pig event that even labels active players as AFK, so why can’t we have something this strict to deny rewards from AFK gods from dungeons, raids, feud, and even fields, instead of an event?


Its easy just turn Summons in pasive mode insted of attacking turn into moving. So if the player didnt move ( not Jumping i saying walk) Summons become pasive if u didnt move every 60 seconds. End of story . Good bye to afks. Them if someone didnt answer u and is walking around must be a bot. Easy ban recognize. End of story

In the mean time you guys could go down the path of logging in once or twice a day and booting people from channel or banning them for exploits since that is clearly defined in your rules. If standing on a pillar to take 0 damage isn’t an exploit than I don’t know where you draw the line but your compass is out of whack.

We’re not asking for miracles- the one time we’re aware of that you banned anyone in Baubas stirred up the Forums and the community was absolutely pleased. You can garner easy favor from the community with 5 minutes in Baubas each day.

~Azura Skyy

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What about for people who don’t speak native language? They wouldn’t know to reply back. They would get falsely banned. I don’t think Bob is going to type in every language to verify that they aren’t a bot.

Thats a cop out of an excuse. Its the NA server- nobody would expect the GMs to speak English to you in kToS or jToS and likewise nobody expects them to speak anything but English here.

iTOS is English only?

I’m not defending macros or 3rd party systems. I’m trying to make sure people don’t get falsely banned because someone is ESL.

There’s got to be a better way to confirm bots, maybe checking their inputs on the back end as opposed to just saying hello to them.

Or instead of doing all of this, just rework how summons work.

If someone begins talking at you in a language you don’t understand, you should still respond at least with an “I don’t understand your language, sorry.” Any response is better than none.

And it is a copout excuse. If you agree to a Terms of Service you can’t even read, it’s your own fault when you get banned for breaking the terms.

All that silver was injected into the economy. People will continue to exploit in new and exciting ways they discover because there is absolutely no incentive to report bugs, there is absolutely no punishment for people who abuse bugs, and they get to keep everything they receive via exploiting. People are rewarded for abusing, and will continue to do so as a direct result. They already got as much as they could out of it without getting banned or punished in literally any way, the fix will come in and only the latecomers will be banned, and the people who abused it for several months will move onto the next exploit that will take several months to fix, and they know they won’t be punished for the next big thing either.

You can only do what you can, but continuing to be weak on abusers is only going to make more people quit the game.


You’re misunderstanding me. My original reply was to the person saying if they don’t respond it must be a bot and you should ban them.

I don’t think it’s a copout excuse, iTOS isn’t English only AFAIK. Yes, I do agree it’s up to the individual to know and agree to the Tos.

But I guess if a GM talks to you, you are obligated to respond? But if a player talks to me, you shouldn’t have to interact with the other player. I dunno why you even mentioned breaking terms as I didn’t say anything along the lines of breaking tos doesn’t warrant a ban whether you can read em or not.

What I am pushing for is I don’t think that replying should be the deciding factor. It should be the starting point to investigating the account for bot or macro use.

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I misunderstood you some, but I do think if a GM (or anyone) begins talking to you, it’s a common courtesy to respond even if you don’t understand, to tell them that you don’t.

I agree with the latter to a point, someone shouldn’t just be banned for not replying. People can have chat hidden or something similar. I also think they do “start investigations” now without banning people, I mean think about how few people they even do ban, or have bans reversed within a day or two. My issue is more of a… how many chances do you give somebody? kind of thing. With IMC it appears to be infinite, no matter how egregious the damage is.