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About the Bot Reports category

This is a place where you can report botting players to make a better in-game environment for everyone.

While we are also working on catching bots, let us know about the ones we’ve missed since we can’t be everywhere at once.


Please remember to at least tell us the following when reporting bots.

  • Server
  • Team name (of whom you wish to report)
  • Evidence (Screenshots or videos would be best)

reporting a bot (day: 04/08/2016)

  • Server: Klaipeda
  • Team name: u2vjdX

Great,lovely idea.I think this topic should have been made before launch,even.

I might look into making a bot hunting party to clean things up a little.

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Ours or the bots? lol on another note on video you can pretty much see the team names i mean, i generally stumble on more than 1. I will change my bot report thread to this section now.

Gate route BIG PROBLEM!!!

Team Names
v63A5588 4Mv963
4XJb5588 jSFaz3
QFL2Z8w 1EfGwAe
TRG35588 5dZ963
Hqzl1588 Yqd9ws2
v63A558 4Mv963

Not them all, they teleported way too much.

If you need more screens let me know, i took many of them


Nice to see this here, but I also think that having a team moving through the maps and channels hunting down the bots is a great method…

it not only strike fear into the people that do it by having a squad literally hunt them down like animals, it also up the esteem of the other players seen GMs/Staff members roaming around and active…


I doubt, they are really bold on doing it, they don’t care if it is on populated areas or not, which means that what we see being posted here might be only the tip of the iceberg.

Is reporting via tickets still acceptable? Cuz i don’t want to let these bot-using gXXXXXe know if they’re reported. :spy:

Three of them attacking the same target then logging off/in or teleporting back to location (not really sure since they disappear and then come walking back from another side of the map) at random intervals.

Server : Klaipeda
Team name/s: renakgn / treegood / trakjng
Evidence (Screenshots or videos would be best)

Team name omcaf31
Server Klaopeda

Team name vDK6VK
Server Klaipeda

Team name xnXnBN1
Server Klaipeda

Team name gdfxcfe
Server Klaipeda

bot report on nuvaha lvl 2
server: telsiai
3 part picture

Server: Orsha
Team name: Ksuc

Look this weapon in a BOT?! :rage:

This is getting so out of hand.
Almost every map has bots.
Can we also get confirmation that these guys are getting banned?
It would really be the best incentive for me or any other player that reports to know if what we are doing actually helps or not.

Server: Klaipeda
Team name: included in the images
Evidence (Screenshots or videos would be best)

I think they are getting banned.

Server: [SEA] Telsiai
Team name: BALTHAZAR
Character name: BLANKWALK


Server Fedimian
2.the same

Im very sure, strange movement, and i see this player 8h befor doing the same strage things

Please Check this, thanks

I’ve changed the description :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for your feedback.