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A really explained Wiz3/Ele3/War1 guide

Hello guys. Because of the 24 hours maintence I thought about doing an Elementalist guide.
I know, I know… there is a lot of guides focusing on this, but the thing is: I’ll try to do a good and really detailed guide. So, lets start. =]

First of all, why choose wizard as a damage dealer?
-Has the biggests AoE skills of the whole game
-Can do heavy damage against bosses and ground monsters
-Has nice outfits < yea, this is important.

  • Important things you need to know

Your only class path as a damage dealer
Differently of Archer, Wizard has only one path if you choose to be a damage dealer which is Wizard C3 / Elementalist C3 / Warlock C1. Of course, there are others wizard paths that still can deal damage, but not as heavy as this one.

Your leveling experiencie will be painful until you reach the power spike
But don’t give up. I know how painful it is seeing archers and swordsmans ksing you, and taking years until you kill a quest monster, but don’t give up, your reward will be gratifying.

This is a PvE focused guide
I’ve never played PvP, so I can’t recommend this build for PvP purpouse.

If you still reading, probably you wanna be a badass wizard with tons of damage, so lets start the real guide.

1. Skill tree

Which skills are recommended to get first?
One thing that I think we need talking about in every guide, is how distribute our skills, which one take first and which one take last. I’ll separate this per class level.

  • Wizard C1
    1 point in energy bolt (EB) - Your spammable damage skill until you reach Wizard c3, you do not need investing more points because the sp cost increase is really high.
    1 point in earthquake (EQ) - You put only one point because it scalling is really bad, and you won’t use that much.
    1 point in lethargy - after learning, upgrade the Lethargy: Additional Damage atribute until reach max level as soon as possible. You’ll heave a boost of 100% Auto Attack damage against monsters affected by lethargy, and belive me, you’ll spam AA as hard as EB
    5 points in sleep - Heavy CC, time and hit counts scale with level. Yes please!
    Save the points left.

  • Wizard C2
    Probably the most painful experience you will have. But do not give up. You’re almost reaching your first power spike.
    5 points in sleep
    5 Points in surespell - useful when casting Hail, Meteor, Electrocute
    You can choose puting 2 points in EB or don’t.
    Save the points left.

  • Wizard C3
    Yay! You have reached your first power spike. Now you’ll have a taste of how good this build is.
    5 Points in Magic Missile - Your main damage until Elementalist 3. Upgrade the damage attribute at least 20%
    5 Points Quick Cast (QC) - Our entirely build is based around this beuaty here. Giving you 50% reduced cast which is really useful for elementalist’s skills, and 50% magic damage with Quick Cast: Magic Damage attibute, upgrade until reach max as soon as possible.
    5 points in Sleep
    You can put poins in EB until reach lvl 10~8.

  • Elementalist C1
    YOUR FIRST OUTFIT *dancingman.gif
    Magic Missle keep being your main damage, but now we have learn two others damage skills, which both scales highly with level.
    1 Point in hail
    5 Points in electrocute
    4 Points in hail - I really recommend put it damage atribute at least 20%.
    You can put one point in prominence if you want, but it is a weird skill and you’ll need remove one point of meteor when reach elementalist C3
    Save the points left

  • Elementalist C2
    Almost dude, almost!
    1 Point in Freezing Sphere - A good filler skill
    1 Point in Meteor
    5 Points in Electrocute - I really recommend put it damage atribute at least 20%
    5 Points in Hail - Upgrade Hail: Freeze attribute until reach max level as soon as possible.

  • Elementalist C3
    Do you now what is power spike? You will.
    5 Points in Frost Cloud - You’ll destroy everything ~except flying mobs~ with this skill. Get as soon as possible. Upgrade it atribute damage whenever you have extra silver.
    1 point in Rain - When there’s a lot of fire mobs or to upgrade electrocute damage
    4 Points in Electrocute - Why 4 and not 5? Because the number of targets the skill can reach does not upgrade. Only it damage.
    5 Points in Hail
    Put the left points in Meteor

  • Warlock C1 ~Under construction
    I didn’t reach Warlock yet (i’m 219/13 right know) so I can’t give too much information about skills, but fear not, I’ll upgrade this section as soon as possible. =)

2. Stats points
Your main stat will be int, Because well… you know, right?
Your second main stat, will be con. Because your skills has high damage, and normally you’ll take all the aggro from mobs.
You can choose distribute in a scale of 4:1 or 3:1 Int:Con

  • When I’m good to stop puting points in con, and change into full int?
    This is a good question, and probably I can’t answer with 100% accuracy. But why? First, I didn’t reach maximum level (yet), and there is a lot of content like new maps, monsters, dungeons etc to IMC add. So is really hard to calculate how a perfect stat distribution is.
    What I can answer is, you need to have at least 10.000 hp+ because after lvl 200, monsters becomes harder, and they hit like a truck, a fast truck loaded with quimical bombs.

3. Equipaments
You need start thinking about equipament post 90+. Why? Because there’s no really good equipament that really worth it before that. So, use whatever you want until reach the main level equipaments like:

Lvl 90 - Arde Dagger
Lvl 120 - Petamion, If you’re going to grind in Demon Prison: Grynas Rod
Lvl - 170 Catacumbs Club, Wizard Bracelet, Roxona Boots, Glove, Robe and Pants, Wizard Bracelet, Max petamion
Lvl - 220 - To be updated

3.1 Gems
I’ll put all gems that can be useful for this build, but not necessary. Except if you want hit 10 monsters with electrocute. Than you’ll need take one point of meteor, and put into electrocute, plus it gem, you’ll be able to hit 10 targets =)
Temple Slave Mage Gem for Magic Missile
Stumpy Tree Magician Gem for Electrocute
Stoulet Mage Gem for Hail
Black Pawnd Gem for Meteor
Ticen Magician Gem for Frost Cloud.

Again, these gems aren’t necessary. But all these can improve your DPS, mostly frost cloud and electrocute gem (if you do what I said up here).

4. General Tips
Buy token as soon as possible for the exp bonus and +1 enter in dungeons, mercenary, etc

Wizard C2 is the most difficult class to level. So, use pardoner buffs+squire’s weapon enhance to improve your leveling experience. (thx fw.albero14)

Use this guide for better and faster leveling

Use this world map whenever you wanna know where are the npcs

Use these addons to improve your adventure points and trade for prizes like silver and exp cards at wings of vibora localized in Klaipeda

5. The end
So, we finished! Honestly, I enjoyed creating this guide, and hope you guys enjoyed reading.
I’d like to thank you for your time if you read until here, you’re awesome!
Sorry for possible english mistakes, it isn’t my main language.
Feel free to ask or criticize. =]


04/27/2016 Update - Corrected a few english mistakes, and added Gems section


This is a good guide, I’m Wiz3/Ele3 as well and I pretty much have the same skills and I went with 4:1 int/con. Just level up your Frost Cloud attribute to 50 and packs of mobs will disappear if you blink. +1

Dude, I created an Wizard and currently I’m on my way to Ele2, thanks for the updated guide, lots of stuff that I read from the beta doesn’t remain true and some choices I’ve made based on the beta aren’t that good anymore, for endgame content at least. (I maxed Reflect Shield and at level 103 it’s already becoming useless, my Sleep is only at 7 and it’s one of my most used skills)

Thanks for explaining all the circles in detail.

Quick question, how much does property attack increase in spells?

Also, besides the gear you listed, what enchants should I aim to get? I got 3 head pieces with 40 magic attack each, is that enough for now?

Again, thanks!

Nice guide but it needs MOAR COLORFUL PICTURES!

More specificaly pictures of the elements bending to our will!
Plus points if it’s a female Elementalist. Dat dress.

I think your first question will be answered better here: [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact!

For the second one, try to get at least two useful bonus. 40 Magic attack is pretty good, but if you could take plus one or two more status, like any elemental damage property attack, would be better.

I use two headgears, and they are like this
Hair costume 1
Lightning Property Attack 27
Ice " " 21
Physical Defense 6

Hair costume 2
Ice " " 30

you can use pardoner buffs+squire’s weapon enhance so you will be grinding much easier on the most part of c1-c2 wiz :slight_smile:

bump because this should be at the top

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That is true. And I didn’t Think that, i’ll update it with ur information, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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I know having no SPR can be an issue and with cloth set we easily cover this matter, but i see a lot of wizards going for plate set for the def/hp and survivability. I am currently using cloth but aiming to swap to plate soon as i get level 200+

any comments on this?

I’m 225/2 and stil using cloth equips, and i’m doing pretty fine. Probably, wiz need to change to plate equips after 240 which isn’t a problem at all, you only will run out of sp in big dungeons and sp problems can be solved with sp potions made by alchemists.

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I going 4:1 CON/INT but I want to do alot of PvP/GvG as well tho since the base damages are pretty crazy on their own :3

My two cents:

Surespell should be rank 10 in Wizard 3. EB is pointless here imo since its almost never used after Wizard 2 and Surespell is used lots. EB is detrimental since it is an SP dump for marginal effect.

Personally I put priority in Meteor over Hail in the build order. Hail does not seem to shine until it maxed and meteor is decent for overkilling a mob pile with no attribute points.

Freezing Sphere I personally don’t bother with. It’s a surprisingly large SP dump for marginal effect.

Panto Rod (lvl 15) is good for early leveling since its one of the few early weapons you can get to +10. You can run it from 15 to 75, and even the 75 Rod is only a slight upgrade from a high + Panto Rod.

Headgear I’m surprised is omitted since it can be quite important early on. HP > SP Recovery > Attack is ideal imo. Especially early this is important since it can be 2000 extra hp which is less Con and more Int (damage). SP Recovery since its itemized so rarely on other pieces and you get good value from it (dungeons in particular). Attack, honestly I’m not sure what is best for Wizard. I just go for magic attack so things are consistent.

bumping this so it can be at the top

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Surespell at lvl 5 can be always up. Puting more points into that is not necessary, but you can.

Exactly because hail scales with it level, I really recommend focus it first before meteor.

Freezing sphere is useful for one~two mobs that stay alive after your badass skills, but ofc is not necessary, just useful.

About Panto Rod, i’ve never saw this item, please, could you tell how get it, just to add into the guide, tks =)

About headgear, never tried other ones, just these i’ve got. And with it didn’t have any problem when i was leveling.

Tks for bring ur opinion! =)

Does hail fire bolts more frequently at higher levels? I’m testing ele1 right now and level 2 hail seems to hit much more infrequently than in icbt2. Just me?

A TL;DR version of MATK, Elemental Attacks, and MAmp, in my opinion:

1 MATK gives 1 damage. Reduced by MDEF linearly. 1 Property Attack also gives 1 damage. Reduced by Elemental Resistance of the same type (Fire is reduced by Fire, etc), probably linearly as well.

MAmp is interesting since it gives damage between 0% to 100% of its value. Note that equips increasing Maximum Attack also works like MAmp and it works on Magic.

We can say that 50 MAmp deals about the same damage as 25 MATK (over time), but I think the difference is that MATK is reduced by MDEF, while MAmp is not.

So on the question of Magic Attack vs Property Attack, it depends on whether the mobs has high MDEF or has high elemental resistance. Either one will do. Generally just aim for higher total (Magic Attack + Elemental Property Attack (any type)).

Note that Enchant Fire reapplies Property Attacks one more time, so if you have Enchant Fire, I’d recommend Property Attacks over Magic Attack.

Example: When Enchant Fire is active, if your Fire Property Attack is 153, you will deal 306 of Fire Property damage. If you have 25 Holy Property Attack, you will deal 50 of Holy Property damage. And so on.


It does make sense to mix some Elemental Property Attacks in your equipment, because Elemental Property Attacks increase damage against mobs weak against that particular element. Example: Fire is weak against Ice, so Ice Property Attack will deal more damage than Magic Attack against Fire mob. Against Drake (Fire element), Ice Element Attack 50 will deal 75 damage, while MATK 50 only deals 50 damage.

On the other hand, most elemental attacks are also resisted by one or two other elements. Against an Ice mob, Ice Property Attack 50 deals only 25 damage, while MATK 50 deals 50 damage.

To counterbalance this, you can use two different Elemental Attacks that complement each other.

For instance, if you have Ice Element Attack 50, you’d also like to have Fire Element Attack 50. Against Drake, your Ice damage is 75, while your Fire damage is 25. That’s a total of 100 damage. Against an Ice mob, your Ice damage is 25 damage, while your Fire damage is 75. Also a total of 100 damage.

So having two different elements balance things out. This is also equal to having 100 MATK though, so if you are going to counterbalance things, you may as well just pump MATK of the same value.

Holy and Dark Property Attacks are the most advantageous elements, since they are not resisted by anything, while also dealing 100% more against each other. So Holy/Dark Elements can be used to replace MATK if you don’t have a MATK enchant. (They are also preferred to MATK if you have Enchant Fire).

The best way to make use of Elemental Attacks is to switch equipments according to monster element, but that’s a privilege for the rich. :stuck_out_tongue:


Where is the warlock stuff?
A large part of this guide needs updating.

For con:int if youre going pve then at least 15000 hp is recommended by the time you reach lv 280 for earth tower. Its your choice how you wanna reach that HP. If youre going for DPS build, I personally prefer investing points into con as opposed to getting HP from gear.

A large portion of your matk boost, surprisingly, will come from enchants - say you get a 700hp enchant, thats around 8 con (or 8 stat points). On the other hand, you can reliably get a +40matk enchant. That is around 20 int (or 20 stat points). Put three of them together, thats +120int which is equivalent to 60+ lvs worth of int.
For equipment, you would want to aim for circle rod/ignition if youre rich, superior corona rod if youre poor (around 600-700k), or maga rod. Personally, I dont think its worth investing in any of the expensive gear since the returns are negligible (with maybe the exception of ignition vs hoards of mobs since i heard the burn is OP).
Someting that will give you more significant returns are wizard bracelets (2 of them will give you +64 matk and they only cost around 850k each). Also aim to get an animus (5-8mil). That will boost your overall dps by around 120int EDIT: around 80int actually, still better than pentamion lol. Dont bother with the pentamion. If you get one, good. Sell it or trade it for animus. As for equipment sets, there really isnt anything good atm. Dont invest money into that and save up for other things like weapon enchant and attributes. Enchanting to +7 is easy and highly recommended for the extra int. Enchant higher at your own risk.
Also when you get ignition/maga/ superior corona rod, its a good time to start socketing. Get 2 blue gems to lv 5, remove the bad attribute, and add them to your weapon. They dont do much but its better than nothing.

By the time you challenge earth tower, you would want around lv50 for frost cloud, lv 50 for hail (cheap), and 30+ for your warlock attributes. This will eat up some silver (5-10mil). For your warlock class, start by putting 1 pt into pole of agony, then the next 5 into dark thurge. Then the next 4 into pole. The other 3 skills seem pretty terrible right now so you dont have to put any pts into them if you cant afford a stat reset. Otherwise, put them into invocation.


You probably didn’t play into late game at beta. It doesn’t change much.

How so? I did a simple stat calculation, at level 280 with 115 CON you have 269 HP recovery. Magic amplification does on average half of its value, so 2 Magic amp is similiar to 1 Matk ( in a very simplified way ). So 269/5 + 33 = 87 matk. Considering at higher levels each INT gives about 2 Matk, thats the equivalent of 43 points of INT. How did you reach the 120 number? Did you add other gear to get this number (if so, your text is a bit confusing on this area)?

Your post is overall really good though, I am only quoting/criticising points I wish to understand better for late game Wiz DPS.

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Oh woops forgot to divide by 2, my bad nice catch.
Also I would like to make the distinction between stat points and int, since gear giving say… 30 int seems to only raise your int by 30.
So 1stat point = 2 int
1int = 1matk