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About the Fan Art category

Upload and share your fanarts and cosplay pics here.

This category is for uploading all you TOS fanartists and cosplayers out there. As long as it is appropriate for all age groups and related to Tree of Savior, upload your work here.


  1. Please, keep it safe for all ages and work. If the image is deemed inappropriate, it will be deleted without prior notice.

  2. Any uploading of copyrighted images will be deleted without prior notice.

  3. Keep it related to Tree of Savior.

  4. You can be critical, if you must, but be respectful.

  5. And if your pics (either drawn or taken) are “not entirely inappropriate but might be inappropriate for children under 13.” Then please, put NSFW or PG-13 tags on your topic title.


Can`t wait to see those fanarts! :grin:. Was looking for this category long time ago :yum:

Could IMC publish more oficial art or concept art? Would help a lot with the fanarts.

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How I tag “fan art” in my topics?, Thx of log

I can’t post my fanart for some reason? It won’t let me add a new topic ; n ;

I read in the help center section that you just have to post a little and browse through the forum to be able to post something. But I wonder how much time I have to spent for that…
Are you already able to do so?

@raindropsup If you’re new to the forum, you have limited access to some actions. Here’s why:

Hope this helps!
Don’t worry you can post in no time just be active! :slight_smile:


I can’t post my fanart TT

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why I can’t post my fanart

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read up~ @Dandu’s post answers your issues


Hi, why can’t I create a new topic on fanart category??

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Same problem, someone help me:(

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[SUBMIT] Oneness@Telsiai

a inquisitor steck

Hi. I’d like to submit my ToS fan art, but it does not allow me. My cursor goes like this:

Is it possible for it to be fixed?


It’s completely ridiculous that you can’t participate in the Fan art Fest just because you are new. I wanted my first post to be my art. Anyway, thanks for teaching us newbies!


[SUBMIT] @ Varena , AkinoHall
To my sorcerer crew <3


I can post on other categories, but not on the fanart one. Does anyone has a tip about how many times we have to interact on the forum to turn the category able to post?

EDIT: 5 post interactions, 5 likes or more, and some time browsing the forum. I was able to post a topic on fanart category after this.


thanks for this. trying to submit fanart but no warning that new users can’t post… sigh

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Thanks for the info!

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