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About the Guild - Promotion category

Promote ye guild here.

Let the guildless ones see the might and glory of your guild and make their hearts yearn to to be with the champion!
If power and glory are not what your group seek, let them see how civil and pleasant you and your fellows are.

If you are the guildless one, let them know of your desire to belong and hopefully they will respond.


  1. This category is for promoting and advertising your guild.

  2. Let the promotion be civil and gentle.

  3. You can RP here and those who don’t RP should not ridicule those who do. Conversely, no one should be forced to RP, either.

  4. If you are the one looking for a guild, it would make it easier by putting the word “[LFG]” on your post’s title.


Would you be able to move our Guild Recruitment thread into this section, please?!

It was put under fansites for some reason.

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Requesting for our guild thread to be moved here?

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