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DEX vs STR debate

Okay I keep seeing things on a lot of guides telling me several different things I personally like the idea of full dex more than I do full str

If i’m going for Archer1>Ranger3>Fletcher3 Caster would full dex end up being more viable in the “late game”?


I’m led to believe, and it makes sense to me, that strength scales best on multihit abilities, of which you will have many in that build.

Crit’s damage multiplier is just that, a multiplier and thus will retain scaling and relevance forever, except that the higher level you are the more crit you need to maintain that crit chance.

The damage meta seems to favor a bit stacking more strength than dex and making up your crit rate with gear. I don’t think that makes up for the evasion you lose going that route, but evasion tapers off in usefulness somewhat in late game as well apparently.

Do a mix, there are a ton of posts already about all different types of stat builds. Pure builds are bad unless your skill mechanics make up for it in a big way.

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So mixing is still viable?

I was led to believe from another person that the ‘meta’ was to do a full stat because of the extra points of that stat you gain the more of it you have

I don’t mind mixing STR and DEX that’d honestly be the best of both worlds its just finding out what the perfect blend of the two would be

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Both evasion and critical chance cap out. By that fact alone you can see that at some point more dex doesn’t actually make your character any stronger.

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Pure build is only good if you have enough money to back them up :smiley:
You’ll want both for many situation, like them high crit resist magic mobs late game, you can’t crit much nor evade those damn drunk truck driver…
I my self planning to go CON/SPR up to 30 for survival, and some sp, the rest will be on STR:DEX with 3:2 ratio


Theoretically they cap but I don’t think it’s achievable, unless you are stacking crit buffs from skills in which case yes. As to evasion Idk, first i’ve heard of a cap but it’s contested by accuracy of which certain mob types have a lot.

Not to mention late game there will be a lot of magic damage which you can’t dodge.

Backup everything you just said, a lot of assertions made with no proof whatsoever.

Yeah I wanted like 30 - 40 CON 4:2 sounds like a good number to follow I just wish I didn’t suck at keeping track of the stat points lmao

You can’t compare them because if you go somewhat more on STR you cant hit DEX type and DEX type need STR to have a good damage. So I’d say balance and the rest of your weakness depends on your items.

So it’s the war vs class

Wizard vs Dex type. Im sure that can’t be dodge ehaha.

I made no assertions. I used a lot of qualifiers like “I’m led to believe” and “I think”.

The “proof” is in countless other threads on these very forums if you cared to look.

For your build, based on a lot of other posts here and on reddit:

STR / DEX 3/2, with a mix of con ( 30 ~ 50 )


this is what I was looking for honestly

thank you

dex isnt as good anymore as it used to be. i think originally the formula for crit dmg was ATK x 1.5 + CritATK - Def whereas now the formula is (atk - def) x 1.5 + critatk. So you cant keep stacking dex for 100% crit rate.

Either way, once you reach a certain amount of crit you benefit more from having Str which gives atk and critatk anyways. Moreover, Str benefits from +10% of the stat for each jobchange. So When you are rank 7 you get +60% Str for free. It therefore scales much better than dex.


If you’re looking for damage always mix DEX/STR. They compliment each other since STR increases additionally the minimum and maximum damage and also the maximum of critical damage. But to make use of it fully you need to be able to critically hit at least more than 60% of the time.

Full DEX builds are not recommended by me mainly because STR is needed for it to work properly, meaning mixing both only. Also, since STR has % scaling per rank you can just have DEX (No % scaling.) be higher than STR when distributing skill points and you’ll be fine.

IMO mixing scales better than using STR without investing into any DEX.

Actual Critical Rate = (Critical Rate - Critical Resist) * (42 / Character Level)

From my own tests with critical rate, using the huge +70% from rogue c1, its possible to critical hit all the time.

But I agree, STR scales better than dex, not in all builds, but in general, yes.

If I did 3 STR / 2 DEX should I cap DEX out at a certain point to dump STR?

I have a question, does the +70% crit rate from Rouge’s Sneak hit adds up in to your actual stats (F1)? or just the feeling of having 70% and hitting from behind?

I envy you since (I think?) you wen for A1>R3>Ro, dang that A2 pick! haha!

The real question is if the bonus is multiplicative or additive. If it’s additive then that’s basically 100% crit chance with Sneak Hit behind enemy targets if you only had 40-60% crit chance normally. Speaking as if Sneak Hit was rank 5+.

“or just the feeling of having 70% and hitting from behind?” yes. Sneak hit LVL 5. The chance looks additive for me @LoliLicker

I can be wrong, but looks like I never miss a critical hit when hitting from behind, and my dex is around 70 or 80, items included.

The problem is that u must stay behind, and thats f***ing hard to do sometimes, some bosses just move a lot. Feint atribute (75% chance to turn the mob, so you have 1 skill or hit from behind at least) helps on that, but the chance is not 100%.

Rogue was planned around to full STR, but imo sometimes you will face to face the mob and you should have at least some dex to crt a bit / evasion, but if you go rogue c2 you can just drop all dex.

As I said to you before, @mamark.vicencio , in pvp Archer c2 is the king, so at some point I regret my ranger c3 choice.

In pvp the best archer build is maybe Archer c2 (heavy shot CC) > ranger c2 (steady aim for burst, timed arrow bomb for CC) > rogue c1 (capture can chage the field, remove a enemy cleric safty wall) > scout (cloaking with atribute for more burst damage, camuflage - the “mobile safty wall”) > Musk (for top bust damage). Maybe drop ranger all along for archer c3 and you can add one extra archer class of your choice.

I see so it cannot be seen in the stats.

Currently A2>R2, so still have chance to go for Ro>Scout>Musk
though I am still thinking if
A2>R3>Sc>Musk or A2>R2>Ro>Sc>Musk, as we discussed before. I am not just sure which one is better to take.
I want R3 for +2 new skills
I want Ro for Feint + Barrage combo and of course sneak hit.

But I’m thinking if its worth to lose the Spiral Arrow and Bounce shot (which can also help me with PvE) or Feint + Barrage is more than enough to help clear mobs with party?

what do you mean? A2>R2>A3>Sco>Musk?
or you mean?.. A3>XX>Ro>Sco>Musk