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Accounts Banned for Abuse (May 3rd, 2016)

Greetings, Saviors.

The following is a list of blocked users and the reason why they were restricted.

bot 3vTc**
bot 3ZSQr**
bot 4afa**
bot 5Ywm**
bot Adol**
bot AFlowe**
bot aghrshdf**
bot aJ1m**
bot andIndi**
bot b9f9**
bot bcff**
bot BcNt**
bot Biso**
bot black**
bot bluefr**
bot bmq9**
bot bUL9**
bot bVVr**
bot Carmen**
bot Cena**
bot cena**
bot cnea**
bot C**
bot CT**
bot CT**
bot Curtai**
bot cZ2n**
bot Dance**
bot DF**
bot DFGS**
bot Dia**
bot DO**
bot drty**
bot ena**
bot ENdY**
bot EN**
bot ENr8**
bot erwr**
bot FaAV**
bot fesgd**
bot FuA**
bot gdf**
bot gdryg**
bot gEAK**
bot ghjmvcnzx**
bot GO**
bot gye**
bot h1cU**
bot hairsty**
bot HOom**
bot httrh**
bot Kingoffrui**
bot kjhku**
bot Kwai**
bot l7dt**
bot LE**
bot lega**
bot Linda**
bot Lind**
bot Marin**
bot Mcurph**
bot Mg4V**
bot Mi**
bot M**
bot mnnn**
bot NKXJ**
bot nygD**
bot Pk9a**
bot PKd1**
bot RNpRf**
bot Sadn**
bot sdgsdhd**
bot sdgwgt**
bot seeyou**
bot sfetg**
bot sffgfd**
bot sgsgs**
bot SkyMonKey**
bot SkyMonKey**
bot SkyMonKey**
bot Sr8V7**
bot TD**
bot teZJ**
bot th**
bot Tns**
bot TOO**
bot TOSFA**
bot Tsxi**
bot tTrK**
bot TT**
bot uyfhf**
bot VSxNg**
bot vU3nt**
bot WGqk7**
bot Win**
bot WsaFR**
bot XZ3YN**
bot YiBi**
bot yryrt**
bot ZI**
bot ZT**
bot zxczcs**
gold_seller DSF**
gold_seller dsfsfef**
gold_seller gdgdfgd**
gold_seller gdgdgd**
gold_seller GREJTR**
gold_seller Gsegs**
gold_seller hfhf**
gold_seller sejsejse**

bot 20R7**
bot 2EX7T**
bot 4Uyn**
bot 7q0g**
bot 9eRd**
bot AKAg**
bot Basili**
bot BbXq**
bot bdh9**
bot Bwac**
bot c879**
bot cBMp**
bot cvbcbff**
bot Diaha**
bot Dong**
bot dsgw**
bot Enthusia**
bot ertdf**
bot Eveadolp**
bot FCaB**
bot fgdh**
bot fhrjr**
bot fPPu**
bot Funiush**
bot fzwG**
bot GcWy**
bot gdthf**
bot gDYF**
bot Geig**
bot Germa**
bot ghtry**
bot GnmL**
bot gPxW**
bot GzA7**
bot hrete**
bot Hubba**
bot Jang**
bot JrxF**
bot kmHs**
bot Koreyosh**
bot KUWQ**
bot kXgV**
bot LMdM**
bot LmwN**
bot longy**
bot Lwcq**
bot LzuP**
bot mirellafhog**
bot mxRQ**
bot ngdt**
bot NQpS**
bot NW6N**
bot P7F1**
bot P8py**
bot pct9**
bot px6j**
bot Qrvp5**
bot r2d7**
bot redmou**
bot Richard**
bot S94TZ**
bot SyV3v**
bot t8VD**
bot tcFNG**
bot toniel**
bot ttghfg**
bot Tz6V4**
bot ubKGN**
bot UnNnK**
bot uuujh**
bot UW6X0**
bot UXa7J**
bot v58k**
bot vcZTR**
bot venessaaz**
bot VuZEC**
bot wegerhe**
bot X8qhT**
bot xgMW**
bot Xnqsq**
bot xZnl9**
bot YjWnT**
bot ZDTAp**
bot zFMw**
gold_seller dfgsgs**
gold_seller dsfgsefs**
gold_seller gbfrdhnfrd**
gold_seller gdgdg**
gold_seller hfghgfhiu**
gold_seller hfhgfh**
gold_seller vdcv**

bot 3HWj**
bot 5SWc**
bot 6W3m**
bot ehtjhrtjr**
bot Ek**
bot fdgry**
bot fesgrdg**
bot FSEA**
bot fsegd**
bot ghtff**
bot JYT**
bot knju**
bot Kur**
bot Led**
bot pVjb**
bot SreJp**
bot TmsjV**
bot UU88S**
bot V3RnD**
bot wery**
bot wi**
bot WwZ6j**
bot x3LZg**
gold_seller 1LCvV**
gold_seller AAWFAW**
gold_seller gdgdfgdf**
gold_seller hkj**
gold_seller sasSasS**

bot 3gUe**
bot 3Rvc**
bot amMj**
bot aRW9**
bot bT1g**
bot cherylsol**
bot Comeba**
bot cvbnf**
bot EmJy**
bot few**
bot fox**
bot ftRJ**
bot ger**
bot gfhad**
bot ghfdg**
bot hjVf**
bot huzC**
bot iveyebilo**
bot Jean**
bot Jij**
bot jtr**
bot laurenc**
bot LLhe**
bot MKyJ**
bot ng**
bot P721**
bot Qi**
bot rhXZJ**
bot sBfB**
bot sdgsdfhd**
bot SrBbp**
bot star0wo**
bot tGy2k**
bot w297**
bot WaBUB**
bot wsrgerh**
bot xAtk**
bot YD0Fq**
gold_seller c6ch**
gold_seller DWDA**
gold_seller fbAF**
gold_seller gd**
gold_seller hghfg**
gold_seller ht**
gold_seller htrj**
gold_seller MHax**
gold_seller xhtrsg**

If you feel you have been wrongly banned, please report your case to us through the support page.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

IMC Staff


yet to see a gold buyer to get banned if it yet been anyone bought lol? :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks for the update, but it seems that your “report bot” in-game function… doesn’t function at all.

I’ve reported alot of obvious priest (lvl 70-120) bots in past 4 days and have only seen 2 of them banned, but those 2 were dumb enough to spam shout chat with advertisements, the rest continue whatever they were doing gradually moving to higher level maps for more profits…

Many of the reported bots had humane names, often cash shop dress, but their behavior and adventure index (3-5k at level 100+? nah, impossible unless you bot) were a clear give away.

Situation is very discouraging to say the least.

Server: Fedimian.

In the end we need to organize ourselves to get them banned. Especially the refugees from Klai and Orsha should still have a high botreportvalue, means when you find a group of bots, shout or just call other ppl with a high value.

I cant see what we could do otherwise. And it looks like the list of bots in Fedi increases.

Well 2 gold sellers kept advertising me their website by whispering to me. I’ve reported and blocked them. They’re not the the list. I hope people actually report them.

I don’t think IMC will be willing to ban the Gold Buyer. Usually the Gold Buyer is the one with resources to buy cash item from IMC.

So yeah, it’s better for IMC to give a better service so that the cash flows to them instead of the gold seller.

The list seems big, but not big enough, at least they doing something and we can be happy about it.

Can you compare this list with the list of banned bots on May 4th posted by Staff_Ethan, please? And can you give us some explanation on this matter.

Tagging both Staff this concerns plus Julie because she happens to be the most active Staff on forums
@STAFF_John @STAFF_Ethan @Staff_Julie

Also there’s a related thread linked to this topic where you’ll find a bunch of players wanting urgent reply on this matter.

Edit: We got our answer already :slight_smile:

I did a copy/paste test of all ban announcement and they all have repeated names :disappointed:

am ok with the placebo effect of shortening the # of bots reported with the pass of time to creating a false sense of it been less bots to report…

but this is just wrong :anguished:

@Staff_Julie am sure there is a good explanation for this and am just been a derp… right right…

EDIT: while I was trying to sleep… my brain gave me the excuse that “it’s cause they only show the first half of name and the rest of the name is actually different but we cant see it” < not sure if that’s true :expressionless: or if even my brain believes it at all…

also, we need a button to report for other reasons as well, not just for being bots.
I’ve had so many ***** that just join dungeons to leech exp and follow you without touching any mobs as if to spite you. That kind of behavior annoys me more then bots.