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AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back

I can understand the language barrier, but you are simply retarded.
Afkin’ in instances is illegal, if I saw you doing it I’d report you like I did with the trolls on my server that got banned.


Retardo, spend a minute to understand what was goin on (and when) before making stupid assumptions.
And I mean, that I mean, that I mean, that I mean!

I mean the sauce!

Yeah, I don’t are I new. Sigh…

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omg i just realize you are in dungeon 300 with lvl 360 in party wtf they are getting so carryed and still saying they afk? lol dafuq you are like the people that say they afk in 330 when there is a full geared 390 of the same guild carrying your ass in the dungeon xD

go ahead do all you want is a free game i mean i never afk lol i play the game but i will tell people to afk in feud if the game is like this i mean i m imc costumer cause yeah you know player are actually costumers right? if you dont even know that i think i cant even teach you right, want me to start from the basics? le me put you an example if a person is renting a house and the owner is not giving the service its need the person that’s renting can negate to pay the rent know that? ok follow up ok? if feud is so lag is crash or you cant even move or you cant even atack you CANT blame a person for stay afk cause yes imc is failing here i mean i only tell them to afk cauce you know … the lag did you even read me? i even say for now LOL

So, I posted on reddit. Got my account banned from tos subreddit directly.

I’d say moderators are afking as bokers as well.


Just u watch:

You won’t see this on reddit feed. And my new account will get banned again.

Also, I made

Not sure it’s at the right place. New on forum.

Instead of removing the summoner class, how bout making the player micro every single summon just like in Starcraft 2. No more auto attack. Everything must be manual casted. Once the target monster dies, every summon goes into standby mode until next command is given to attack again. :joy:

Did you think for a second that one of the ultimate bootlickers, aka PaleMoon, aka Mikumo, would allow you to say anything negative about his favourite source of escapism?

Truth is, if you don’t gather enough reaction from the community, IMC’s not fixing anything until next January.

Unless PaleMoon himself afk as boker, I don’t see why he would allow such unhealthy gameplay in his favorite game. You farm for a few hours to make 10mils. AFKers do nothing for 15mil+ a day.

Mind commenting, @Mikumo?

Making silver isn’t the problem it’s people injecting silver into the economy without effort. Same stupidity as “but 140 scouts make more money than necros” you can’t run CM 24/7 and never burn out.


They are more like

"Haha look at your dumdum farming so hard. I get to have a life and go to movies and come back with 17mils a day.

Welp, I guess you can farm even harder to match me up :wink:

But ya, similar.

Why am i getting pinged o.o?


[Edit] seems like you dont know that new reddit accs (7days or less) that post on the subreddit go through the automoderator and held in stasis until a mod checks them to approve or decline. That is why you can’t see ur posts

I had an old account that’s banned.

If your acc is banned on the sub, you either are one of those spelling bots, spam bots, or have been posting topics on how to hack/goldbuy in the past.(tl:dr you havent checked subreddit rules on right side of oldreddit)

I dont think ive banned anyone for any other reasons on the subreddit. There is also a possibility your acc was also shadowbanned, but thats not in relation to me.

It’s about AFK farmers. If AFK farming is hacking, then ya it’s about how to hack.

Other than that, I think my history is pretty much like a normal person.

AFK farming is not hacking, and you should learn what these terms all mean before flinging any of them around.

Botting is using some means to repeatedly do things in place of yourself. Pressing buttons repeatedly, putting a popsicle stick weighted over some keys to press them consecutively. Anything that simulates a keypress that you yourself are not doing.

Hacking is modifying the game in some way to gain an unfair advantage, this requires a third party program to do realistically as doing it with just the game itself can’t be done.

AFK Farming as a bokor can be done strictly abusing a game mechanic (IF you wish to see it as abuse…), you don’t need a third party program, you don’t need to simulate any keypressed. You only need to have high enough damage, that’s the only requirement.

Thank you for your explanation to @Mikumo

so i’ve literally just checked through your post via automod history and you were indeed banned from another moderator of the sub. (i was asleep at this time until some hours later)

checking the reasons given: you were spamming the same post over and over with intents to witch hunt and i’ve even checked from the comments you literally accused everyone who even slightly disagreed with you a whale/botter via personal attacks.

It seems you dont understand the difference between the concept of whales and the botters.
They are not mutually exclusive, however from your posts/comments you pretty much said every one who disagrees with you is a whale botter etcetcetc.

In this imgur link, you’ll see just some of the comments that you did. (multiple images)

also as a bonus content, you’ll see automod doing its work

In terms of the bokors in baubas, i dont think that all of them at using autokeys etc.

however i do think that imc should make some slight changes to make it so that its not possible to afk farm via bokor like they did with the skeles/sorcs, as it is not a good sign for players trying to farm in those areas. Other than that opinion i have nothing else to say in this topic.

also: just in case OP tries to call me a bokor whale/bot, i only use 1 main char which is a chronotaoele. and my side chars are 2 naked saalus slaves + 1 naked squire

Thank you. Now I understand I can’t accuse people slightly disagreed with you a whale/botter via “personal attacks”.

I think I get personal attacked more often than I personal-attack personally. Like I was called dumb and I just replied “I’m dumb. Thank you <3” But meh, personal opinions.

You should probably share the link to the whole post instead of only image of some fragments :slightly_smiling_face:

I got the person inside the picture to talk about how much silver he’s making with unfair advantage. I took advise from people disagreeing with me to file something official to IMC.

Wanna bet how many of those people unvoting are boker farmers?

In that sense I guess my new account’s posts aren’t get approved neither. Thanks moderators, they protect Bokers well.

Thanks @Mikumo.