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A1>R3>F3 or A2>R2>F3 full dex

So i just found out about the nerf on steady aim which suck.
I initially wanted to go R3 but now that steady aim is nerfed and there were many people suggesting that A2 was a better choice, well my question is should i continue with R3 or should i choose A2 for swift step attribute.
considering that i am pure dex, during late game would i be hitting critis 100% of the time?
if so, swift step wouldnt be that useful for me.
or what are other alternatives i could go now?

Don’t go for full DEX
read this

such a big debate… is there any TL:DR? i’ve asked in reddit aswell… one guy said " Full dex does more damage on builds have that skills with over 900 damage, otherwise full str does more damage."

And the build maker of r3>f3 also said to go full dex

full dex makes your solo life 10x easier but i think 1:1 STR:DEX is the best in terms of dps.